Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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Athenus looked at the monster and shrugged. "We have a minute before he gets here." she said and pulled out a Comic book history of Loki.
"yeah, he was a real asshole and thor's brother with odin as their father in this if i remember correctly." she said giving him the comic book and waiting for him to read through it, not really caring about the monsterslowly moving towards them.

'HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING.?!' It took all of Ash's nerves not to piss his pants. 'And what the hell are you assholes doing?!' He screamed to the people reading the comic. 'Do you not see the giant-ass colossus coming towards us?!'

In desperation, Ash whipped out his gun, pulled the trigger, and flew back as the weapon shot forth a huge bolt of energy. What the hell? He thought as he got up.

OoC: Sorry, but I figured I should even the playing field a bit.

"i'm not reading it i'm busy building this up to knock that thing off it's feet" said David pulling bits of earth with magic and crushes it into a huge boulder of earth

Ash was too shocked by the fact that his boomstick had just produced a massive bolt of pure energy to register what David just said. All he did was get up, aim the gun at the giants shoulder, and fire. This time, he only stumbled slightly.

"yeah, he was a real asshole and thor's brother with odin as their father in this if i remember correctly."

"Bullshit. These look NOTHING like the Aesirs! Thor is ginger! And Loki didn't have horns! Why does Odin look like Santa?!" Thialfi tore the book in half, and threw it onto the ground. He stomped on it thoroughly as he spoke,

"This 'Stan Lee' will pay with his damned life! My character looks like an idiot! If you want the damned truth, read a REAL book!" He finished with kicking the stomped remains, and turned to fight the... Earth Jotun? Was that a thing?

"Fuck it, CHARGE!" Thialfi sprinted at the thing, passing by Batter and taking a mighty swing at the leg Batter wasn't walking up to.

"VIKING RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!" A bolt of lightning ran down the hammer as he reared back for another strike.

Since Thialfi and Ash had their own limbs to attend to, Batter jumped up and clocked the giant in the head, abruptly turning it to the side. He landed on its shoulder and whacked its face again and again, pieces of rock flying off its...rock-mask thing. He charged up another Furious Homerun before the giant could reach up to him, and hit that one on the back of its head as Thialfi hit its leg, forcing the giant to crumple forward.

OOC: Made an evil sheet, not Loki but saw some bitchin art and thought this guy would be neat.


Thialfi saw his opening, the god was ducking down. That would be a mistake. He changed direction of his hammer, making a wide swing as the bolt of red lightning flew from his hammer, striking the Colossi in the forehead, sending it reeling back.

"Next hit should bring him down!" Thialfi yelled to his companions, only two of whom were making themselves useful. He sighed in mild irritation, as backed up next to Ash, preparing another lightning bolt if it was needed. He figured his companions could finish it, he had enough kills under his belt.

"OK the next hit is mine then!!!" he shouted before jumping up in the air infront of the boulder and this somehow makes it start to floating just off the ground, David then starts punching it really fast and then punches one final time and flys straight at the beast and hits it's right in the temple "that should do that" he said breathing heavily

The colossus couldn't take the massive assault it staggered as its balance fell it swayed back and forth before slowly falling to the ground it last breath released upon impact. The Body was like a toppled statue but this was once alive. was It the last of it's kind? where did it come from? and was it truly attacking?
Icarus let out a groan, still unconscious, he was a few feet away from the dead Colossus, Getting hit by something that huge would have sent anyone to dream-land.

Retracting, as I've joined another go to rp.

'Yeah! Thas right!' Ash cheered. 'That's what you get when you fuck with me! HA!'

"A bit crass, sir, don't you think?" Rori said, simply, in his normal child's voice. He had been transported to the other side of the plain, but was drawn to the ruckus. It seemed a group had taken down a colossal being...

"Your friends are wounded." Rori teleported to the downed one, and stretched his plain white clawed hands on his face. A small purple light glowed for a second, and his ribs and bones snapped back into their correct positions, pristine as ever. The grass around them was dead though....

He teleported to Thialfi, and did the same thing, and his headwound healed, painfully surprisingly. The grass around him died as well, and Rori teleported to the center of the group, tilting his head. He wasn't sure who these people were, but could they be friends?

Batter had landed safely on the other side of the giant, looking over their handiwork- but now he saw someone else in the way. As soon as he rejoined the group, he held his bat out towards the newcomer.

"Who are you?" he demanded, eyeing the dead grass and healed comrades, if they could even be called that.

"that went well who's that?" he said walking over to Thialfi and points at Rori

Icarus groaned and got back up, He put held his head the massive stone creature had given him monster headache.
"Wha? what's going on? my head hurts."
He rubbed his throbbing temple, He looked around he suddenly got a feeling he was being watched.

The tall figure brought his hand up to his mouth, and cleared his throat.

Well, mister Baseball... Man, I'm Rorschach, Rori for sho-

"I dunno, but he looks fruity." Thialfi said, speaking to their sorcerer. Rori twitched, before strolling over to the young norseman. He bent down to look him in the eye, before his voice changed again, to that of a thousand voices echoing simultaneously.

"If you interrupt me again, you'll burn like so many others." He straightened back up, and looked to the Demi-human

"You guys won a fight! I healed you! The effect will wear off... Whenever, I'm not sure." He cocked his head in thought.

Batter narrowed his eyes. Obviously the newcomer failed to make a good impression on him, so he strode up to the man and shoved him away from Thialfi to rouse him. "Be you pure or impure? Choose your answer wisely." he demanded, keeping the distance between them with his bat.

Icarus stumbled to get up.
"You know Mr. Base-ball Guy, maybe not everyone strives to be perfect. Maybe some of us just want to be what we can be. Some of us may have darker origins, My dad used to say,
It is better to be born with a darkness and overcome your nature, then to be born virtuous and learn nothing."
He wasn't exactly certain who this slender man was but Icarus preferred to give time before passing judgement, unless they attacked his sister then they were dead.

"ok look he just saved Ash and Thialfi so for today i say we let him off and if he does something evil looking, you can intterrogate him for there Mr. Batter" David said walking over and trying to be the peacekeeper

Athenus walked up behind her brother and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, you can never judge a book by it's cover." she said, putting herself behind her brother's words. There was a flash of light as she turned back into her non-transformed-self.

Hearing that the nest of the group had said he healed them, Athenus turned her head back to her brother with an interesting thought. "Hey bro, we should really take the time to have one of us learn healing. Considering i'm a paladin and you're fairly similar to me... I think that's an oversight on our parent's part..." she said to him.

Batter twirled his bat away and stood down. "Fine. Don't come crying to me when he kills you."

"first i don't cry and second thank you, so what now?" he said to batter and then turned to Athenus

Icarus looked up at the sky
"That thing came here for a reason, I suspect someone was testing us. Our parents well they were once part of a powerful group, Perhaps someone or something knows about this, and intended to cause some sort of catastrophe but us appearing and starting to form a group means we're a threat. Even if my idea is wrong we may want to learn where that creature came from and why it attacked us."
Icarus then turned to his sister
"I don't think they knew any healing techniques, My angel mode does give me Dark Excalibur which can heal me, Though that's always been an evil blade." Icarus thought about it for a moment.
We're going to need something to transport- our- selves" he started to look up as a shadow covered the heroes hey looked up to see a massive airship, It was beautiful, as if a steam-punk drawing had come to life.
"What the hell is that thing?' asked Ash
"The Rising Dawn, it came for us, It's a ship for the heroes, it can take us anywhere, it's the perfect base. He activated his wings
"I'm gonna fly up there and check it out."
He flared his wings ready to take off.

"There's your answer." Athens said and concentrated for a moment. Her back arched and her own wings spring from them. You would have to be fairly brain dead and in a coma to miss the fact she was angelic. The girl looked around the group and noticed a dieting lack of flying abilities. She held both of her hand out to the group.

I can take two up with me, who would like to go first?" She asked, gesturing with each hand as well.

David spins his staff and then plants it in the ground "i'm good thanks i can use earth magic to get up there" he said kneeing down on one knee, then plants his fists in the ground and make some what of a small round pillar just low enough for someone else to hop on "i think i could probably take one more person with me so that's less backtracking for you" he said offering to help a hand

Batter held out his hand to Athens. "Alright, I'll join you. Get me up there."

Thialfi scowled and held out his hand, silently cursing her if she tried to drop him. Rori simply teleported. As he went he stared hungrily at Athenus, a small amount of saliva dripping through jagged fangs.

"alright then Ash that means you're riding shotgun with me" David said and then pauses to chuckle at his little joke "anyway if trouble comes along you'll have to take care of it as i'll be busy getting us there" he said holding out his hand to help Ash up

Icarus had been circling around the airship, The Dawn seemed inactive he looked inside and tried to find an entry point he eventually found a small entry into the the hangar. once inside he flipped a large switch that opened the wide door this would allow larger things to enter the airship including things like helicopters thought that would take up a lot of space. he then closed teh drop hole and took a look around the ship its in pristine condition, though the ights were on low power mode, everything about the ship was in a sort of sleep setting.

Rori looked around, bored out of his freaking mind. Still, the thought of angels here... ones that didn't even attack right away! Either they were backing off, or these would be his easiest kills yet. He began openly drolling through clenched, jagged and sharpened teeth.

He found the one named Icarus, and decided to speak with him.

You. Angel. Tell me, have your people forgiven me over the incident with Gabriel? Have you finally realized that years of warfare only result in the deaths of your brothers, and my becoming stronger, and stronger. Have you finally forgotten the dying whimpering as he scorched under the intense heat of hell itself?! Answer me, DO YOU GIVE UP?! The voice of the boy had slowly changed back to that of a demon, as a swirling shadowy circle appeared beneath his feet. He used it to raise himself higher into the air, until he blotted out the sun with his shape.

Icarus was disturbed by Rori, he took a few step back his hands reached behind him for his pistil
"I have no idea what your talking about. but if you dare threaten my family you'll be sorry" he said firmly he was regretting defending Rori.
Meanwhile the others were entering the Dan a hint of black lightning crackled through Icarus's fingers.

"You're family...? No. I'm too busy with you species to focus on your family. You preachy bastards, always reigning in on my fun, trying to kill me. Pah, you couldn't see over your nose long enough to realize your pride has culled your numbers to so few, my war could be called poaching... How about this, young angel, tell me where you hide your leader. Maybe I'll let you live..."

Rori held out a clawed hand, a black fireball held in it. If Icarus made any unsavory movements... angels slways burned so well.

the doors to the room where Rori and Icarus were David step into the room and had a blank look on his face and sees Icarus and Rori about to fight, he sighs "Dammit, HEY BATTER looks like you get to hit that skinny looking guy with the top hat now, oh and Athens Icarus is about to fight him" he said turning his head back to the others behind him

"You are making a grave mistake." he said his eyes grew more intense, he decided he's have to let Rori have it.
Icarus focused his power and activated his trigger.
Dark energies coursed through his body as his wings expanded, two more sets of wings appeared on his back. Rori watched a bit confused he cold feel the young angels power was growing, Icarus tapped his forehead and the metal mask appeared, he hen raised his right hand the energy of the void condensed and a black black as shadow appeared in his hand.
the world around rori seemed to waver and shift somehow he felt a chill down his spine as if something was wrong.

"You will regret your errors" Icarus said as black lightning coursed along the edge of Dark Excalibur.
Icarus moved to attack Rori raised his hand to guard himself but he found his arm got a sudden slash across it and Icarus had barely moved, he then felt excruciating pain as black lightning coursed through his body.
he looked at the boys eyes they glared back his violet eye the pupil had taken the shape of a diamond

Rori straightened up at the sight of his own blood. It had been so long, oh so long... This one was strong. Or he blew all his strength on one attack. Rori laughed as he licked the blood off his injured arm, swirling it around in his mouth. He could quickly end this with a barrage of black blood bullets... but this one needed to die SPECIAL.

He let the blood dribble out of his mouth as he laughed wildly again, spreading his arms out wide, sending a small spray across the ground.

"You hurt me. I hope you have more of that, because you're about to taste the wrath of a true demon..." His hands erupted in black inferno, as a pair of pure purple webbed wings sprung from his back. A pair of bulls horns came from from his temples, as his eyes simply lost any color, blending in with the rest of the mask. A quick surge through his blood bulked him up a bit as well, as the fire on his right hand extended, into a blade of fire.

"FACE ME, AND DIE LIKE YOUR KIN!" Rori spoke with the thousand possessed voices, all angered to a point far beyond rage. Shadow grasped the Angels wings and wrists, the tendrils quickly grey barbs, impaling every millimeter of flesh it could touch. Rori smiled as he spread his wings, and made a gust. The world became grey, and hazy, several crosses appeared from the earth. Rori had brought a part of his home to the plane, as the wails and screams of the damned filled the air, that at least was still apparent. He was challenging the others to fight him.

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