Honor Among Thieves - A Dishonored RP [Closed]

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Lord Brisby had just made a very interesting proposition to a very interesting man. The Lord wasn't brave and many of his associates would have argued that he wasn't particularly intelligent either. He wasn't all that interested in the politics of the empire, yet he planned to support this man and his cause. But he did it for a woman. The one woman in his live. All out of love, he told himself, she just hadn't seen it yet. After he had nervously told the nosy maid off, he turned back to the window, anxiously twiddling his fingers. He was sure that the man wearing the face of death would at least consider his offer.

"Hehe", Lord Birch politely laughed, "Great minds, of course. It's so rare to find a woman with a sense of both business and class, isn't it? Let's move on."

He took Zelia by the arm again and basically dragged her along. With every step he took, he made sure to greet as many people as was humanly possible, often at the same time commenting to Zelia on how important these people were. On the other hand, he made sure as many people as possible saw the woman at his arm. That way, the two of them slowly got from room to room, finally reaching the smoking room.

"Would you like a cigar? The Boyle's never skimp on these. I think they've got real Culleros here, the good ones. Maybe a glass of whiskey, too?" In a short glance, Lord Birch spotted the long whiskers of a rat-mask at the window. "Though, maybe we'd want to go somewhere else. The company here leaves a lot to be desired."

At the canal, one man of the Watch was very content with himself as the two boats slowly retreated, turning around and waving off the tallboy who disappointedly put down his bow. Inside the Boyle estate, one young officer wasn't as happy with his job. Uncharacteristically for the men of the the City Watch, he continued to look up to the roofs around him with a certain unease.

The whale-oil driven motor of the boat chugged along and then died down. The older man piloting it turned around and, without haste, began to uncoil his line again and checked the sinker. Then he let it gently down into the water again. With the trained eye of a mariner, he went over the boat and his equipment next, making sure everything was still in its place. After all that, he finally turned to the boy in the other boat, running his hand along his mutton chops.

"Hm, what am I doing here. Don't you have eyes, boy? I'm fishing. What else would I be doing here?"

"I can only hope it remains rare, less competition for me." She smiled, giving every impression she was enjoying herself. At this rate it appeared she might be stuck with Birch for most of the evening, but at least his intention to show off his companion to as many people as possible was giving her a perfect alibi for what was liable to go down if they could get information from Brisby.

Whiskey and cigars. Why not. Admittedly she wasn't overly used to cigars, but when in Rome...or Dunwall in this case. "That sounds delightful." Taking a cigar and following his gaze once he mentioned the company, she frowned. He described Brisby as a rat before didn't he? Of course, it could have just been a coincidence, but maybe...

"A rat?" She lowered her voice to whisper conspiratively to Birch. "Who comes to a party dressed as vermin?" she giggled. If he knew who it was and if it was Brisby...maybe she could use that. Play the rat as a form of entertainment to keep her in a position to hear him blurt something stupid for a while. She'd need to work it in such a way as to keep Birch happy in any case. People who are angry with you make poor alibis.

"Hrrmph", Lord Birch let out something between a derisive laugh and a unpleasant cough, "Frankly, the mask doesn't bother me half as much as the man underneath it. Rats have their good sides after all, don't they? This man on the other hand ... Look, even the maids avoid him."

The man in the rat-mask had just turned around, still nervously fiddling with his clothes. It seemed he was looking for a maid to take his order, but most of them in the vicinity quickly averted their gaze whenever he looked in their direction. As Brisby looked around, he also spotted the fat noble and his female companion. For a moment, he just stared at them, unsure of what to do. Then he quickly nodded in their direction, probably meant as a greeting, or maybe just as an acknowledgement of Birch's existence. His chin had just completed the movement up and down when he abruptly turned around back to the window again.

"What a strange man. But this is Lord Brisby. I think you we're looking for him earlier? I hope just seeing him is enough for you, I can't even imagine what a honourable woman like you would want from that person."

Out on the canal, the fish still weren't biting. The old man didn't seem to care, hough after a while, he turned back to the young man in the other boat, looking him up and down.

"You're quite scrawny, boy. Probably not much success as a fisherman, huh? Back in my day, the Navy was always looking for a ship's boy, maybe you should try that? Better that the shady business that puts you out on these streets at night."

"You're quite scrawny, boy. Probably not much success as a fisherman, huh? Back in my day, the Navy was always looking for a ship's boy, maybe you should try that? Better that the shady business that puts you out on these streets at night."

"What shady business could you mean sir?" Collin asked, the old man was denying any suspicious activity well two could easily play at that game.

The fish of course were not biting, both because this was a poor spot to fish but also he didn't want them too, and lately animals had seemed a bit susceptible to his desires. Mostly the nasty biting animals, but still it caused him some concern, and led to some trains of thought that seemed unlike him. He ignored it for now, the rune in his coat felt warm, almost like it was pulsating alongside his heart but what that meant he had no idea.

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