Review: Abe's Oddysee

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Dale Cooper:
Great review of a great game.

Agreed. I have fond memories of both this and Exoddus.

Absolutely great review. Still stinks that Lorne Lanning screwed gamers when he abandoned the series for movies when he abandoned.

Glad to see the game is gaining enough exposure on Steam and other places to allow a new generation of persons to enjoy the offbeat humor, memorable characters, and great gameplay.




*angry nerd glasses*
Not ALL Mudokons have stitched lips; Abe had his mouth sewn up because he cried loudly as a baby!
*removes the angry nerd glasses*

I thought it was just because he was a slave, did many of them not have they're lips sewn up?

Has anyone played Stranger? If so, what's the opinion?

Are you questioning my divine nerdy will!? I rescued all 99 Mudokons therefore I know everything!!!

Meh, ok, maybe wasn't the only one to have his lips stitched up - but certainly not every Mudokon has 'em :D In Abe's Exoddus he was called "Stitch lips" as some kinda taunt from another Mudokon.

Didn't "Stitch lips" become his nickname in general, or like a messianic name? I remember Raisin called him that.

I loved these games to death. (Abe's death. A lot.)

The gameworld and character designs were wonderful, and it was a lot of fun to play -- even the really hard bits where I died a lot. I did eventually rescue all of the Mudokons in both games, though. :)

I originally played on PC; I still have my original discs but bought them again on Steam anyway.

(Never played Munch or Stranger, though, as those didn't get a PC port.)

You can buy it on PSN, too.

Abe's Exoddus was one of those rare examples of a game that was better than the one before it. If you complete Oddysee and still want more, buy Exoddus. It's frigging hilarious.

Oh Mi I love this gmae good job!

I played this game years ago when i was 6 I hardly got past the first level. This brings back so much nostalgia I had it on the pc but lost the disc... I wish I had it back *sniffle.

Best fucking game ever.

i have been checking the oddworld website about every six months hoping to find even a teaser of a possible fourth game, no such luck so far.

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