Serial Killer Round 49: Carnival of Fear. The killer is dead. ROUND OVER

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@Schizzy: Damn the pigeons are unavailable. 10-4 We'll deliver it by air drop then. And don't you worry I have a very nice new Cardboard model scarf for you. I spent the past few months researching it.

@staika: Roger that. Hope it flies in the wind like my old one.

Should I drop the cargo on the morgue or on Mortis?

@Schizzy: Drop it on Mortis, That way he won't have to move very far to get it. Also make sure you weight it down with that 10 ton anvil I gave you a few weeks ago. I think it will come in use in this situation.

@staika & @mortis: Bombs away then!

*Releases cargo tied to a 10 ton anvil over Mortis*

@staika: Hang on... has he paid for these yet?

@Schizzy: I'm covering the cost since I broke his wall >.>

Don't worry the ones you sent to him were the cheap ones <.<

@staika: So if the cargo lands ON him, we won't lose anything? That's genius! Sinister, but genius nontheless.

@Schizzy: Yes very sinister and genius. He gets to feel satisfied until the anvil crushes him, then we can just go and take the cardboard walls back. AND NO ONE WILL BE THE WISER!

@staika: Especially when we speak like this!

@Schizzy: You have to be careful when you talk like this though, who knows who could be eavesdropping on us >.> <.<

@staika: Then we'll just have to speak less conspicuously

@Schizzy: don't worry I got this covered, just follow my lead.

oh hello there Schizzy, didn't see you there while I was doing all this completely innocent and legit work. Did you notice that we got to page 3 already and the game hasn't even started yet? This is what I call efficiency!

@staika: Isn't that the truth! Why, if not for us running this totally legal startup here, where would this town be, I say? Cardboard-less and chat-less.

@Schizzy: We are the life of this chat, LITERALLY. I think that you and I have the vast majority of the posts in this round so far.


@staika: Sorry I'm not up at three in the morning to talk!

@Erik: I don't want excuses I want results!

@Schizzy: *looks up* that an an-

*anvil crashes down just mere inches in front of him*

...vil? Huh...well at any rate, I've got my walls. ^^

@Mortis: I do hope you enjoy your new walls, they are the best we had!

@Schizzy: Dammit man you missed, We'll have to eliminate him a different way now.

Number sent! I had no idea the new round had started until Neo posted that link!

@staika: Good to see you back man!

@Jak: It's good to be back, maybe now the thread will have better movement to it now that I have returned! It's off to a good start too :P

@Erik: You kids and your sleep.

@Jak23: Yeah, this round came in quite stealthily. If I wasn't paying attention to these forums instead of work, I'd have missed it!

@Mortis: You're very welcome!

@staika: I knew I should've dropped the anvil-bomb instead. Would've destroyed the cardboard load, but he would've been killed dead.

@Schizzy: Well I don't know if we wanted to destroy the cardboard too, that's worth more than Mortis is.


@Erik: Hahaha you don't know the code :P
[*sub]I CAN TYPE WORDS![*/sub] Just remove the *'s and that's how ya do it.

You can also go here and they tell you all the codes.

@Erik: But the only real code you need is up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.

@Erik: [small] works just fine.

@Mortis: I can't help but feel your life is in grave, unspecified peril.

Er... What the hell is happening here?

@Terra: Nothing in particular.

@RaN: Strange, I'm getting the same feeling as well. It's almost as if there's two tiny voices in my head plotting my demise.

Or maybe it's two completely different people, because they don't even sound like my usual voices...

@Terra: Nothing you should be too concerned about. On another matter, could I interest you in the latest cardboard has to offer you?

@Mortis & @RaNDM: Hogwash. You two are just being paranoid! Here, have a novelty cardboard ninja star to take your minds off it. It'll be a blast at party. Excellent for a good laugh or two.

@staika: I think they're on to us!

@Terra: nothing you have to worry about, nothing at all.

@Schizzy: Damn, we still have our ace in the hole still. But I don't want to use the grand cardboard coliseum yet, especially not for small fries like these guys.

@Schizzy: Hmm...perhaps you're right. Thanks for the ninja star though, I might be able to make good use of this.

Now, back to work.

*erects (teehee) cardboard wall to patch the crumbling side of his morgue*

*paints a realistic wall over the cardboard*

*...using the latest in paintable steel technology*

@schizzy: *holds ninja star by the light, scratches chin*

Something about this seems awfully familiar.

Another update for you eager murderers: We have two choices. We remove the Entwined from this round and start now, or we try and convince one more person to sign up. If you know of someone who can be persuaded into joining, get them in here.

@Razer: I say we just get rid of the entwined. At this point if they haven't joined I don't think they'd start now. That and I know no one else to join, I tried already :/

@staika: I'm going to wait till the morning, so maybe 12 hours. If no one has joined when I get up, I will start without the entwined.

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