We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Roxy nodded as she took a sip of her own drink. "Anyway... Gold... this is one of the other out of worlders, Otto. Otto, this is one of the other out of worlders, Gold." She motioned to each person as necessary as she took another sip. "So what have you been up to recently, Otto?"

Carmen nodded again before walking off.

"So you do know where the town is... would like to go there, beats the scenery of this dump..." Qual said still sitting on the fence, its head for once level with everyone else's. "Yes... I'm fine... really."

"Later, babe." Greed said to Carmen before she walked off, then looked back to Alice. "Sweet. Let's go." he remarked with a smirk of his own, putting a arm around Alice's shoulders, slipping the other hand in his pocket, and walking towards the van. And Slick said this doesn't get me anywhere. Heh. "Now I know you don't usually get about like us ground walkers do, but, hey. There's a first time for everything."

Gold nodded to Otto, very much at ease.

"Good to meet you, Mr. Gold." Otto said to Gold with a nod to him. "Vell...After our little group split up, I traveled with that fox woman, Yukino. We did a little bounty hunting together, but zen she decided to leave me unexpectedly..." Otto said, looking down at his coffee. "Most recently, I have just gotten out of the hospital, and am in zee market for some new pants." he continued, smiling to Roxy.

"Well I don't mind being a tour guide for you if ya want?" Gumi replied to Qual.

"You say it like I can't walk Dear, no need to worry about me okay?" Alice said to Greed and gave him a smug-ish smile.

"Who said anything about worrying about you, Bunny Boiler? Not me." Greed answered, pulling his arm back and getting in the van, sticking they keys in the ignition and waiting for Alice to get in.

"It would be interesting at least... Wait..." Qual groaned as it realized something. "If there isn't any magic in this realm... a being such as myself would be out of the ordinary here wouldn't it?"

Roxy nodded a bit as she looked down at her coffee. "...Sorry to hear she ditched you. But yeah... I'll get on that. Just give me some details on what you want and I'll get it made quick."

"I simply need something that matches the jacket." Otto explained, lifting up a lapel of said jacket.

Walking outside, Milly noticed that the largest group of people congregated together were apparently all leaving. She shrugged to herself and wandered around the estate grounds for something to do. She eventually spotted Gumi, but saw that she was talking with Qual and kept walking by, annoyed at the circumstances.

"umm...yeah...yeah it would be..." Gumi said as she rubbed the back of her neck.

Alice chuckled a little before taking off her hat and jumping in the car. "Nice ride..."

The catgirl nodded as she examined the jacket for a moment or two. "Alright... same colors, same material... and I guess I'll keep the pants simple. You two get acquainted a little more, I'll draw up some designs..." She moved to get into the backroom.

"I admit, it isn't the most fancy thing to ever arive along the roads..." Greed remarked as he began driving towards town. Not long after he said this, a smirk crept across his face. "Say... How 'bout we get this date started with some nice tension to get the heart pumping and see if we can't steal a better one?"

Otto nodded while taking another sip of his coffee before looking at Gold. "So, Mr. Gold. Is zat a Jewish name?" he asked politely.

Carmen was walking around as she noticed Milly walking about. She waved at the girl as she made her way to the garden.

"Great..." Qual said rather deflated. "How thee hell am I supposed to pay Spikey without being about to get any damn money if people are just going to run away like cowards from me. Wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to make fucking soup out of me..."

Gold laughed. "No, its a Johto name. Not much jewish blood in me at all."

"I see. I can't say I am familiar with the...what was it you said?" Otto asked, turning to face Gold fully.

"Johto. Important to remember my planets not like yours. Different continents, to say nothing of the countries."

Alice smirked. "Your asking a innocent women like me to do something so evil and outrageous?" She asked Greed. "But go for it! about time there was some amusement to be had!" she added with a evil grin.

"Are down need to be so down, maybe we can get you a hat or something?" Gumi replied.

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"Ah, of course, yes. In zat case it would not make much sense to ask about where you are from, eh? Heheheh." Otto said, chuckling at the end.

Since she had apparently successfully avoided being noticed in any way by Gumi and Qual as she walked by them, Milly continued wandering around the estate grounds. She saw Carmen waving to her and followed her over to the garden, having little else to do.

Carmen yawned a bit before noticing Milly, raising a sound barrier around the two but still leaning down to the girl. "...do you think you'd need to feed today, dear? I'm going to head into the city to do that myself."

"A... hat..." Qual stared at Gumi rather blank faced to the comment, then slowly raised a hand pointing to the mushroom top it already have that served as a full fledged hat.

It glanced back behind it for a moment, feeling like someone else was there, turning out to be Carmen and Milly.

"Ha." Gold said, before glancing back at Roxy. "So, where were you at earlier? Library? Anything interesting you were reading?"

Milly nodded in reply to Carmen. "I'm a little hungry after practicing. I think I should eat something before I accidentally bite someone around here."

Roxy's beanie ears popped out from the backroom. "Yeah, I was reading up about some myth stuff by some people called the Greeks... Turns out they have gods for basically everything... And I've kind of been wondering about some supernatural stuff.... for obvious reasons, so I started reading. I found something... I think was useful." Her ears then ducked back into the room as some rumbling and shuffling was heard.

Carmen smiled a bit as she nodded in return. "Good to hear. Shall we get going soon?"

"Hah! Alright then. Let's go find ourselves ride!" Greed exclaimed, rather cheerily. When reaching the urban areas, Greed drove to the part of the area where much of the higher classes resided, switched off the headlights of the van and slowed down. After a short while, Greed spotted a suitable car. Driving around further, Greed parked the van in an alleyway a decent distance away from the car he wanted was. "Better not leave this thing too close by." he said to Alice, turning off the engine and getting out.

OoC: Aaand, time bubble.

"If you wish to learn about the super natural, I can tell you very much." Otto said loud enough for Roxy to hear.

Gold frowned slightly. "Okay, I've been confused about this. How exactly does religion work here?" he called out, though he left it free for Otto to answer as well.

"Yep!" Milly replied with an enthusiastic nod. "There's nothing to do around here anyways. Almost everyone else is gone."

Carmen nodded once more as she offered the girl a hand once again. "Yes... It's gotten... quite boring as of late, wouldn't you agree?

Rex was still laying out on the ground, fast asleep.

After another bout of shuffling, a pair of pants in the same color as Otto's jacket held by a feminine catgirl hand appeared along with the ears. "Cool! Can you tell me about how you've seen people use the wind, Otto? And do these pants look like your size?"

Qual continued to watch for a while longer as Carmen and Milly talk, although it didn't know how to read lips and thus didn't get any information. It then looked back outside the property of the estate.

Milly firmly grasped Carmen's hand, smiling at her slightly. "I dunno. I like it being boring more than scary and life threatening. And it can't be all that boring if people are still fighting."

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