WAOA Arena

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"So I've noticed." Sephiroth answered Carmen with a deadpan tone. Drinking what water remained in his glass, he put it down on the bar counter and crossed his arms. Looking over to Knife, he raised an eyebrow. He was not here before. Odd. That man seems to come and go at random.

Gold nodded to Knife. "call me Gold. Nice to meet you." he shook Knifes offered hand, before turning back to Carmen. "Its nice, for ke. We can have the most beautiful sunrises, and you can wander on and on and never see the end of the forest. And god, the creatures. I saw all sorts." Gold smiled fondly while hecrecalled home.

Carmen looked over toward Gold, slightly uninterested. "I see. Like those you carry, correct?" She looked over toward Sephiroth just sitting there and tilted her head a bit. "So you're one of those strong and silent types, hm?"

Sephiroth closed his eyes for a moment. "I suppose that's a fitting description, yes. I speak when I need to, but otherwise prefer to keep to myself." turning his head towards Carmen, he opened his eyes again. "A trait you don't paticularly share, I assume."

Carmen smirked as she looked back toward Seph. "Indeed, I don't share that with you. I'd find life a little dull if I only talked when others address me, but to each their own." She sighed before downing the rest of her drink, the rest of her wounds healed.

"As I suspected." Sephiroth remarked, smiling ever-so-slightly. "Easy going, yet unable to sit still for very long. Loving a challange, especially a fight. Living for the moment, yet cherishing dreams. Does that sound familar?"

Carmen let out a soft giggle. "Yes, quite. I'm a bit too simple, aren't I?" I've gotten a lot more loose since I've come here... She poured herself another drink and swirled the liquid in the glass, seeming to self-reflect for a bit.

"I doubt it's as simple as that. You simply reminded me of someone I know. I asked those things to see just how much you two were alike. Turns out, you've more in common then I would've thought." Sephiroth answered as he stood up, picked up his glass, and walked over to the tap, filling half of it with water, the leaned against a wall.

Carmen smirked as she tilted her head so it rested on her free palm, pressing up on her cheek. "Is that so? Who would this person be, if you don't mind my inquiring?"

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"A brother in arms. He's the same rank as me. A SOLDIER, First Class. He's bold, yet earnest in everything he does. Although his near boundless energy could be grating, I respect him for this." Sephiroth explained. "I can almost say with certainty you and he would get along well."

Carmen nodded, smiling a bit to herself. "Maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet him someday." She calmly rose up out of her chair and turned to leave. "I'll go sleep the rest of my injuries off. Farewell, sir." With a flick of the tail, she flew off to her room to sleep.

"Rest well." Sephiroth said with a nod before Carmen walked off. When she had left, Sephiroth walked over to the spectaor's galery and looked over the arena. I wonder if my theory is correct. I supose I'll need to fight more to find out. After emptying his glass, Sephiroth walked back to the lounge, washed the glass, then returned to his suite.

"Final Fantasy!" Knife suddenly says, clapping his hands together and leaning back in his seat. "That's where Mr Silvery hair's from!" He says to to no one in particular.

In the lounge overlooking the arena, the High Elf lord Drayven stood quietly, leaning on the back of a sofa with his slender hands clasped on the backrest. He watched as Dromaeus stalked silently around in the arena, glaring sullenly up at the few spectators who were gathered early to watch the day's events.

Carmen let out a light yawn as she made her way into the lounge. Seeing someone new and pointy eared in the room, she floated over and waved toward him. ...At least he's not a human. "Hello there, sir. What's your name?"

Rex eventually walked his way out into the Arena, hands in pockets.

Laguna and Diana were in the lounge, watching Drom on the screen.
"Why's he even down there? No-one in there but him." Laguna said seconds before Rex walked in. "...ok, nevermind."
"Perhaps he longs for battle, or perhaps the beast grows tired of his cage."

Drayven glanced around at Carmen as she approached, expression typically passive and benign.

"I am Lord Drayven Lif Ame, of Tamriel." He replied, straightening up, turning to her and bowing at the waist. As he spoke, he heard Diane sneer at Dromaeus's pacing and glanced at her.

"The Argonians are no beasts, despite their exotic appearance. They are a very different people to mine or yours, but they have just as many remarkable individuals among their numbers."

As Rex approached, Dromaeus turned his elongated head to face him, blazing predatory eyes fixed on him like those of a snake hypnotising a bird.

"Did you fix yet?"


"Did you fix it yet?"


"Did you fix it yet?"

"NO! We've been over this! This might take awhile, so talk to people to pass your time. Like this guy" Catherine's hologram points at Hellosh.

A Guts cosplayer? But why does he have horns? And red eyes? Edward looks at Hellosh's red eyes.

Hellosh has a sinister smile.

"Yeah.... Fuck that! I think he wants to screw me his sword, literally."

"Well, from what I've seen of this particular Argonian they are certainly different to my people. For instance, my people have manners."
Laguna rolled his eyes, then turned to Drayven. "Just ignore her."

Rex just stared blankly back at Drom as he stopped a paces away from the Argonian. "Looks like you just want to get straight into it." He calmly shifted into a fighting stance, still staring. "My name's Rex. What's yours?"

Carmen calmly bowed in response to Drayven. "Carmen St. Luna, Lieutenant General of Hell. A pleasure, Lord Drayven." She smirked a bit at what Diana had said. "Any caged animal tends to get more violent. I'm sure that chair you unwillingly burned was proof of that."

Drayven's lip twitched as he contemplated Dromaeus, watching the way that he swaggered around the arena and stared down the people around him.

"I admit, this one does not have the bearing of a scholar." He noted. "His attire is closer to that of a common bandit, and he has the frame of one who makes his living in the fields, or with a sword in his hand. Look at how he scrutinises those people in the stands. He regards them as prey. He knows that they are soft, and believes them to be nothing but throats to be cut and purses to be seized." This said, he returned his attention to Carmen.

"A military officer, eh? You are still in service, I assume?"

Dromaeus continued to stare down Rex, his eyes twitching as he sized him up.

"My name is Dromaeus." He hissed after a moment. "And yes, I find my scales itching. I have been idle amongst these... rodents for too long. I want to kill."

Diana merely scowled at Carmen, then spoke to Drayven. "He has the air of a babarian, and he has done little to convince me otherwise. Why should the rest of his kind differ?"

Carmen nodded a small bit. "Yes... once I leave this place, I'll be moving back into the theatre of war." She looked over at Drom and Rex on the screen. "What do you see all those others then, Lord Drayven? I can't say I disagree with that way of thinking."

Rex nodded a bit before extending an fist toward Drom, waiting for the Argonian to touch knuckles. "Then I won't make you wait. Let's get started."

Tophat entered the lobby just in time to hear Diana's last comment.
"And humans are not all arrogant fools. Lets not judge an entire race on one induvidual, shall we?"

Drayven turned his piercing, intelligent eyes on Diana.

"Do all of your people share precisely the same beliefs and the same temperament? My race does not. The humans of Tamriel are just as diverse. Why should you believe that all the members of a single race are brutal highwaymen and cutthroats, having met only one of them?" He turned to Carmen.

"I believe that it is an unfortunate fact of life that there are those who would predate on those who cannot or would not do them harm. The rest of us who have the power should stand between them where we can."

Dromaeus did not reach out to touch knuckles, and instead drew his sword, hefting his iron shield and baring his teeth before lunging forward at Rex to smash the shield's face into his chest.

Edward overhears Drayven's comment. "Okay......." So I'm stuck with with psychopaths and cosplayers. Is this ComiCon?

Diana was quiet for a moment as Drayven and Tophat spoke, then sat down and watched the fight. Laguna scoffed. "I think you managed to get her to shut up. Nice one."

Rex sighed a small bit as Drom ignored his gesture. The man allowed the shield to connect with him, sliding back a small bit before almost immediately getting up, shrugging the impact off. He casually walked forward while the chain on his arm transmuted into its gauntlet form. "So much for being nice..."

Carmen looked over toward Drayven and back toward the screen. "I suppose, but why not just help the other become strong themselves rather than protect them?"

Dromaeus moved in with his shield held out to the side to intercept a blow from the gauntlet, and his sword raised to shoulder height. He feinted right, then thrust his shield at the gauntlet to spoil Rex'es counter and thrust the sword tip at his abdomen.

Drayven nodded graciously and smiled at Laguna's comment, then turned his attention to Carmen.

"That is not always possible. Those who are so inclined and who have the strength can learn to defend themselves and others can join an army, or become adventurers or mages. Many do. My oldest son is here with me, learning the martial traditions of a spellsword and the study of a military officer. But what of those who cannot defend themselves? The old, the very young? Women and children rarely have the strength or will to become professional fighters. The fighting life is not for everyone."

Rex simply punched the thrusting shield with his gauntlet hand to cancel the force out. As Drom stabbed at him, Rex calmly stepped to the side and grabbed it with his bare hand, black blood flowing as he gripped it tightly. The man simply looked toward Drom with blank eyes before sending a charge of black electricity through both of the arms touching the Argonian's equipment.

Carmen shrugged a bit. "Perhaps it's from my coming from another world that makes me want to disagree. I've seen many people, young, old and of different genders, defend themselves at a competent level. Perhaps it's impossible for other races... though I don't see why the training and upkeep of the physical condition throughout the years wouldn't circumvent that."

Hellosh overhears Drayven's comment. "I entered my first war as a child, surviving the horrors of the battlefield. My sister was a simple young lass, now she's a holy warrior. The greatest fighter of my universe is an old man by the name of Danrick. The weak stay weak unless they push themselves forward! I pushed myself forward when I was weak, then became strong. If others stay weak, it's their own damn fault." Hellosh coldly replied.

Hearing the conversation, Laguna chipped in. "I never wanted to fight anyone. I was kinda forced into it. And while I do keep on fighting if I think it has to be done, it isn't for everyone by any means. That's my two gil anyway."

"Those who can fight should fight to protect those less powerful. Helping each other is the best way to increase well-being for all." - Tophat said, sitting down in the same arm-chair as it always chose.

Drayven stood up to his full height, speaking to both Carmen and Hellosh, but focusing his disarming gaze on the less understanding man.

"Perhaps in some cultures, children can be sent out to fight and die against fully grown foes as soon as they can grip a sword." He began calmly. "But if we spend our whole lives in war, and have nothing to protect and hold precious, then why should we fight at all? If there is no hope that any of us can ever have peace, then why should we not just lay down our arms and accept the peace of death?"

Dromaeus roared in pain and went down on one knee as the volts coursed through his muscles of his arms and chest and sent them spasming. He twisted in vain trying to free himself, but as Rex held him fast, he groaned and gritted his teeth. Bracing his legs beneath him, he let adrenaline counteract the pain somewhat before uncoiling his leg muscles and surging upwards, his maw full of serrated teeth gaping wide before clamping firmly on the soft flesh of Rex'es face.

Rex was taken fully by surprise with Drom biting his face. Regaining compusure, he quickly let go of the sword, staying somewhat calm due to his tolerance for pain, though facebiting was a relatively new thing for him and hurt quite a damn bit. With the damage he had just taken from Drom biting him, the man charged his fists up with now red electricity before wildly wailing of the Argonian, hoping that the barrage would make the lizard unclamp his face.

Carmen looked over at Drayven and raised an eyebrow. "Perhaps I wasn't clear. I didn't speak of raising an army of war-addicted clones, I merely thought that everyone should have a capacity to defend themselves if the need were to arise. I know I have something that I want to protect..."

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