Zero Punctuation: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

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I knew it was going to be H.A.W.X!

he's right about the PMC invading the US hehe

Yet another great review by one of the internets greatest reviewers ^.^

As always, funny and helping me out in deciding what games to buy.

That was simply not funny in the slightest.

graet review i was never planing on getting HAWX but my mate was so now i have miterial to piss him off with thx =)

Another awesome review...I've been deciding if I should get H.A.W.X or not, and to be honest I still have no idea.


Yeah, I agreed that America wants to be awesome, but never will be again.

I should of got the full game, shouldn't I?

It sounds like a good game but I think I'll stick with the Ace combat series.

PS: good review. *woot*

grr now i want to buy this game

every time something good is said im forced to buy it

Excellent review, was definitely worth the wait.


That was an improvement on recent weeks, I particularly enjoyed the timing gag.

Jeez I know Yahtzee talks fast but the start of this video was a bit of a mind**** @_@ I'm actually dizzy from listening to it.

I'm suprised he enjoyed it, it being a flying game with someone's name on it..Doesn't really seem like something Yahtzee would be in to

It was still funn though, especially the bit about the PMC attacking America, he does have a good point.

But just to let you all know, there's no PMC weapons on the moon. There is, however, my stock pile of nuculear death rays!

why am i not surprised the person that wrote 'yaah 1st comment' has been suspended?
anyway, i good review. always makes me laugh.

Crimson skies was an ok flight simulator game.
Loved the spoilers at the end. :D

Ahaha. "What would they do after killing the President? Declare themselves King?" Oh and hiding all the weapons and soldiers to attack the US is on the moon? Makes sense since y'know they don't send actual humans to space anymore. We would've totally got our asses handed to us if that was the case.

I got a few laughs in. Funny review.

I actually played the game demo and it was ok but I would've liked the game better if the controls were more like blazing angels. But as always, great review Yahtzee

Its sad that Im probably going to end up buying this game now.
Despite the fact that I dislike Flight-sim-esque games.

I might have to consider picking up this game, sounds quite good.

"Threading a needle with the leg of an angry spider"

and the run of spoilers at the end...

This was surprisingly brilliant, considering that I could care fuck all about HAWX

I agree with Yahtzee, the game is fun. Sure it's immensely flawed, but you can skip all the cutscenes and shoot people out of the sky at mach 2 with missiles. And that is why I'll always love flight games.

THATS right you nerds-go and vote for The Escapist for the webby, as Yahtzee so rightfully reminded us.

Go on.....

I'll wait for you....

Have you done it? GOOD, everyone round my house for cake and strongbow!

Silly hats you say? Blimey.

A good review, but I'm waiting for a game that is embarrassingly bad, so it becomes funny again.

That or Duke Nukem, that would also be funny.

Hats off to you yet again, dear sir. Always brightening up my 'Hump Day', you once more prove to be witty, not-a-bit-sarcastic, and a real pisser. Cheers and love to you from the USA

Not a bad review, ZP does seem to be getting better as of late (Or maybe that's just me).

I did enjoy the "Wearing funny hats!" bit, but (minus the funny hats) wasn't disgruntled insects from the earth's core the plot to gears of war 2?

(And on a different note) I found the "fans" rant funny the first ten times, but am I the only one that's starting to find it getting old? I know it's a good way to sell t-shirts, but still...

Strange insect people from the earth's core

Wearing silly hats!

One of the best recent episodes.

I've heard the good, I've heard the bad, and I've heard the ugly.

Final verdict: =/

Another good reveiw.

You win the internet!

Seriously, that brightened up my day.

The thing I don't like about H.A.W.X is that it stands for High Altitiude Warfare eXperimental squadron. As acronyms go, that's pretty lame.

First Penny Arcade giving this game a good review and now Yahtzee?

Brain **** to say the least!

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