We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Carmen nodded as she sat in the passenger seat. "Indeed I am, dear. What of it?"

Roxy looked more annoyed as she looked back at Alice. "How the hell is that selfish when you're the one killing me!?" She looked over toward Gumi and then back to Alice. "Y'know I could make you a collar with a bell. It could even go with that outfit of yours...." The catgirl seemed to begin sizing up Alice's neck and looking at the girl's body.

Alice looked slightly unamused. "I'm not a dog....that would be the job role of that Fox girl..." she said dryly.

Gumi silently gave a small chuckle. "Aw don't be like that, I bet the Doc likes bells!" she said to Alice, who in turn gave her a stare that could kill. Gumi stepped back a bit. "Or....not....forget I said anything..."

"Does this mean you come from Hell?" Greed asked, briefly looking towards Carmen.

"Because there isn't anything wrong!" Milly snapped, tightening her grip on the handle of her umbrella. "I just really don't like the sun." She added more calmly. She shifted her gaze from looking at Kazma to staring at the small stream nearby. "I don't want to talk about this anymore. Can we start the lesson now?"

Carmen nodded again. "Yes, dear. Are you wondering what it's like? Perhaps worried about your soul..? No... you're a sin incarnate... that wouldn't be it." She turned toward Greed with a small smile.

Roxy noted Alice's death glare at Gumi and then nodded. "Well, I could've stylized it, but you seem adamantly against it. Sorry for bringing it up... and who's this Doc guy?" I wonder where Yuki went off to.

"Oh well the Doc is-" "Someone from our world, I used to work for him at one point is all" Gumi started to say but was quickly cut off by Alice. "How can you stylize a bell? tell me more Cat-girl..." She asked, leaning slightly.

Gumi was standing a bit behind Alice trying to say "Ignore her ramblings, she's a bit loopy" through hand signals and such. Alice turned around a one point but Gumi was just whistling with her hands behind her back.

Greed laughed for a moment. "Oh. I'd worry for my soul if happened to be a regular human, but that isn't the case, so I'm in the clear." Shaking his head slightly, Greed smiled. "Anyway. I didn't bring it up to ask what the place was like, but now that you've mentioned it, you've got me curious. Is it like the stories say it is?"

Roxy wanted to ask more about the Doc but was cut off as Alice leaned in closer to her. She held back the urge to giggle as Gumi signaled to her and then pulled an old school cartoon maneuver perfectly. "Well... I could've added gems to it, maybe a symbol like the question mark on your hat. We could've changed the bell's colors, maybe even added a bow... then we'd have to talk about the fabric the bow would be made out of... Eh... Nya!!" She shook her head before going off on a rant about bows, nearly showing how much of a girl she actually was. "...Are you rethinking it, miss?"

Carmen shrugged a bit, with a smile on her face. "Hmm, the stories are a bit off actually. We do torture the spirits that make their way to Hell, but more for fun opposed to capital punishment....because that's rather idiotic when you think about it. As for how it looks, imagine large human cites built with brimstone, fire and magic. We have shops, malls, schools and things of that like as well. "

Alice gave a "hmmm" response as she thought about it. "Very well, Make one to try out and I'll give it ago" she said with a small smirk. "Just don't go thinking I'm a dog, or show you what a real Bitch I can be!" she said with a haunting chuckle before disappearing.

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"Huh..." Greed began imagining what Hell looked like based of Carmen's description, eventually picturing it being the same as the human world, except for everything being black and on fire. "Cheery." he remarked in a deadpan tone. "No idea what to think on the "magic" front, though. Nor do I see the fun in torturing spirits."

Carmen shrugged. "I'd guess it's just letting loose frustrations that makes it enjoyable. Life in Hell is stressful... as you'd expect. Now then, you wished to ask me something that wasn't related to how Hell looked, correct?"

"Yeah. What happens to you demons when you die, then? Does Hell have its own afterlives, or are the bunch of you immortal?" Greed asked, sounding more curious at the second question.

Carmen looked up toward the sky for a few moments before shaking her head. "When we die? I've heard stories that one simply loses all power and memory and goes back to becoming human. Others say your soul leaves this realm and hops to another realm of existence not yet found. Most believe that once you die as either an angel or demon, you cease existing... and if you exist long enough to become an elder demon and eventually a demonic god, you then become immortal. There are very few demons who rank that high. But I've seen many demons fall in battle and never return..."

Bounty Shop: Dallas

As Yuki made her exit to score another bounty, a man in a beanie and headphones appeared within and slammed a bountyhead's poster down. "Got this one. Pay up."

He then walked outside the store counting his bills.

Also at the Dallas Bounty Shop

The air in the middle of the road began crackling with electricity. After a few moments, it stopped, only to be replaced by a bright light.
Out of the light stepped the white-haired man.
"Doesn't hurt, my arse." he muttered angrily.

"Being immortal, and deified... Now that sounds like a thing worth having..." Greed remarked with a wide grin, speaking entirely to himself. Being caught up in his own thoughts, Greed forgot what he was doing, this nearly resulting in the van being hit by an oncoming vehicle. Snapping out of it, Greed shook his head. Daydreaming while at the wheel. Not a good idea. "Sorry about that. It happens sometime." Now within the city, Greed slowed down and began sriving around, looking for a bank.

OoC @Trilby: He looks like a chick. :P

Carmen nodded a bit. "...Yes, it's quite a title to possess. Everyone dreams of it..." She began looking into space for a few moments before smiling to herself. "Do you want to try for it as well, dear?"

Rex looked up as the white-haired man simply popped up in the street. "Hey dude, might wanna get out of the street. Drivers tend not to give two fucks about who they run over."

@Trilby: That does look like a girl. Flat, but a girl.

The man looked up and down the street.
"The street is deserted. Except for the dead bodies." he pointed out as he approached Rex. "So... where am I?"

"I can imagine..." Greed remarked, then sighed. "Anyway, what do you think happens to you demons once you kick the bucket?"

Rex looked up and noticed the dead bodies. "Huh.... and I thought the place I left was a hellhole. Uh... You're in someplace called Dallas on some planet called Earth. If it's not obvious, I ain't from around this world myself."

Carmen shrugged. "I'm not sure. I've met a human who reminds me a lot like someone who I saw fall... but honestly, I believe our soul simply ceases to exist."

"It wasn't very obvious, no. Uh... apparently I am from this planet. Though, probably not from this universe. I think I'd have seen this on the news if I was..." the man replied.

"Alright, I won't press the issue if you don't want me to". Kazma took Milly through a series of movements. Most were just part of an overall routine he'd preform in training, but he did show her how to block as he did and afew offensive moves. It was slow going, but with everything, it takes time to learn, and even longer to master. When the two finished they departed for the house. Kazma made sure not to forget his backpack.

"It would be pretty damn ironic if demons came back as humans when they die, if you ask me." Seeing a bank after turning right, Greed parked the van in the parking lot but didn't get out yet. "You've only mentioned demons getting killed. Don't you guys grow old or get sick?"

Rex blinked a bit. "Hmm... Anomaly at work, I guess... What'd your name, dude? I'm Rex."

Carmen nodded as she moved to put her hand on the door release. "Aging... Not really, a demonic body tends to stay in the same state for as long as you can keep consuming enough energy to keep your age hidden. As for getting sick, yes. Usually due to holy spells and the like... Is it the same with you homonculi?"

"I'm Noah." the man replied.

"Nope." Greed said, somewhat proudly as he opened the door and got out of the van. "We don't age at all. I'm a good twohundred years old, and I look the same as the moment I was created. We're also immune to deceases and poisons. So, all in all, pretty close to being immortal." Still, that's not gonna cut it.

@Trilby: Night dude.

Rex nodded as he stashed the cash into his pocket and extended his hand to the man. "Nice to meet you, dude."

Carmen nodded a bit as she followed Greed out of the car and then summoned the cash she had found in the mob boss house. No one aside from Greed would see it appear. "I must admit I'm a bit jealous then. So you don't consider yourself immortal and yet you can't die. Why?"

Noah took Rex's hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, too."

Since Noah was an angel, Rex would feel a little off as they shook hands, due to Rex being a half-demon. However, Rex would get over it in a blink of the eye. "So I'm guessing you haven't seen some blonde catgirl running around your dimension, right? I'm looking for one."

"Never thought a demon would be jelous of me. But then again, never thought I'd actually meet one to begin with." Greed remarked as he locked the van up and headed towards the entrance of the bank, briefly glancing at the pile of money Carmen manifested from thin air. "And I don't considder myself immortal because I'm not. I may be a bit tougher then most, but like I said to that blue-skinned guy a while back, be on the recieving end of killing blows enough time, and the juice will eventually run out. On top of that, I still need to breathe, sleep, eat and drink, all that stuff. So all in all, it's a case of close but no cigar."

"Hmm.... I see. That's a bit sad to hear actually. So, you're simply extremely hard to kill. Indeed, close but no cigar. But why is eating and all of that a hindrance as well? Food can be enjoyable." Carmen asked as she stepped into the bank ahead of Greed.

"Oh, sure. And I want good food as much as I do most things. But, it's the fact that I need to is what I'm not liking here. That my body will be all weakly if without food for a few days, and eventually dying. Sure, I can just regenerate when that happens, but still." Greed explained as he followed Carmen and walked up behind the shortest queue.

"Ah. I see... Well, that would be a hindrance. Demons don't actually need to eat so long as we consume energy. I guess I'm getting a little less jealous of you now. But solving that for something like you.... how would you go about that...?" Carmen teased then asked as she walked forward in the queue.

Milly nodded to Kazma without saying anything else. She folded up her umbrella and set it aside along with Kazma's things as they began. Though she tried her best, she didn't pick up terribly much aside from how to block to memory after just one lesson. "Thank you for the lesson. I'll try harder next time..." She mentioned to Kazma as the two made their way back from the forest.

"Oh, don't let your jelousy meter drop just yet." Greed answered with a slight chuckle. "Us Homonculi can just consume energy to counteract these effects too. Like I said, I could just regenerate, but I with I didn't needed to. Still, by consuming fuel, even for simple things such as counteracting bodily needs, the juice will run out." Greed explained, then lowered his voice. "Not that there isn't a way to get a refill."

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