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It was getting crazier, and now Amaya reported that someone of unknown origin has boarded the ship. Was this what was causing this anomaly? The unknown station? "Am-4Y, where is this unknown person located?"

XO Smith

"Amaya, if that ship gets any closer, blast it out of space," he responded as he tried to stay standing.

Sarah had just finished her checks when the ship dropped out of slip space after what can only be described as turbulence, and the back end of the ship seemed to be not there any more. Well that's not normal ... OH FUCK!! was her thought process as she braced her self before the bulk heads seals the selves.

Then the ship shook a second time "Hey! What the hell is going on?!" Sarah practically shouted over the coms

"They are located in the corridore to Cryogenics, or what was the way to cryo... Unusual bio-readings though. oesn't appear to be flood or any other of the covenant races. Roughly human in bodyshape and size with a larger upper chest. I can only guess that "it" is infact a "she"." THe Ai suggested to him.

Amaya heard Sarah over the comms and responded the best she could. "There's an unknown boarder on the way to where crygenics was. I just told the captain about it." The A.I. said to the spartant. "And the second shutter was what i assume to be a "her", ship slamming into our own."

Tau hadn't spent much time on the Citadel before his communication line to the Tashya suddenly clicked on. "Tau, this is Tashya Actual, there has been a change in the situation. Gather the rest of the escort and return to the ship." The line went dead before Tau could reply, wanting to clarify leaving the delegation to their business. However, he had new orders, so he rallied the other Geth brought to guard the Creators and made it back to the shuttle.

The obvious urgency of things sped up the group's departure from the station and arrival back at the Tashya, which, by the look of the hangar, was already kicking the Citadel customs agents off the ship. Once the shuttle landed, Tau's com came back on, the recognizable voice of Gar'vosh now heard. "Tau, get back up to the bridge, we're being redirected to the Terminus systems."

"Hostility in the Terminus systems is high, risk undesirable." Tau responded on the com as he started off to the bridge. Along the way, he had to moved past many crewmembers of the ship hurrying about their own business, the bustle of activity was something Tau had never seen aboard the vessel.

"Well, this comes from Rannoch, command needs us to investigate something before anyone else get their hands on it, and we're running out of time." Tau stopped for a moment as he could feel the motion of the ship just passing through a Mass Relay. The danger now could be detected even by the Geth, and Tau quickened his pace to the bridge.

Just as he arrived, he saw the Tashya make yet another jump, the screens before him showing that the ship was only a few more jumps away from its target. "Consecutive jumps in quick succession will strain the ship's hull, Creator Gar'vosh. Advise slowing pace if capable."

"I wish we could." Gar'vosh sank in his seat, pushing a few buttons on the armrest of his chair. "Not long ago, an infiltrator we put on Omega station as part of the Terminus Observation Network spotted an unidentified ship coming out of...some sort of wormhole, badly damaged. The spy thought the ship carried very valuable tech that was even worth her breaking her cover to give us notice. Our location at the Citadel hub will allow us to get there faster than any ship in the Veil, so command fired off a military communique...and here we are.

Tau braced himself for a moment as the ship jumped again, logging the astrological data the nearby Geth transmitted. "What is our mission once we arrive at the object's position?"

Gar'vosh shrugged, as he raised his hands in frustration. "The orders were to simply to 'secure the ship', I have full discretion as to what that actually means."

Tau took a minute to silently process the probable outcomes to the encounter as he stared at the Tashya's visual monitors, watching the Quarian ship speed to its target, in the Sahrabarik system.


That made precisely no sense. That wasn't a Human designed ship. There -was- no ship in this part of space that didn't use Mass Effect technology. And her ship didn't match specifications?

Unknown language, so they didn't recognize it as Quarian. Fortunately, translators work both ways. She keyed her comm system to translate her into English, then transmitted back. Now why wouldn't they recognize it? Who speaks English that isn't from Earth? How many Humans haven't heard of the Quarians? Who -are- these people?

"I repeat, damaged ship, this is transport Athran, to anyone still alive. I am offering assistance, request permission to board and give aid. You are venting atmosphere and who knows what else, and your craft is most likely uncontrollable without forward maneuvering jets. I can tow you to safety and cut off your forward momentum if you'll power down your weapons."

She began doing the math in her head. If she matched their speed and attached mooring lines to their ship then set her own ME field to increase her mass, she should be able to tow them reasonably well. Reducing speed would be a simple matter of repeating the maneuver in the opposite direction.

It would be too much for most people - a little off at any point and she'd rip apart her own ship with the strain of the mooring lines. She doubted a member of any other species could manage it - Turians had the discipline to get the numbers right, Salarians the ingenuity to even think of it, and Humans the guts to give it a shot, but only Quarians got all three. And only a few of them.

But if she was going to do this, she'd need her ship back in tip-top shape. She transferred comm control to her helmet earpiece, then headed into the back to get her main thrusters fixed. Odds are that bump had just knocked something out of alignment, a simple matter to fix.

Sarah took a look back at the hanger where she and the others where, but that looked to be, reasonably under control "On my way" she replied to the AI, grabbing her Assault Rifle and dashing toward what was the Cryogenics section of the ship was, or used to be as the case seemed to be.

She came a closed bulk head "Damn it, The bulk head is closed" she said to the AI "and the controls aren't responding" though she wasn't surprised by that part, as messed up as the ship is.

Erik was just finishing putting his armour back on when the whole world went to hell. Getting his helmet on, and slamming the seals shut, he tapped into what was left of the Blades network and saw the red damage code flashing over the entire aft of the ship. "Sweet merciful fuck." He muttered as he saw the readouts of affected areas. "Spartan Hamman to Command. I am going to check the area for possible survivors, will use standard hull breach protocols."

Looking up he saw the other S-IV grab a weapon and head towards the stern. Snapping a pistol to his hip, Erik followed her, arriving at a sealed bulkhead door. Clapping the S-IV on the shoulder, he spoke up. "Hang on a sec..." He said. Going back up the hall he sealed the next bulkhead behind them, before returning. "Alright on three. One...Two...THREE!" On three they both pried the door open, causing air to rush into the vented section.

As Erik entered he saw an unknown female figure ahead. "Command, Hamman." He commed. "We have an unknown intruder, entering from the damaged sections." Then he hit his helmet lights and drew his weapon. "YOU, ON THE GROUND NOW!" He said in a voice that demanded to be obeyed.


Jastis ran down quickly to the armory and got an AR and a magnum. Basic but useful. With the signature S-II speed he ran down the corridors passing by workers who were running away and those who were putting out the fires and closing down parts of the ship. Currently the XO was in charge and he was back to being a soldier.

He had to admit, even years of fighting from childhood, the thrill of the battle never got old. On his HUD a map of the ship was layout. It hadn't updated yet but the rooms which were in trouble were glowing orange and those that were off were red.

"Command, Hamman," the Four-Two began, "We have an unknown intruder, entering from the damaged sections."

Jastis replied, "Roger that Hamman, incoming on your position. Hold the target down until I reach you."

Where the tango was located was a red dot on the map, but considering what Amaya said she wasn't in any known databanks. Who was it? Reaching down to the path he spotted the two Spartan-IVs who had her. They had their guns pointed at her but she didn't appear to be carrying anything in her hands.

She seemed. Human? What was going on?

Like the other two he pointed his weapons at her, "State your name, who are you and what are you doing boarding our ship without permission?" he yelled at her.

Luna held her hands up, in defense of what appeared to be humans in a type of armor she had never seen. "Whoah... Calm down. I come in peace considering i slammed into this ship, or whatever it is. MY ship is on the other side of what i assume to be a bulkhead and currently isn't of much use to me. My Name is Luna T'sar and i decided the inside of an unknown ship was better than the harshness of space, wouldn't you agree?" she asked sincerely.

"Now after appearing like this, i can only asssume there are some injuries aboard. I, myself am fine and i am a trained doctor and surgeon for humana and asari, as well as having a masters in xeno biology. I offer my aid in any way shape and form so long as you lower your weapons. Thank you for not killing me on sight." she said, keeping her hands in full view and speaking perfect English the entire time.

"Understood." Amaya replied to the XO.

"I appreciate the offer, but as of right now, you must hold your distance from us. I am under order to blow you from space if you close any amount of distance that isn't within the confines of given drift of a few feet. We have a situation oboard that take priority over you. I apologize for the edginess, but it is necessary." Aaya said and opened the missile bay door in preparation, should anything be attempted.


Jastis looked at the two other Spartans, "Asari? What is that? Never heard of any such thing. Explain."

"If you'd allow me to come into your ship with you, i feel can explain far easier. Now, if you would let me, i would like to take the rifle off of my back, slowly, and lay it on the floor for one of you to take as a sign of trust. Is that alright?" She asked the one who seemed to be incharge. Hopefully, the asari ways of talking things out would save her here.


More areas on the map were starting to go back to default blue and the XO got on the COM system and talked to Jastis, "Captain, the situation is still bad, but we're stabilizing many of the systems in the ship. Won't be too long before we have the situation under complete control."

They worked fast, that put a smile on the face of the Spartan. Rare that they did. He turned his attention back to the being, "fine, follow me and we will place you in a secure location until we can speak with you."

luna nodded and spun around slowly. She took the Mattock rifle off of her back and crouched down, placing it on the ground before standing up, stepping over it and pulling a 180. She took a few steps back, leaving the folded weapon out of reach. "Again, i offer my medical services if they are needed." The biotic said.

Sarah approached the 'weapon' cautiously, just in-case she tried something still. "Alright get a move on" She said once the 'weapon' was in hand, though she gave it a feel look, no one could see it through her visor though

Stunning. A ship ripped in half refusing offers of aid. Admittedly, Mara's offer was hardly predicated on pure altruism, she wanted to get a good look at the systems of this vessel, but when your ship was literally bisected you did not refuse assistance from anyone! And throwing around threats was really not a good idea.

"Alright, while you're busy dealing with an intruder, you may want to take a look around. Since you're not from around here I'll give you a brief - this is Omega. In about five minutes every pirate band in the sector is going to descend on your ship and rip it apart to find out what is inside, because even from my little scan I can tell your ship isn't based off anything like our technology. You really do not have much time."

She began running calculations in her head again.

"If you can bring your ship's propulsion online, I may be able to tow you into FTL." Bindur would be a suitable destination and place for them to hide from Aria's inevitable desire to pull them apart. "This is a limited time offer, void when Aria starts trotting out her goons."


Jastis lead Luna through the ship, and just like the XO said it was starting to become under control. Even if just a bit. He led her to an interrogation room that was still intact. Truthfully the white walls made it a little intimidating than the old grey and black walls of old. In the center of the room was table and two chairs.

He pointed to sit but then turned to talk to the XO on the COM channel, "Smith, how much longer can you handle things up there?"

"A bit longer, the ship thankfully stopped shaking as much. But truthfully Sir. It's not looking too good for the Blade."

He silently cursed to himself, "keep me updated, I am going to talk to this guest."

"Yes Sir."

And the COM channel shut down, Jastis turned back to face the other three, "Four-One, and Four-Two, go around the ship and see if you can help. I will talk with her. I will then update everyone once the situation is completely under control."

"Four-One, and Four-Two, go around the ship and see if you can help. I will talk with her. I will then update everyone once the situation is completely under control."

That 'Four-Two' bullshit was starting to get on Erik's nerves, but there were more important things right now than personal pride. "Understood sir." He said before leaving. Stepping out into the corridor he commed the AI. "Spartan Hamman to Am-Y4. Where can I be of assistance?"

Voh grumble as the AI told him what happen. damn thought Voh. As he listen to the message being play by the AI. Odd Voh has never heard of this language or better yet, did not have a translator for it. Growling as he didn't like this one bit. The Covenant known most of the alien species out there, if this was a new species then Voh didn't know what to think.

Feeling a large shaking of the ship again as the AI said they were hit by another ship. This day just get better and better, as the commander was going out to greet their visitor since the other Spartans capture her. Following behind the CO as he turns on his cloak. Keeping himself hidden unless he was needed. He radio the commander as he gave orders to the rest of the sqaud.

"Demon shall I stay with you while cloak incase this." he pause for a second before saying "female decide to try anything stupid?" He grip the handle of his energy sword. Ready to cut the intruder in half if she try anything. She seem friendly enough but the Unggoy were known for being cowardly at times though that didn't stop them from blowing themselves up during the Covenant civil war. If anyone was looking hard enough in his direction they would see a shiver in the area of his cloak form. Though hard to tell when he was barely moving at all.

"Four-One, and Four-Two, go around the ship and see if you can help. I will talk with her. I will then update everyone once the situation is completely under control."

This 'four' crap was getting on Sarah's nerves already, so her, being her, decided to reply in kind "Acknowledged SII, sir" she Saluted, but made her disdain what he was calling her known, she then turned to the AI "Alrighty, what needs doing where?"

Amaya chimed into both of their headsets. "Call me Amaya. I'm not a fan of my serial number as i can tell you two aren't either from heartrate, blood pressure and temperature readings. In terms of what needs doing, please head to the hangar and take inventory of whats left. I know those pelicans were close to the cut and that they might not have survived in tact completely."

Luna could feel as if there was something else in the room with them, but she shrugged it off. The asari walked over to a chair and sat down. "You didn't know what an asari is, so i think i'm going to show you." She said and reached up towards her neck, pressing a few buttons on the bottom of her helmet, releasing it. She pulled it off of her head, revealing the blue skin underneath and along with the blue fringes on her head.

"Again, I'm Luna T'sair. former asari commando, trained doctor and biotic specialist. I would appreciate if you removed your helmet too, for common courtesy of course." The blue woman said setting her helmet down on the table.

Amaya replied to the ship once more. "We don't know where we are and this is all new. But again, until further notice, you are to hold your ship in that location, lest you would desire it to be blown to pieces. Once the captain is available, i shall connect him directly to you, but as of now, you are to hold and wait."

"Done" Sarah said, stowing her AR on her back before heading back to the hanger to take stock of what they had left.

"Understood Amaya...and sorry." Erik replied. Quickly catching up to Sarah, he fell into step beside her. "I guess I should do the sociable thing and introduce myself, my name's Erik Hamman." He said after a moment, extending his hand across to her.

"Sarah Brandford" she replied, taking his hand and shaking it "So what do you think caused this?" referring to the damage

Before - Hangar

Gideon had his back next to a Warthog, busy loading up his weapons for the forthcoming mission, when suddenly he could feel the whole ship shudder and shake. Fearing what might be happening, Gideon picked up all his remaining gear and ran towards the door, almost tripping up, whilst a Marine was shouting out for everyone to do the same.

The moment Gideon managed to escape, he turned around to see a wall of purple light cut across the Hangar, and in an instant, roughly half the hangar had vanished, like it had never existed; the wall of light had been so quick and precise, it was like the Hangar had been cut by a sword.

"Shit, what in hell just happened?" Gideon asked himself as he walked away whilst attaching a re-breather to his helmet.

Now - Slip Space Core Room

After disposing of all his weapons bar his pistol and combat knives at the armoury, Gideon was down in the core of the ship helping out several of the engineers put out the fire that had broken out ever since the abrupt re-entry into regular space. He still kept the re-breather on to prevent any hazardous fumes from entering his system.


Jastis spoke to the Elite through his COM systems so that the female couldn't hear, "'Tohai you may stay," as he entered and just as he finished speaking watched as the female her removed her helmet. Underneath there was no hair but tentacle-like things going to the back of her head, and blue skin. Although it was clear she wasn't human she was still very much reminded him of a human female aside from the obvious differences.

Now things were different, he had never seen such a being. "The helmet stays on," he spoke seriously to the Asari, "None of those terms mean anything to me. Biotic? Never heard of such a thing at least in the way you're using it. I see you're not human but what is an Asari?"

"So what do you think caused this?"

"Not a fucking clue..." He replied with a shake of his head. "Bad luck, poor maintenance, some unknown force? Could be one of those, could be all three, or it could be something completely outta left field." With Sarah's help, they both made it into what was left of the depressurized hanger bay. After a quick look about Erik commed the AI. "Amaya, Hamman here. The hanger is open to space, and has lost gravity. We still have one Pelican, both Warthogs, and the Mantis, but it looks like the other Pelican broke free of its restraints, and part was caught in...whatever the hell happened."

Using the Mag-Lock in his boots to stop from floating away, he made his way to the damage. "Hey get a look at this." He called to Sarah, waving her over. "The cut is clean, like the hull was sliced by a scalpel." Shaking his head in disbelief, he looked at the other S-IV. "So what your take on our 'guest'? That vacsuit didn't look like anything I've ever even heard of."

"Tohai you may stay."

Voh didn't say anything as he stay in the corner. Hardly moving as his cloak kept him hidden. Keeping a eye on the intruder as she talk to the CO. Though once she takes off her helmet he wonders what she is. "Demon...The Covenant or my own people never came across any species like this. And we have seen a lot in our time of advancement." he said in the radio.

"Something is very wrong here.." he states. Voh'Tahi didn't like how this alien seem to know about humans like they are a common thing. How far out of the galaxy are they? Perhaps her species have met the human rebels this far out. Though still didn't take in fact that his race or even the Covenant even met them before. Only time will tell as he sits and waits.

"The asari are a monogendered race, comprised of what by any other race's definition are females. We are capable of reproducing with any known species and are natural biotics." She said and gestured to her helmet. "Watch." She said and became surrounded uin a blue aura, raising her hand. The helmet was covered in the same aura and soon began to lift into the air, floating.

"These powers aren't easy to explain, but i'll try and give you a rundown anyway." Luna said, beginning to explain.
"Biotics is the ability for some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using Element Zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. All asari are natural biotics, i have received training and a top of the line implant to further increase my abilities." The blue woman said, floating the helmet around herself with a twirl of her fingers.

"Ok, thanks for the report. Once you two are done looking around, i'd like you too prep the pelican for use. If things go bad, we need a way off of the ship and some form of defense. Make sure the missiles are loaded, as well as the round fro the nose cannon. And finally, the fuel too." The AI said to them.


He watched as she casted this sort of magic field. This was completely foreign. Outside that there was one thing she mentioned that he found curious, Element Zero. "What is this Element Zero you mentioned? Just where exactly are we?" he wanted answer and soon.

"Element Zero creates biotics in other races, it's what powers our ships. Inside my crashed fighter, there's a small Ezero drive core that lets me use the mass relays." Luna said, setting the helmet down on the table. "But as to where you are, and the fact you don't know about it, tells me you're not from here." the woman explained, leaning forward and becoming dead serious in terms of tone and her expression. "You're currently sitting outside Omega, a space station built inside and on an asteroid. It is quite possibly the largest center of all illegal and pirate activity in the galaxy. I'm fairly sure the only reason we're not being jumped on by raiders and scavengers is because i'm on the ship. I'm a nobody in the galaxy in terms of control and power, but who i know is another story altogether." The blue woman said to the human before her.

One final deceleration signaled the Tashya's arrival in the Sahrabarik system, the ship now just a quick jaunt away from their target. "Tau, suggestions on approach? They're parked right next to Omega, our arrival could ruffle a few feathers."

"Speed is our top priority, and there is little chance the vessel's arrival did not go unnoticed by anyone in the vicinity. Chances are high the ship has already been contacted be other parties, ones not partial to our intentions. Recommendation: Use Tashya itself as a dissuasion against scavengers, and use physical force and anyone who does not comply."

Gar'vosh nodded as he keyed in a command to navigation. "What about the ship itself?"

Tau's eye spun around as he processed the chances of survivors. "Brazen qualities will be respected by any elements trying to approach the ship, but caution is recommended regarding the ship's inhabitants." With another nod, Gar'vosh signaled the ship to increase its sub-light speeds, bolting it from its current position to one just a few kilometers away from the Blade.

"Perhaps first a declaration of intent before we get to close." Gar'vosh mumbled to himself as he flicked on an open communication line. "This is the Quarian-Geth Alliance vessel Tashya, to anyone in range: we hereby declare this unknown vessel under our protection! Anyone approaching this ship without permission shall be considered hostile and be fired upon!"

As the captain let anyone who heard the declaration eat static for a moment, Tau moved over to a nearby console and inspected the ship. "No recognizable core emissions, unidentified alloy, unidentified structu-....processing." In the middle of the visual scan, Tau began to notice familiar eccentricities in the design. While he had not seen anything like it before, he calculated that there was a high probability that the ship was human-made.


Jastis was getting confused, even a Spartan who had years of knowledge planted into him had no idea what was going on. Nothing was making sense. "Other races? Mass Relays? Just how many are you? Are any of you in contact with the Former-Covenant or Jul 'Mdama?"

"So what your take on our 'guest'? That vacsuit didn't look like anything I've ever even heard of."

Sarah shrugged "Well she didn't start shooting at us on sight, and seems to be complying so that's good, but that 'rifle' of hers, it's strange as her suit" she said as she checked over the remaining Pelican, helping Eric get it ready to go if need be. "I'm really more concerned about where she's from, and what her allies might do if she doesn't send some kind of reply, we are pretty much dead in the water here"

Voh didn't know what to do with this new information. "Shall I inform the others Demon? They might need to know if the ship and its crew are in danger" Voh ask through the radio to Jastis. If the ship was going to be in danger then he should at least alert the crew. He also chuckle lightly to himself. Glad the helmet mask his voice.

He slightly hoping that someone tries to attack them. Wanting to see how these soldiers fight. Though he push it out of his mind. A true warriors doesn't endanger their crew for glory. Still waiting for any orders that Jastis gives.


Jastis kept facing the Asari but spoke to the Sangheili through the COMs, "No, the two of us would be able to handle things if they get out of hand."

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