We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Following the group into the complex, the young woman let out a gasp at the sight of the golems much like everyone else. However unlike the mecha, she at least understood that they were from magic and this was more understandable.

Steiner looked at the golems "Surely those things that shoot metal can't be destroying these mighty beasts"

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A wormhole or something to that affect opened up nearby the group and a girl who looked to be about 15 years old tumbled out. She had red hair and green eyes, while wearing some loose fitting robes along with mismatched socks and shoes. She had goggles on her head as well as various types of assorted equipment attached t her robe. On her neck was a necklace with a red jewel on it. Sitting up and rubbing her head she said "Ugh... what the hell...?"

Continuing the scanning, the female in armor looked over at Ness, the visor centered at her. Tilting her head, she continued to stand and watch over her. After a few seconds, she continued to follow the head of the group.

"Beatrice" sighed again, not exactly understanding what was going on. Especially with her own identity. Seeing the fifteen old girl stumble out, she instinctively placed her hand over the hilt of her sword as the armored female stopped her, shaking her head slightly.

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"Something like that. The Golems are a useful tool in war and defense." Savranth replied.

The Golems looked at the group, but made no motion to attack them or even a noise.

Entering the Main building a young woman sat at the desk. "May I help you?" She asked with a smile, though the group maybe attracted to the sight of the ears on her head and black circles around her eyes. Below the table there was a small stripped tail. She was like a raccoon girl.
"Volarian is going to get the General." Savranth explain.
"Don't you mean Daddy?" A soldier asked walking up to them. "We all know you only have this position and any rank because of your daddy. Just like this girl only has her position here because-"
"Because what, soldier?" A older man said coming up behind him. He had brown hair with streaks of grey in it and brown eyes. A necklace hung around his neck.
"S-Sir... I.... I was just..." The soldier stammered as he slowly turned to see the man behind him.
"Just going to the Mess Hall to help the cooks peel potatoes?"
"Yes. That!" He almost yelled as he ran off and out the door.

The man watched as the soldier left, then faced the group. "My name is General Tiberius, how may I help you?"

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Saya kneeled down as she kept watch, seeing a girl pass threw some sort of teleport Saya quickly grabbed her notebook and pen. "Magical...teleporting Humans..." she repeated what she wrote, then put her book to her chest and watched on carefully.

Lyra offered a hand up to the new arrival, looking down at her. "You alright ma'am? Took quite the spill, it looks like."

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Echo was distracted from watching Saya and walked over to the girl who appeared out of no where. She tried to ask if she was okay, but no noise came out when she spoke, and she ended up just being embarrassed.

"Hiya! Do you have any food, meow?" Tao asked the general as he showed up.

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Ness shook her head for a moment toward Jessica. "Oh, the coat's nothing to worry about, I've got a few spares. As for me, I happen to study technology and information." As she says this, she takes out her device again and slips off her torn coat. Messing with the overlay again, a spare coat out of 3 is digitally built and Ness slips it on with a flourish. "Good as new..." She sighs as she slips her device back into the coat pocket.

She smiles a bit at the racoon girl, feeling as if she'd somehow hit a jackpot of sorts. This dimension seemed a lot like hers, warring, animal hybrids, and magic abound.

Turning to the General, she gives him a slight bow. "Hello, I'm suspected of being a spy. I'd like to clear the air about that, and hopefully ask you a few questions about this world."

Steiner waved to The girl in red "Hello there are you one of red mages that live in this nation"

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Seeing the secratary, Loki glanced at her. Yet another woman with the several animal features, yet this one was diferent then the ones he had seen before. Thinking little of it other then finding it odd, Loki turned to the general now identefiable as Tiberius. "I was told that you could answer my questions, and indeed those of the others. I would like to get to that. Begining with a simple one. Where are we? What is this realm, and what is this place in paticular?" Loki asked Tiberius, eager to at last learn more about the place where he found himself in.

Rita tentatively took Lyra's hand and stood up "...Thanks I guess... Wait, what is this? Where am I?"

Looking at Steiner she said "What? Well I am a mage, but where the hell am I?"

With a hiss, the female's helmet popped up slightly, as parts of the helmet retracting into two orb-like hair clippings. The other parts of the helmet were separated from the back of her armor as she looked at General Tiberius. Her face was that of a 22 year old, but her eyes seemed dimmed, as if she saw too much from back home. Her blonde hair flowed down

Speaking, her voice was neutral but firm. "Where is this world? We are foriegners jumping into affairs that are not our own. I would wish to return back to my home universe."

Dal'Sheed was curious about the racoon girl.

He waited and followed the group until they would be briefed. Although the thought of sleep invaded his head.

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As she entered the room as well, the young woman couldn't help but notice the beastkin raccoon. 'A raccoon woman?' she thought a little surprised.

'Well now we could get some answers.' she looked to Tiberius with a soft sigh.

Lyra shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine. Names Lyra, by the way. We seem to be in a world that's got a big conflict brewing. Right now we're meeting a faction that seems more focused to magic, which are at war with a tech focused one. Think the meeting is going on right now, want to join 'em?" she gestured to the main building, before looking about and realizing Tao had disappeared. "Shit. I got to go look for somebody, be right back." she then began jogging to the main building, not seeming to notice the various creatures and interesting life around her.

After writing, Saya stepped out cautiously and walked around the great walls, studying them slightly. She kept her hood up, even though her horns were sticking out.

Echo awkwardly stood beside Rita and stared at the ground as she rocked back and forth on her heals.

Steiner went over to Rita "We are in a nation of mages. Uhh... I didn't get the name of the place when I asked about though but apparently there at war with a nation using strange technology that shot a piece of metal so fast it put a hole in my helmet" he said taking off his helmet and showing it to her revealing that he wore a chain-mail hood under it

"Technology, huh? Not my cup of tea, but it's definitely got its uses." Jessica replied to Ness, unconsciously flexing her right arm a bit. "Interesting." She muttered as she noticed Ness seem to summon another coat out of thin air.
She was visibly disappointed that the Golems didn't respond to her, even after she waited behind. She slinked into the main building behind everyone else. As she walked in, she noticed a few folks that seemed unfamiliar. More new people? She waved at Blond woman, Rita, Tiberius and the raccoon woman with her right arm. More new people....Except for those two. They seem to be natives. She thought, glancing over at Tiberius and the raccoon lady.

"Foreigners and spies are you? I see. Perhaps you would all come outside with me and we can clear this all up..." Tiberius replies. He looks to Tao with a gentle smile. "Why , yes, little girl. We have a mess hall that should have some potatoes ready to be eaten if nothing else. Savranth, would you show her the way?"

"But- Yes, General. I'll file this weapon after I lead our guests to the Mess Hall." He says with a salute.

"Any who is hungry may follow. I'll escort the others to explain some things." Tiberious says in a gentle tone. He looks to the woman in armor. "Would you be a soldier? Do you have any weapons that I may see?"

Savranth led those who wanted lunch out of the building. Tiberius soon followed and gestured for the rest to come with him.

Codex Updated

-Added new information to the Savranth and Volarian entries.
-Added Tiberius.
-Added some locations and maps.

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Dal'Sheen followed Tiberious.
I am hungry. But I do want to investigate this place to the fullest.

Rita pretty much ignored Steiner and walked over to Tiberius Hey you, you seem to be the head guy around here, so out with it, how did I get here, what's going on?"

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Tao cheered again and followed after Savranth.

Echo quickly followed behind Rita, at a loss for anything else to do.

"Indeed I am. I have just these three." The woman said, taking out her dual elongated pistols. They were long, and made of a strange metal mostly likely not found on his planet. If anybody was paying attention, the etched word "Thor" was on one, while the other had the word "Loki". Taking both pistols in her right hand, she demagnetized the large folded cylinder on her back, revealing that it too was made of the same material, but also had strange lights flicking on and off. Much like the pistols, it had engraved the word "Odin".

"Beatrice. Your gun and sword if you will." The girl named "Beatrice" frowned slightly, showing her weapons a curved sword and pistol, made the same material as the armored woman.

The two continued to follow after Tiberius.

Seeing a lot of people entered the base, Saya cautiously entered as well. Trying to go unnoticed as she carefully watched the humans near her.

Ness follows Tiberius following along near the back of the group. She looks over at Jessica and nods a bit. "Indeed. Magic's never been my forte, but I've learned to become somewhat decent at it." ...Is that arm flexing thing just a nervous twitch...? Maybe she hates tech?

Loki blew a sigh of frustration upon hearing Tiberius' answer. Turning around, he briefly looked the two armoured figure who had appeared but a moment ago. He saw that they were women, but largely knew this already, having heard one of their voices. Having heard they were not native to the land either, he began to lose interest, that is until he saw the words engraved on one of the women's weaponery. "Thor". "Loki". "Odin". Ah yes, the humans once saw us as deities. How fitting that they named their weaponery after us. After looking at the weapons for a short while still, he lost interest again and followed after Tiberius, somewhat reluctantly. If I shall not recieve the answers I seek after this instance, I will get what I want to know through other means. My patience is wearing thin. As he followed Tiberius, outside, Loki tapped the gem on the scepter with his index finger.

Lyra caught up with Tao and looked about. "No diplomatic incidents, were there? She asked Tao, before realizing the general was near by. "Oh, hello. You're the leader here, huh?"

The young woman perked up when she heard the mention of food. She was quite hungry, not even from the events from that day. She didn't yet trust Savranth or anyone her, but her stomach betrayed her, letting out a loud grumble. Blushing, she stood there for quite a while before she sheepishly followed after Savranth, regardless of how much she didn't want to.

A war between magic and technology? I've never even heard of this kind of conflict.

"Tao's been real good, I promise. I'm just trying to get some food right neow." Tao said to Lyra.

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