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Carmen sputtered a bit before reaching out her hand and casting Treachery, causing her and Smokey to switch places. She let out a few deep breaths before looking back toward Bryce, her tail twitching a bit. "Of course... but... I'm still not going to lose to you..." She stood up to face him, panting a small bit as she calmly took hold of her whip.

Seeing Eva make for the Masamune, Sephiroth snickered softly as he cassually began walking towards Eva.
Should Eva pull the sword from the ground, it would disappear from her grasp in a flash of pale-green light.

Eva grabbed the blade, smiling, and pulled it out. She was about to swipe with it when it vanished from her hadn. She looked at her empty palm in disbelief for a moment, then drew a dagger and glared at Sephiroth.

Gold grinned, and pulled his pistol back into his hand with telekinesis, and loaded it. "That's the spirit." leaping back, he bounced off of Smokey's head and jumped towards Carmen, gun firing as he flew. Smokey meanwhile danced forward, petals acting as a shield as she charged towards Carmen.

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"Only I can wield the Masamune. Shield anyone else try to wield it, it simply vanishes." Sephiroth remarked, still walking towards Eva. Six feet away from her, Sephiroth held out his left hand towards her, manifesting the Masamune and grasping, the tip of the blade mere centimeters away from her throat. "Only to return to its owner." he added, then tilted his head upwards slightly. "You've lost."

Eva was quiet for a second, then sighed. "Fine. I know when I am beaten. I admit defeat." She sheathed her knife and gingerly pushed the Masamune just a few centimeters to the side with the back of her hand. "Now may you please stop pointing that at my throat?"

As Smokey and Gold charged forward, Carmen dashed back with each of Gold's shots. Afterward, she flapped hard again to fly over the duo. Using her whip, she grabbed her discarded dagger and propelled it back into her hand. As it landed, it was encased in an orange magic circle.

"5th Circle: Anger!" The dagger's blade cracked with demonic energy as the energy formed to create a larger red blade. Still content to stay airborne, Carmen flapped her wings again to get her to turn faster and aimed to cleave Smokey in half, the energy blade threatening to burn the petals shielding it.

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Smokey met Carmen mid charge with another sludge bomb, spewing out the wave of purple death in a much more spread out but shorter range pattern. Gold meanwhile threw out another shield to prevent Carmen from retreating, right against her back.

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Carmen sputtered a bit before reaching out her hand and casting Treachery, causing her and Smokey to switch places. She let out a few deep breaths before looking back toward Bryce, her tail twitching a bit.

Sephiroth smiled slightly, and dematerialised the Masamune, it disappearing in the same dim, pale-green flash of light. "If I'm not mistaken, there hsould be medics on hand to heal your wounds." he remarked, the smile having gone as quickly as it came. After a pause, he added. "Sephiroth. My name is Sephiroth."

The medics rushed up, patching up Eva. "Well, good to meet you Sephiroth. You fought well." Eva extended a hand for a shake.

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Carmen grunted as the blade seemed to cut Smokey deep before casting Heresy once more, storing the sludge that would have hit her with in it. As it did so, the energy on it dissipated. She panted a bit as she shot the sludge in an arc away from her. Feeling the barrier behind her, she sighed before she developed a small green aura around her and dropped to a knee. If either of her opponents stared at her, they'd feel a bit woozy.

When the medics arived, Sephiroth contemplated forcing one of them how tell him how to leave the arena, but decided against it, believing them to be too small-time for them to know. He looked back to Eva and shook her hand a single time before letting go. "You fought well too. But many aspects leave something to be desired. Reading the details of your opponent's moves, for instance. You should work on that."

The medics had repeaired the hamstrings by now, so Eva stood. "I do. I am more used to sneaking and infiltration then direct combat." She was quiet for a second, then bowed deeply. "Thank you for sparing me." She turned and left the arena.

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@Dot was waiting to see if Carmen would be stopped by the sludge bomb.
Smokey shrieked as she bled out a mixture of chlorophyll and sludge, drawing back from Carmen. Gold threw up another sheild, surrounding Carmen, and attempted to crush her by reducing the size of the shield around her.

Feeling the pressure around her, the aura around her helped her to cast Treachery one more time, allowing her to switch places with the shield in front of her. The constant spellcasting was taking its toll on the demoness as she looked heavily fatigued. The aura had diminished as she took a series of deep breaths, looking a small bit shaky.

Gold reloaded his pistol, starting to really feel his wounds. He took aim and fired once at Carmen's leg.

"It was a good exsersice." Sephiroth said to Eva, nodding to her as she walked off. Making his way back to the lounge, Sephiroth poured himself a glass of water, and sat down, watching the match between Gold and Carmen. It looks like that battle will soon end too.

The shot connected and Carmen dropped to her knees, crying out before gritting her teeth in pain. She took a few more pained breaths before gripping her dagger tightly and waiting.

Gold stayed far away, shuddering as he watched Carmen suffer. Pulling his knife again he walked to her. "Are we done here?" he asked, voice tired.

Carmen looked down at her knee and nodded, struggling a bit to get up as she looked toward Gold. "....Yes... we're done. Well fought..."

Gold stared down at her a moment, before sighing. "Can you walk on your own?"

Carmen turned away from Gold, nose up before floating up in the air for a moment. "I still have my wings. I'll live... Where are those medics...?"

"Might be busy. Lets get you somewhere so that I can do first aid. Can you make it to the lounge?"

Carmen sighed as she floated, though a bit shaky. "Just let me be. The wounds will heal on their own. Remember, I'm a demon. My body isn't as frail as it looks..." Though this does hurt... Gold might notice that the two bullet wounds had closed a bit as she floated toward the exit and toward the lounge.

"Even so, if the bullets are still in there, they'll mess with your body later. Believe me when I say its simpler to remove the bullet now." Gold said, following after Carmen, rubbing at his gunshot wounds which did not heal.

As she and Gold both made it inside, Carmen pulled out the two bullets with her tail, a bit of her blood spurting out onto the floor as she did. She cursed under her breath before looking toward Gold, tail waving around. "I'll be more careful with yours, now hold still..." The tail started snaking toward one of the bullet holes in Gold.

Bryce sighed and held still, trying to stand rigid and ensure there wouldn't be difficulties removing the bullet.

The tail moved quickly and managed to pull out both bullet shells without much of a problem. They dropped to the floor as Carmen poured two drinks and floated over toward Gold with one. "Good. Now the first rule of Hell is that alcohol tends to solve/heal everything. So let's drink to a good fight, hm?" The succubus smiled a small bit toward the trainer as she offered him the drink.

"You could've asked for help with your wounds." Sephiroth dryly remarked as he watched Carmen pull the bullets out from her body, putting down his glass.

"Sounds wonderful." Gold said, smiling weakly. He took the glass and sat down, breathing lightly. He swirled the liquid in the glass once, before taking a sip.

Carmen looked over toward Sephiroth and shrugged. "Sure... but there was no need for you to worry yourself over me. I can take care of myself." She quickly downed the majority of her drink before sighing a little happily and floating down onto a seat. "Much better...."

She looked over at Knife with a raised eyebrow before pouring herself another drink and sitting back down.

Bryce sipped his drink again. "So. Hell. Hows the weather down there?"

"Now that was a pretty beaut fight you two." Knife says as he sits next to Gold and Carmen. "So, I didn't catch your name before Mr..."

Carmen looked over toward Gold with a small smirk. "Well... raining fire usually... hot... On a good day, you hear a lot of screaming too. It's great. How about your world...?"

She simply nodded in response to Knife, sipping her drink a little more dignified tan before. Her wounds had closed up considerably as she continued to drink.

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