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As Voh follow Luna into the club, he was assaulted by the loud music, bright flashing lights and the tons of people within the building. He tries to take note of the area, planning out a way out or a good cover incase things go wrong. Though a bit hard to as everything seem chaotic in here.

As they walk, he notice some of the club goers looking at him. Some seem surprise, other seem afraid, while other seem to be sizing him up. To the merc to see if they could probably take him on. While the other were the dancers or the one to drunk to care about Voh intimidating stature be giving him lustful stares. He felt very out of place here, as he sort of wish someone would try something. Just so he can feel back at home on the battlefield.

They finally reach the big boss. Aria. Looking her over to see if the tales her heard of her were true. Out of all the asari he seen so far. From Luna and the dancers, this one seem to be very different at least to Voh. She didn't have a kind face, one being either piss or angry a lot. Though she was beautiful, for a Asari.

Hearing her try to order Voh around as he look to Luna. "I only follow orders from my own superiors, or the Demon here." Knowing she would have to translate for him for her to understand. He glare at Aria, not going to be boss around from someone who is smaller them him, unless of course they earn his respect. Though he admits, this Aria didn't seem to be backing down either from his glare.

Hearing Erik's loud stream of profanity over the comm first caused Murphy to jump, then laugh out loud. He opened up his mic to the channel that Erik was broadcasting from.

"Nice form sir, but may I suggest you place the 'fuck' after the 'goddamn'? It has a much nicer flow."

Murphy switched back to the channel with Sarah.

"We can swap stories, mine will just be censored."


Truthfully he didn't find the guards in Afterlife to be very threatening. As he followed Luna he detested the night club, it was no place for a Spartan-II. Eventually they reached Aria, who despite her apparent status also didn't seem very threatening compared to the things he has seen. If she had been an Elite or a Brute, maybe they would be threatening.

"Before we do anything, I rather get down to business. I hardly think our helmet removal and ranks are necessary. However I am not willing to give you my name either, so you may just call me Spartan or Captain or..." as he turned and faced Voh without moving his body and just his head, "Demon."

Sarah just giggled at Erik's outburst as she circled around to the other side of the cockpit "Whats the problem?" she asked him before Murphy chimed back in over her head set on a different channel

"We can swap stories, mine will just be censored."

"That'd kinda make for a dull story though, unless you know how to make 'I was in a jungle, it was hot' an action thrill ride" she said with a smirk, then followed up with "Course, there would require a 'date'" her tone suggesting she was open to the prospect.

"Nice form sir, but may I suggest you place the 'fuck' after the 'goddamn'? It has a much nicer flow."

"Huh?" Erik replied, looking around. After a moment, he saw the glowing light on the comm. panel and realized he'd been transmitting. Well fuck my life... He thought. "Uh...yeah, thanks I'll remember that." Closing the channel, he let out a sigh, and went back to work.

"What's the problem?"

Spotting Sarah in the reflection off the cockpit glass, he gave her a small wave of acknowledgement. "Oh just some cock-juggling dock monkey made a right butchery of the 'Cans weapons systems." Gesturing to a sizeable dent in the console, he shook his head. "I've been getting a bit frusturated."

The Asari leaned forward."Well... Imp. The way i work is respect. Show me respect and i'll make your life easier. As for your name and rank, it's so i can calll you a propper name. Other than the fact you're standing here, you don't exist. Even the Shadow broker has nothing on you, that simply means you have no stable footing in this universe. However, within ten minutes, i could have you, your entire ship and crew catogorized and called as anything i'd please." She said and stood up. She was rather tall for an asari and didn't seem intimidated in the least by any of them.

Luna translated what Voh said and Aria gave him a quick look over. "You hold yourself in a stance that i've seen very few do. You're a trained and honed warrior, i think i'll come to like you." then she turned her head back to the large humanoid one infront of her.

"Now i have a deal for you Imp. You work for me and i'll help you rebuild and improve your ship. How long it will take and what the specifics of the deal are depend on your next words and actions. The only thing i can garuntee right now is that there won't be any red diplomatic tape." The asari said. Even with Luna in the background, the group could tell that Aria would probably do more damage than the bouncers in the room could.

"I do not like the way she mocks you. Imp is a puny sounding name." he states as he continue to glare. "Though what do you think of her deal Demon. Should we work something out? or should we go with these machines. Could do both. Let her give us supplies while the machines fix our ship. Keep a close eye on both so none gets any important information." He still didn't take off his helmet.

Thinking it would be foolish to do so in a unknown area that also seem very hostile. He kept his hand close enough to his energy sword incase something happens, yet far enough away so it wouldn't make anyone jumpy here. He looks at the guards as he wonders what they are and if they are capable warriors.


Imp? Really? That's it. A rehashed joke from the Covenant... Not that she would know...

He listened to Aria speak and then listened to Voh and spoke directly to the Elite, "I already understand we will need to make a deal. However if Aria can't respect my right to keep my helmet on, she deserves no respect back. Not much of a deal if one side is making all of the plays."

Luna stepped in. "Ok, lets breathe for a minute." She said.

The younger asari thought quickly. "Ok, how about an ice breaker deal? something to start?"

Arai thought for a minute but then sat back down. "Sure, If you take of your helmet Soldier, cause it's rather clear that you are a military outfit with a ship like that and you walk in here equipped like that, Luna will work along side you and your ship, as a guide, helper and soldier along your travels here; Regardless of the outcome of this meeting." She offered looking back up at the group.

Amaya waited and ran through the systems, exploring and feeling them. "Yes, they're active again. Though, there are a few batteries on the ship that aren't responding. Can you go and check them?" she asked, sending him their locations.

Gideon looked through the list of locations that Amaya specified which appeared on his VISR's heads up display, of which there were four in total; two on both sides of the ship. After the map information finished loading up, all but the closest one to him moved over to the left hand side of the screen, so Gideon could have a better field of view.

Following the waypoint on his display, Gideon soon arrived at the first point defense battery control panel, which from its position, gave a view of a large station which looked as it had been built into a large asteroid; that must of been where Jastis, the Elite, Luna and Tau went to talk with Luna's boss. The dark red lights that were underneath the asteroid itself certainly gave off a daunting appearance, no doubt meant to scare off would-be hopefuls who wanted the take the place over.

Examining the panel with a diagnostic tool, Gideon discovered that several of the wires had burnt out due to an excess of energy caused by the slip space jump. After disconnecting the control panel, Gideon carefully removed the affected wires, then replacing them with fresh ones that were stored nearby. He made sure that there weren't any other loose connections before putting the panel back in place.

Gideon soon patched into Amaya again.

"Okay Amaya, I've got the first panel reconfigured. Is it possible for you to run a test to see if I've done it right? After that, I'll move onto the remaining point defense batteries."


The Spartan sighed, "fine, 'Tohai and I shall take off our helmets," he spoke as he placed his hands on the back of his helmet. There was a soft hissing noise as he pulled it off revealing the human underneath. "Captain Jastis-015, of the UNSC."

Voh growls lightly, he really didn't want to take off his helmet. Though the Commander did and said Voh was going to do so as well. Reaching up to his helmet he starts undoing it. Pulling it free as he held his helmet within one hand. His mandibles moving back and forth as he breath lightly.

"Voh'Tohai SpecOps." he simply states, not giving out any more information then that. Wondering what they think of his features. Not many races have four mandibles for a mouth.

"Well, good to meet you Jastis." She said and Luna quickly translated for Voh. "Pleasure to meet you too Voh." She said gesturing towards the elite.

Aria motioned for Jastis to take a seat on the couch. "Ok, lets talk details for this deal. I need loyal muscle and you are a military outfit, lost without any sort of direction." The Asari said. "I can provide parts, engineers, designers and anything on the black market you can dream of for your ship." she explained to him.

Amaya ran a test and controlled the battery, moving about and preparing to fire, but not actually going through with it. "Looks good, i can control it fairly easily. Move onto the next." she said.

"Course, there would require a 'date'"

Murphy like the tone of the Spartan. This might go somewhere.

"Well, if you're bored..." He said, sending her a map with his location as a marker. The marker was labeled 'Super Secret Squirrel Cave'.

Murphy was very bored, and hoped that Sarah was as well. It was a bit cold, a bit dark, and very lonely in the bottom of the ship. He wondered what the hell he was getting into by hitting on a Spartan. Ordinarily, this would be a bad idea. But these circumstances were far from ordinary.

Sarah smirked, she liked this 'spook', she made a check on Erik, whom seemed to have things in hand, and with her not really being need anywhere, decided to go visit.

On the way to the 'Super Secret Squirrel Cave', for some reason, her reflection in the metal caught her eye, it was distorted a bit, 'if we can't get back, then this was a total waste of time' she thought in re-guard to the Spartan looking back at her, the thought surprised her and she wondered briefly where that came from before continuing to where Murphy was, the hiss of the seals on her helm releasing signalling her arrival "Yo" she said as she tucked her helmet under her arm.

Voh let the Demon and Aria talk as he look at the scene below. Seeing the crowd dance to the music, as well as the strippers above. Though what he was really looking for was any enemies that was trying to hide in the crowd. He was being a bit paranoid but he didn't trust this place one bit.

He was glad he brought his carbine, as it would do a lot better then his energy sword in such a large place. As he finish his lookout he didn't find any threats yet, he look back at Luna. Wondering how she became a worker for Aria. Deciding to ask later as he continue to keep a watch around the area.

He return his gaze back at the crowd. He was acting like the old honor guard. Keeping a watch of potential threats within the area. Ready to strike down any that dare to attack them. He set his helmet down for now on the table. Not wanting to hold it incase he has to switch to his weapon on demand.


He followed Aria's gestured and sat down but didn't lean back, and sat all proper, "that sounds good and all. But I need to know the catch, what do you get out of this? Some jarheads to help you take out people?" While he was surprised there wasn't a very harsh catch with Tau, when it came to a crime lord he expected something bigger.

"Looks good, I can control it fairly easily. Move onto the next." Amaya said over comm link as Gideon noticed the point defense weapon battery outside moving about. It looked as though that it was in working order, and that he had done a good job with repairing it. As the first waypoint on his HUD disappeared, the next closest one on the list moved into position. Luckily for him it was on the same side of the ship as this last one, which meant it wouldn't be as far to travel.

Following the way point, Gideon arrived at what was the recreational lounge. There was several tables and chairs that had been scattered about, it was fortunate that it appeared no one was in here when the ship suddenly went out of slip space. Gideon then went over to the console that controlled the weapon battery, and began looking over the system itself.

Whilst he was busy fixing the wiring, he looked outside and saw dozens of ships coming and going from the station off in the distance. He soon put everything back together, and reestablished the control panel with the ship's mainframe, and more importantly, Amaya.

"Okay Amaya, just got done with the next point defense battery. You know what they say, second verse, same as the first. Let's see if this one is working now."

"What i want from this is you to work for me. You'd be completely red tape free and able to run your ship and missions the way you see fit, so long as primary objectives are completed i don't care. Now, if you're willing to part with a redesigned weapon blueprint from your ship, i'd be able to make life so much easier for you." The Asari said, having stayed calm and reclining on the couch.

Amaya ran through the sequences associated with checking it. "Yeah, works fine. Though, you're going to be going for a little walk for the next two. Their control panels are in spaced hallways, but there's still power flowing through them. It'll give you a good chance to look at Omega." The A.I. said to him.

"This unit has not detected a period in which this arrangement will lapse." Tau looked to Jastis, his panels trying to reflect a face of anger. "Crimelord Aria wishes to use the Blade as her own personal 'wetwork ship', assigning you tasks of an illicit nature in return for repairs. The Quarian-Geth Alliance will make no such demands of you."

"Yeah, works fine. Though, you're going to be going for a little walk for the next two. Their control panels are in spaced hallways, but there's still power flowing through them. It'll give you a good chance to look at Omega."

"Great." Gideon said, sounding unenthusiastic. "Let me just get the re-breather suit from the armory back on, and I'll head out." He then added before shutting down the comm link, and walked out of the recreation room and towards the armory. When Gideon arrived, he was grateful that the re-breather suit that he took off had been left where he put it. Getting into it this time however was significantly easier though. Putting his weapons back on the rack next to his armor, Gideon left the armory, and went in search of the corridor.

Gideon soon arrived, and saw that Amaya was right, the next panel was indeed situated in outer space. He could feel the weight difference as he took those first tender steps out towards the control panel; and noticed several bits of debris, whether they were from the ship or somewhere else was anyone's guess. Despite him thinking that the station had a somewhat daunting appearance, he had to admit there was a certain roguish charm about it.

It was difficult getting a grip on the control panel at first, but Gideon soon managed to get a hold of the various wires, and realign those that were out of place or had come loose, and replace the ones that been burnt out due to an energy overload. He soon had the panel all connected back up and positioned. Gideon then reestablished his comm link with Amaya.

"Okay, that looks as though that its back in order and functional. Lets see if its working."


So it was like how had anticipated that they would have to work for her, but she also added on the weapon blueprint. Essentially it was like Tau's but instead of just getting repaired, they would also have to work. The Spartan leaned back, "I know we don't truly have much of a choice being in our present condition. However before we go through with this, I would like to reconvene with my crew on the matter before we make a final decision. Is that all right with you?"

"Listen, The flashlight heads and germophobes are going to put you under red tape and the Systems Alliance will most likely demand possession of your ship and then proceed to tear it apart for every little detail and blue print. And if not, then you'll be set up by the Q&G alliance on patrol, sitting around aimlessly in your ship waiting for some little petty thief to run across your path or babysitting the homeworld." She said then looked at Jastis intently.

"The people of omega aren't the most perfect individuals, but they're people none the less. They look up to me as a leader, no matter their level of life. When a human military organization took over the station and began to oppress and kill them. i gathered power and lead the forces i gathered to the station, destroyed the fields that contained the population and led this station's people to rebel and take back what's theirs. I am a leader and hero to many of the people on omega, and i on't waste the power that they gave me." She explained then relaxed.

"You walk out of here, my deal is off. You accept now, i'll give you money in advance, enough to set the work on your ship into motion and set you up in a nice place on omega where you can stay and work from until your ship is operational again. Your talents will be put to good use and you'll be rewarded fairly for your work." The Asari finished explaining.

Amaya ran the procedures again found it to be working. "Good job, everything is working once again. You seem to be very good with electronics and the such. After this next battery, i have a job for you." She said to him.

"Crimelord Aria is basing her arguments against the Quarian-Geth Alliance on assumption. I calculate low probability that the Admiralty would bother with the Blade if it poses a more scientific curiosity." Tau paused, knowing there was now a ultimatum in play, the deal had to be made more enticing in order to sway Jastis to his side. "Our intelligence division is also wary of stellar phenomena, if we can correlate the data of your arrival on the two separate realities, we may be able to send you home."

Voh ponder what she says, letting the Demon deal with her since he is Ship Master. "If you want my input now Demon. I do not care either way. You are the Ship Master and I am the blade to be use against our enemies. Whatever they may be. Either other Sangheili, Humans rebels, Jiralhanae, or even the aliens here." He puts back on his helmet, thinking they are about to leave here pretty soon either way.

Giving his opinion as he look towards Luna. "Whatever the outcome I have enjoy our talk. Perhaps we can continue it some other time." Wondering if she will join up with them or stay here in his this scummy place. He wasn't sure why he felt attach to her. Perhaps she was another alien that he could at least have somewhat a understanding to. He turn his focus on Aria, just giving a bit of a respectful nod. He could tell she was a warrior and a leader if her tale is true.

"Good job, everything is working once again. You seem to be very good with electronics and the such. After this next battery, I have a job for you." Amaya said over the comm link after testing the third point defense weapon battery. The compliment caused Gideon to smile, though only he see it.

"Thanks Amaya. Though in all honesty, I have to thank my father for teaching me about stuff like this. You see he was a combat engineer in the Marines during the war; still kind of his in a way. He used to repair stuff like this when he went out on tours of duty. Both he, my mother, and my older sister were proud of me when I got accepted into the ODST, said it was an accomplishment. Last time I heard from them, was about a couple of months ago. I get the feeling I'm not going to get to see them again for a while." Gideon said, then realised he had been talking for a while.

"Sorry about that, didn't meant to go on talking; especially given our current situation." Gideon then added, before he then went on towards the final waypoint on his HUD, which brought him to another corridor that was in space. He looked over the exposed wires, noticing that a couple had been cleanly cut open; they must of been in the path of the slip space field he thought as he went about repairing the damaged system, before putting everything back in place.

"There we go Amaya, that should be the final weapon battery repaired. Feel free to test it whenever your ready."

Murphy heard the hiss a Spartan's helmet being removed and saw Sarah approaching him.


"What's up? Glad you decided to come." Murphy cracked a chem light and motioned for Sarah to have a seat.

The light was soft and even, and it caught everything in a yellow glow. Far from romantic, but it was what Murphy had, and the alternative were the low blue and yellow lights scattered about, casting odd shadows though the pipes and grates.

"What's up? Glad you decided to come."

"Oh you know, the usual, sitting in half a ship that's dead in the water and wondering how long before these new aliens start shooting at us" Sarah said as she sat down next to Murphy "and of course I came, your the only one that seems to want me around" she followed with an annoyed shrug. Sarah looked around a bit "All things considered, not a bad little spot, the lighting is nice to"

"YES! About fucking time!" He shouted to no one in particular. The Pelican's weapons were back up, and the rest of the systems were showing green across the board. Doing one lack check, Erik slaved the weapons to his helmet, and looked about. Gratified to see the targeting reticules following his line of sight, he powered it all down.

Making his way out of the hanger, and back to the briefing room, he sat down and removed his helmet. "Hey Amaya?" He called to the A.I. "Do you, or the others, need a hand with anything?"


Jastis didn't know what to do, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wanted to trust Tau, but it was true that it's possible that exactly what Aria said would happen. However Aria herself was still an unknown entity, was she going to use them to kill innocents? Fight against the Alliance? The Spartan isn't even given the chance to speak with his fellow crew members outside Voh.

He looked at Tau and then back to Aria, "I doubt it's possible to get both sides to help?"

Amaya tested the battery and it worked like the last ones did. "Good, the job i need you to do is head down to the engineering room below the hangar, we're going to make something new out of the damaged bird." She said and linked in Erik to the conversation.

"Ok Boys, we're going to be giving that damaged pelican new life. Erik, i need you to move it, and i know it's large but you're in 0-g right now, over to the maintenance lift at the front of the hangar and bring it below. then i need you to slide it off the lift so i can pressurize the room and let you two work without hindrance of pressurized suits and helmets." The A.I. said. She had drawn up some new blueprints that she had already run through a number of tests and determined would be effective.

"Gideon, i need you to go and scavenge off of the ship that crashed into our ship. A small glowing core along with the ships barrier generator and propulsion method too. You should just be able to bundle the items together and climb up into the hangar above. Understood you two?" she said.

Aria thought for a minute, going over the pros and cons of everything. She eventually came to the conclusion. "This one geth that you brought with you would be allowed to help you with construction and redesign of the ship. Trust me, the one would be enough. These damn flashlight faces are like swiss omni-tools; Walking computers and vaults of info." She said and left the offer there. "Take it or leave it Jastis."

Luna nodded to Voh. "I'll join you in a minute, once the brokering is done." She said in Sangheili.

Tau heard Jastis' idea, and Aria's response, and began running probability estimates on what his platform could glean from the Blade during reconstruction. Also, on how the Alliance would respond to his acceptance. A moment later, he had an optimal solution. "As long as the reconstructed Blade isn't used against the Quarian-Geth Alliance, I would find this offer acceptable."


1630 Hours

And that was that. There wasn't much else to discuss, the deal was settled. "Alright, I accept this deal. I hope it benefits us all. I shall return to the Blade and debrief the crew. May I take our leave?"

"All things considered, not a bad little spot, the lighting is nice to"

"Wait until the bullets fly, then you'll be the most popular person around." He laughed, "Thanks, it has nice cover, and without the chem light it's pretty dark, keeping the bad guys from seeing us."

Murphy looked at Sarah, his half-smile spreading across his face once again.

"So, war stories. Who's first?"

"Wait until the bullets fly, then you'll be the most popular person around."
Sarah got a giggle out of that too "Ah yes, the 'meat shield', time honored practice that one, my mother would be so proud if she where still talking to me"

"So, war stories. Who's first?"

"Why don't you go first, sure yours will be better, since I've only been on the field less then a year" Sarah said, pausing a moment "with several spent in training..."

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