Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

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all those people walking down the road, it's like The Discrete Charm of the Evacuees


Awesome. I have to wonder, anyone else catch the reference to "Day of the Triffids?"

I thought Ace Combat was a western Third-Person flight sim/shooter. And I learned something today.

Also, cutscene sucked, thanks for making it good, Unskippable guys.

Great as always, "That must be the most depressing road in the world." Comedy Gold.

I consistently chuckled through the entire thing, which is more than I can say for the last few weeks, so definitely a step up.

BTW that wasn't dialogue that was monologue.

8 minutes and 1 dog fight.... didn't see that coming.

My god that was depressing as hell! Good job this week!

Hahaha that was hilarious, but I don't know if I'm laughing at the commentary or the stupid fucking game.

I loved the "I walk on. '500 miles and I will walk 500 more'". That was great.

Heh, great video as always, but when are you guys gonna stop reviewing old JRPG's and get to some newer games in a more actiony genre?

Unskippable - too bad we didn't have you 10 years ago. I would love to see you take on old classics...

As for Ace Combat 6 intro : "10 minutes of bullsh*t". Exactly. Nothing more. No emotions, no style, no catching eye effects, not _even_ interesting plot. I can't understand how it's possible to hire voice actors, cgi magicians and create such awful thing. It's beyond me really.

A Nine Inch Nails (I'm guessing it was Closer) and a Napoleon reference?

It must be my birthday!

From the cutscenes it doesn't even look like you get to do any flying!!!


I saw a box filled with cutest puppies in it. And each one violently killed itself infront of me.

Yay, dark humour, get so little of that nowadays.


It pains me to say I find their comments on J-RPGs better than other games...maybe it's because they're mostly so laughable, none the less, good video.

Did anyone else notice that the guy standing on the tank had the Nigerian flag with a weed symbol on the white on his sleeve?

man... now I know what i'm never gonna play XD

Another excellent video lads.

Haha, I looked up the actress and had to laugh at

Saints Row 2 (2008) (VG) (uncredited) .... Ganger Bangers/Cop/Stripper


World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2007) (VG) .... Wicked Witch / Dorothy / Commander Sarannis

Onyx Oblivion:
That woman has some bad luck...Her daughter and husband dead.

But then who do you play as?

Does she become a fighter pilot ans seek revenge?

That lady's husband

Oh my God these cutscenes are so bad!
You guys ain't...you're cool.

"And next on 'Eastenders'..."

This is the first game unskippable has done that I've played...

Hated the cutscenes in that game. The game itself was amazing. But the dialogue was horrendous. Hated it. "Dance with the angels, dance with the angels! Go dance with the angels, scum!"

I'll show you some angels in a minute, boy.

What an aweful cutscene.
"Oh no..Eternal Sonata flashbacks.."

Took awhile getting to the point didn't it? I mean for a flying simulator there was very few planes.

Hilarious video this week, one of the best I'd say! Great ending to that fitted the comical tone put onto a depressing scene!

Also isn't that the second "Eyebrows band" reference outside of the Getaway lol?

This is the best one they've done in a while.

Ho-Lee-Crap. That's one depressing intro.

That lady better get pissed, get a jet, and get some bad-assedly over the top revenge killing.

That's the only way to justify such a cutscene.

...and rip her shirt a little.

Further support to my theory that most female game characters suck.

man I love Unskippable

7+ mins, 2 and a half jets (half because the last one was smouldering wreckage)

that ratio doesnt bode well for a "flight simulator"

Wow, that actually made me quite sad!

And the actress that did the voice was Erin Fitzgerald - she was in Eternal Sonata and has made a hell of a career as a voice actor. See all her stuff here

Oh what's even funnier is that she is from their home town.

Haha, halarious! good work unskippable!

I've seen all of these and this one is probably top 5. (Bouncer still wins "You can't park here. It's inside!" "Muuh Kingdom Hearts!") The only thing wrong is there seemed like a lot more spaces where jokes could have gone that weren't used. I guess it's the same number of jokes per cutscene regardless of how long it is. There should have been more Eternal Sonata references, but hey I laughed the whole time anyways, I'm too picky.

Dear God that voice acting was awful.

"The palace disappeared behind a column of fire."
Oh, look, it's raining.
Oh, look, grass is green.

Same tone of voice for all three.

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