Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

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always knew infamous would win.

Infamous won because Prototype is no fun to play.

I'm just sort of waiting for those to become DLC as new character skins...
It'd be like playing a whole new game!!!

Well done yahtzee!

Words cannot describe the joy and shock at reading this news.

Now please yahtzee, make all the game companies hold a competition to see who can create the most painful wii-waggle for Peter Molyneux to perform while banging on about milo connecting with people. (*Takes a breath*)


LOL. I swear Yahtzee is trying to kill me with comedy. I fell out of my chair laughing, not so much at Radical's pic, but at Yahtzee's horrified descriptions of it.
It is awesome that both of these companies were willing to take up the challenge.
Yahtzee, my hat is off to you again sir!

Wow, not only did they answer the challenge, but they were so prompt! I bet Yahtzee is probably going to be on a power trip for a little while.



And now I love these two companies so much more.

Hmm, I really enjoyed Infamous, but maybe i'll give Prototype a shot.


I usually prefer Game Rankings and Metacritic for this type of decision.

LMFAO!!! who says developers don't have a sense of humor and were terrific good sports.

all i can say is.. LOLZ

Thank u for leaving me sick, disturbed, worried and laughing my guts out!!

Makes me wonder whats going to happen on the next episode and if he will try to get other companies to do funny things

The best part is the part were they actually took him up on his challenge...

^ Second to that is the part where Yahtzee said a video game was "pretty good". I haven't heard that from him in a long time.

It's nice to know that you have this much power in the gaming industry, neh?

well spank my ass and call me a bitch, i suppose this shows how big an impact Yahtzee has on the gaming world and over our pathetically weak minds.
A fine show, to both companies!

Because of this, Im buying the two games!

That is amazing, like everyone else is saying, I didn't think that Radical and Sucker Punch would do something like that, but I think it just goes to show that some video game devs can poke fun at their games. Especially if Yahtzee has anything to do with it.


Exaggeration holds no part in it. And regardless of the fact that this makes me seem to fit the Youtube member schema: OMFG THT WZ FUKIIN ARWSUM!

I think this should be printed in every popular news paper around the world.

I can't believe they did that. I mean I want to claw my own eyes out at the sight of those two images, but my god I can't stop laughing at them either. Way to go.

Go Sucker Punch! I had a feeling they would win; they have the better sense of humor. (Sly Cooper, anyone?)

Also, the other ones just felt like Photoshops.

I didn't enjoy Zero Punctuation's Prototype vs inFAMOUS review for the fact that he had already reviewed inFAMOUS once before and didn't have enough good things to say about Prototype. I'm going to keep this short and simple because I don't have much to say beyond my forum signature so I'm going to get it over with. I prefer Prototype over inFAMOUS because a) it let's me slaughter innocents en-masse right off the bat and b) it isn't a cock-slime PS3 exclusive.

Am I being daft or is there a mix up here? I thought the character riding the unicorn was from prototype?

Maybe I'm not reading the article correctly...

Yahtzee you charasmatic stallion! Awesome job, but what I don't get is that Alex can shapeshift into anything right? Why not Jenna Jameson, or Carmen Electra? It's still the character, just with the powers active. Though that is kinda cheating...

Okay, i agree with this guy, just make alex become a woman and put him in lingere and then he would look good, Cole Mcgrath just looks like an angry potato so no

I believe this should be in history books.

Definitely. And maybe Guinness world records...

It's so awesome that sucker punch and Radical actually did this

Okay I Know for a fact prototype won because Mercer (the one on the unicorn) was from prototype and Cole was from Infamous.

This angered me surprisingly much.

Is there really nothing else happening in the world of gaming that this is still up here on the front page?

oh god, yahtzee, i'm so glad you did this right now

on a note, is it just me who thought that prototypes devs made something more disturbing, and infamous devs made something more attractive?

I think the fact that they went the attractive route is by far more disturbing than just going for disturbing.

Am I being daft or is there a mix up here? I thought the character riding the unicorn was from prototype?

Maybe I'm not reading the article correctly...

You're correct, and you're not reading it right, the winner of being the better game goes to whoever depicts the OTHER game's character in a bra. inFAMOUS's studio drew Alex Mercer from Prototype, which won, so they won. It's all correct.

And yes, this is just too epic for words...

Anyone notice that he Said inFamous wins but the unicorn Picture was Alex Mercer. How could yahtzee screw it up lol. Yeah still pretty awesome they sent those pics lol.

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