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"Batter ready yourself, this might get ugly" he said stepping forward "it is a concern of ours as you are on our ship, so i will ask you. one. more. time., what are you doing on this ship" he said pulling out two small homemade balls with fuses on top of them in between his fingers.


"I require a piece of technology from this vessel to aid me in my future objectives. It shall not affect the Rising Dawn in any way, shape or form. Until you force me to acquire it by force." Viscus answered, wishing this Steampunk monstrosity had a mainframe he could easy access.
He wouldn't have to put up with this then.

"Batter what ya think we do?" he said turning his head back to Batter not really wanting to fight someone and lets his guard down as he does is

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Thialfi decided to stay put when he was dropped off, not wanting to fight familiars due to motion sickness and shame. He did come down, though, to see how things went. He saw a man in a very, very, VERY nice suit of armor with a strangee device sticking out of his shoulder.

"Whoa, sweet! Did the dwarves make that? CAN Dwarves make that?!" He ran up and admired the suit, sleek and silver and-

"I do not desire conflict in this mission. Nor should you."

Oh come ON! You're evil too? Why do all the cool people have to be evil?


Thialfi watched in awe as a compartment opened on his right shoulder, a small metal box with a bunch of rockets in it rotating to face him: Viscus's Missile Swarm.
"Maintain distance from the Armor or be eliminated." He said without bothering to turn and face the newcomer, keeping his sights and Minigun aimed at David and Batter.

"I'll just guess that's a weapon?" Thialfi sighed, taking a step back from the armor. He drew his sword, and held onto it with both hands, uttering a little prayer as he slid into a fighting stance.

"Thor, thunder forth in my life! When I would hold back, let me advance; when I would be weak, help me be strong; when I would shun life's pleasures, sharpen my appetite for that which is lusty and good! Help me grow from strength to strength, and teach me, elder brother, how to throw my own hammer and slay the giants who oppose my will!" He moved his sword back, ready for a power slice.


[Shield Active] Viscus let out, the con's of not having a inner monolog, as Thialfi went to strike with his sword after this long speech.
When it was about to connect, the sword hit a kind of gray coloured barrier before it could hit the armor, stopping in mid-air near the machine back.
"Repeat: Maintain distance from the Armor or be eliminated." He repeated, actually glancing back at the sword wielding teen, clearly attempting to discourage a fight.

"Repeat: Maintain distance from the Armor or be eliminated."

Thialfi growled, but complied, pointing his sword at the ground. He reached his armored hand up, and grabbed Mjonlir's grip. He slowly strafed his way around him, he would end him if he tried anything else funny.

"I'll allow you to grab what you need, but if you try to harm us, your armor is mine." He stared intently at the man, waiting for him to finish.


"I'll allow you to grab what you need, but if you try to harm us, your armor is mine."

"Affirmative." Viscus answered as he lowered his shields, hiding the exact amount of armour power blocking that attack cost him, though anyone looking would see his Arc Reactor was ever so slightly dimmer now.
"The Viscus Mark 1 still requires you to Maintain distance." He said as he lowered his Missile Swarm but not his Minigun.

Holding Tank
May looked around some more, focusing on the staff with the weird imp on it. After it was over, Rori's little confrontation that is, she rubbed her head where he had hit her with the staff. It wasn't actually sore, it must have been the dream doing that.

"Well, seems you're not normal, i guess that means that i can show myself as well."

"Here's me." she said, non threatening.

Athenus woke up with a groan. she had a feeling in her gut that something bad might happen. "B-bro-br- Icarus...." she said, trying to look around.

"Here's me."

"You look... Quite neat actually." He looked up, his voice breaking from it's mumble. He picked up his staff, and leaned it against his shoulder as he stood up straight. It felt so off to speak his own words, rather than the best a group of 1000 people could come up with. Still, this... Girl, going to stick with girl was able to get his mind of the tragedy with her hellish visage.

"Actually... You're sort of pretty in a weird way. Don't mistake this for flirting, though, I'm just saying it... Sorry, I'm not used to being able to speak my mind." Rori blushed, and turned away from her.

Thialfi growled once more, but back off further. To show that he wasn't just a submissive piece of trash, however, he pulled out Mjolnir, a bolt of lightning swirling around the block.

"Hurry up or fry!"

"Oh give me a break." the naga said, slythering around him and bringing her face to his own. "You're blushing, therefore you must have some sort of thought of me being attractive." she said as her smile grew wider and her tongue began dart in and out of her mouth.

Her tail came around and coiled up around Rori's body. May's jaw unhinged itself in a rather disturbing manner that would freak out even the most desensitized people. SHe began to slowly inch her gaping hole forward before jerking rori out of the way.

The scientist had been sneaking up behind the duo, and thinking he was stealthy kept doing so after May could see him. He pulled his arm back, needle in hand, then swung downwards at rori's shoulder. Thats when the boy was jerked aside and the scientist missed.

With the needle out of the way, Her food hole came down over the top of him, and like a flame being suffocated, he stopped struggling. This left her to get the rest of his body inside of herself and soon enough, there was a large lump at the beginning of her tail.
"Well, that was good." she said and placed the boy back down. "Sorry, they try to get at me whenever i turn into this form. So i do it whenever i'm hungry." the naga explained. She burped and the scientists glasses clattered across the floor. "Oopsss... excuse me..." she said giggling and blushing a bit.

He was about to respond, when he felt himself getting squeezed. He lost his breath as he looked up, shocked. Was he... afraid? Afraid of the death he had sought so long ago? He squeezed his eyes shut, as his staff snapped the dragons jaw shut, and began glowing. He opened his read eyes, and said a magic word.

"NEMA!" A small bubble surrounded him, the needle bounced off, and Rori was thrown to the side. He rubbed his head as he bounced off the wall and the shield disappeared with a snap of his fingers. He landed on his face, and looked up to see her eat a scientist.

"Warning is always nice. I'm glad I didn't try to burn you!" He picked himself off, and brushed himself off.

"Well, that was good... Sorry, they try to get at me whenever i turn into this form. So i do it whenever i'm hungry."

Rori giggled a bit, before speaking, sitting down cross legged with his on his lap. "They sound foolish, haven't they learned your tricks yet? I assume the coat means SOME sort of intelligence on their part." He felt a pang of guilt laughing at them. He sighed it away, he could tolerate the company of a carniverous snake woman, so long as she wasn't hungry.

"You know... if you want to escape, I can easily get us out of here."

"Well... they know that they'll just wind up feeding me. There's been times they left the mic on, and they argue over who's going to try and go in there this time. It's fairly amusing actually." she said and slithered over to him. May laid her head down in his lap, rather calmly and serenely for someone who just ate an entire person whole. the rest of her coiled around them on the floor, creating a sort of cushion for him to lean/sit on.

"And i have no motives to escape them. They feed me and i live a comfortable and ridicule free life." she explained to Rori. "I'm rather tired, you don't mind me laying here like this, do you? you're the first person that i've been able to talk to in a while.

The darkness of the teleportation spell faded away. The Guy slowly opened his eyes and found himself standing in a bright, white, sterile room. He looked and turned around to investigate his surroundings and saw that a female serpent and boy were curled up on the floor behind him. "Who are you and where am I?" the Guy said in a low, growly voice.

Rori smiled, free food and comfortable living in exchange for freedom. He would never understand the choice, freedom from the eyes and judgement of god and his ilk was what he fought and lived for for the past decade. Up until him. He shuddered with rage as she slithered up to him, and he could feel himself relax. Odd for someone like her to have a calming effect, but perhaps he was too used to hell and damnation to have anything else.

"Sure. Just don't get hungry." His voice was bitterly sarcastic, as he bowed his head and drifted off to slumber, but did one last thing. With another "Nema," his new clothes appeared, complete with bandages. He smiled, he loved still being able to use his magic. And Icarus would regret not finishing him.

The intrusion of the Guy irritated him, and he sighed with mild frustration. He was ruining his mood already, and had no sense of subtlety it seemed. He glared as he spoke.

"That's one for her to answer, I'm new too."

"Well.. we're in a place called aperture. and we're in a holding tank. for what point, i know not." she said to the two of them. May said with her eyes closed, not bothering to look at the new person. I know you just got here, but do you mind heading to sleep. we'll talk about this after a nice long rest..." she said, trying to drift off to slumber.

The Guy started to get annoyed with the serpent, "Tell me how to get out, and I will not hurt you. I am not going to be held against my will. I have no quarrel with you or the people that run this 'Aperture' place." He said while walking around the room once and then towards the door.

"Tell me how to get out, and I will not hurt you. I am not going to be held against my will. I have no quarrel with you or the people that run this 'Aperture' place."

"I'd suggest the door, then blowing your way out. Although, behind that door is the unknown, scientists with weapons we don't know of, and we are in a place none of us know of. You're an unknown element though, and if these scientists are any good, they'll come to get you out soon.... In the meantime, sit down and relax. When the time comes, we'll leave."

Rori looked up at the Guy, and smiled slyly. He hated the idea of being trapped here, in this sterile fucking room... But he'd be patient. And be rewarded because of it, or else he'd just have to blow up everything, burn it in his usual black fire. Whether or not he was accompanied didn't matter, though he liked the girl. She helped fill the new emptiness in his head....

Being the scrutinizing person he was, Batter wouldn't let up until he personally saw the thing flying away from the ship. He stepped aside, but kept a firm grip on his bat. "Hurry up, metal man. You know we won't hold back if you try anything."

David walks closer but keeps his distance "hm yes if you do one thing wrong and we will throw you off this ship faster than you can say "scrap metal" are we clear!?" he said letting out a blood lust even a A.I. robot could feel

"They have some weird sort of technology here. Even if you force that door open, you'll just enter the room again from the opposite corner. I'm rather calm about this because i've tried to escape already. I broke the panels in the floor only to find more popping up beneath them, tried to exit through the doors, only to wind up back in here. I've just stopped resisting, so life is actually much easier for me now. That doesn't mean i'm just going to lay in here if freedom offers me a chance to escape, i'll gladly take it." she said to them, being rather calm and relaxed for being trapped.

As much as he'd hate to admit it, they were right. Patience seemed like the key to getting out of here. Wait a minute. . . He thought, "Does this technology of theirs do anything weird to teleportation? If not, then we can get out here immediately.

"Does this technology of theirs do anything weird to teleportation? If not, then we can get out here immediately."

Rori had to hand it to the guy, he was smarter than he seemed. "That... Might work. But my teleportation requires me to think of places I'd been before, or places I can see. If you have something, we could go for it. Later. Right now..." Rori sighed, and picked up his staff. The imp in the center glowed red,

Nema, Sleep. This guy was his best chance at escape, so why would he let him go? He let his head rest, as he spoke to his new snake friend.

"The spell lasts for about 2 hours, if it works. We'll take a nap then leave. Problem?"


"Thank you for your cooperation." Viscus said before advancing onwards though the halls, stopping in front of a wall that the Engine Room was behind.
[Energy Sword: Online] He droned as a Blue Plasma Blade shot out from his Right Forearm which he then used to cut clean though the wall, making a Doorway into the room.
He then began Scanning the place, looking for what brought him here and what could help him kill off Roxxon for good.

David turned to Batter and Thialfi "be on your guard guys, he's dangerous this one come on let's follow him" he said stepping through the new door Viscus made

Batter followed David, keeping his bat drawn. "I don't like this." he muttered to the other two, "We should set up a perimeter in case he tries to escape."

"Good luck with teleporting." she said and was already fast asleep.

With that, the three of them slept for about two hours. When they awoke, they found that a wall was simply missing. Just gone. There were catwalks, suspended over darkness, no visible bottom, but structures in the darkness were visible. The catwalk went out for about 4 meters before turning to the right and continuing that way for some time. "well... that's new..."


The Duo watched as Viscus marched over to one of the coal powered generators of the Rising Dawn's turbines/jet/whatever.
"Inferior Tech..." He remarked before he thrusted his Energy sword into one of the engines, his arm rooting around for a key component within, not really caring what effect this would have on the ship.
He was certain that the ship would remain in the air, it'd just be slightly slower with one less engine.

"I agree Batter cover the hole in the wall while me and Thialfi watch him closer" he said gesturing Thialfi to follow him

Thialfi shot David a grin, as he walked forward with his hammer on his shoulder. He strolled forward to keep an eye on him, he had destroyed an engine it seemed. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but in the meantime...

"He ruined an engine, how do you guys want to proceed? Violence?"

The Guy stood up and slowly shook his head to wake up. As the grogginess faded away, he noticed the wall missing from the room. "If someone is playing tricks on us. . ." he said to seemingly no one. He made his way onto the catwalk, testing each step carefully to make sure nothing gave way. As he got to the corner, he stood in place and took a deep breath, reveling in the darkness that surrounded him. He turned his head towards the odd couple, " If you two are done cuddling, I would say it's time to move." He then started marching further through the darkness.

Icarus was at his sister's side the moment she awoke
"I'm here Athenus, everything is OK-" he was cut off one of his beetles was under attack but it was coming from some other than the engine room.
"I'll be right back I have to check on something, you sit there and rest your still tired from the healing." he left the room and made his way to the other intruder, once he arrived he saw an older girl trying to squash his beele
"What is this? Why does this ship have such giant beetles shoo shoo" she screamed stomping, sensing its master the beetle scuttled away and crawled up his leg and into his hand the girl saw him, Her viscous look of malice changed, she looked at him as if she had been waiting all her life to see him.
"Oh my, I was wondering if I met someone, I didn't expect to meet someone like you" she got very close to Icarus she was batting her eyelashes at him Icarus was a little uncomfortable.
"Umm hi, what are you doing in our ship?"
"Oh well I was coming to, to join, yes I learned there was some very brave and strong individuals and I wanted to help the, I never thought I'd meet the captain"
"Wha- I'm not the captain there isn't one yet we just started and we already have had two threats so I'd be doing a terrible job if I was," he was blushing now the girl was really close, he usually only let Athenus get this close to him, well Athenus could get closer but this girl was inches away from him it was a little uncomfortable.
"Wait uh you mentioned help? Can you do healing and restoration stuff?"
"But of course are you hurt? Show me where and I can fix you up" she reached out but Icarus backed away
"Err come with me someone is tired out, I'm fine, they used their energy healing me."
The girl for a split second frowned but Icarus missed it
"Oh well I have a healing potion, Lets go help your friend.
The two made their way to the captain's quarter Icarus was really uncomfortable with how close this girl was to him he wanted to create his wings and have some personal space but he didn't want to be rude especially if this girl could help his sister, or his other problem.
They reached the quarters and entered the girl handed Icarus a potion he tested it himself first and found no negative side effects.
"Athenus drink this; it's a potion that'll make you feel better"
Athenus was a little confused Icarus was the holding out a vial that contained a bluish green liquid and sand VERY close to him was a girl dressed up like a witch.


After basically ruining the engine, Viscus found what he was after: A strange Sphere shaped gear was now firmly in his hand.
[Useful Technology found : Scanning...] He droned as his eye pried into every inch of the strange device, making several data entries that would aid him in the future.
"Thank you for your co-operation. You have ensured the Viscus Mark 1 Armoured Combat Unit will have the edge in future conflicts. Goodbye." He said to anyone listening before he began to hover.
[Shields Active]

He then blasted upwards though the ship, crashing though floor after floor until he reached the roof of the aircraft, breaking though that too and leaving a tunnel from the engine room to the flight deck.
His shield ensured he could do this without being harmed as he raced through the sky, uncaring of what damage the depressurization might cause.


"If you two are done cuddling, I would say it's time to move."

"Good, I was getting sick of this place anyways." Rori gently lifted her head, as he picked himself up. He grabbed his staff and followed the demon, finding solace in the blackness of the chasm before them. He had a strange thought come to his head, as he took the lead.

Lord Abaddon destroyer of my enemies, you teach me to transform my anger into strength instead of blind rage. Teach me your ways and guide me. Lead me to lord Satan as you did. You a mighty warrior of the god of the Jews turned away and came to Satan. You bathed in molten gold and transformed into a great demon and lord of hell to show your hatred for the god of the Jews and love of Satan. Show me great devotion, the same devotion that you have shown. Hail Abaddon Lord of destruction! Nema!

He raised his staff in unholy ecstasy, creating a dim red light to show the way ahead. And it seemed His veins bulged and glowed red, but that might've just been a trick of the light.

"*Ahem*, let's... Let's get going. Freedom awaits."


Thialfi was caught offguard by the sudden exit, and slammed his hammer on the ground in anger. REALLY should've seen that one coming. He looked around, and just yelled to David and Batter,

"The armored asshole just tore through the ship after stealing part of the engine! Get the crew, we need to leave!"

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