Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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I think he made this just to piss of alot of people. And it worked. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh. My. God. I must remember that house

dont, most players are smart enough to roll demo after they killed there twice.

ot: great episode, found it more amusing to watch some guy play tf2 than to listen to the endless plot twist.

....Living proof that you dont need to post anything intelligent on the Escapist, just post 8minutes of someone playing a FPS and "ZOMGZ!, U LIEK TOTALYS ROCK WICKED AWESOME KILLS LOLOLOLOLOL!!"

Happy birthday rob....but please dont do that again >_<

I bet im the only person who thought this episode was total WIN
i mean 5 or 4 achivments in one match
so many kills
so little deaths
but anyways happy birthday rob

Happy Burthday Rob
Were you having a seizure while playing or on drugs or something?

is that birthday thing really true? if so happy birthday!

Don't get me wrong, tf2 is a great game. I play it all the time and I'm on a comp team too. The montage went on for a bit too long and only playing heavy was a bit lame...

the least you could have done is made an announcement that you were going to play on the steam group so i could play too D:

happy birthday, yesterday was mine.

You must've dominated the whole enemy team on that Tf2 game! I so want to add you to steam. unless it was on xbox360.. or. ps3..

Best episode so far.

I admire your blunt honesty in openly saying 'screw you' to work, enjoy your birthday.

It was a good ep too, i hope you got your kills - you wield a heavy well.

happy birthday, yesterday was mine.

Happy Birthday yesterday

I really liked the episode. I'd love to see more episodes like this.
Happy Birthday!
"Backinthehouse, backinthehouse, backinthehouse."

happy birthday Rob!
awesome episode and making timmy play unforgotten realms with them was hilarious as well as when the believers/fans believed in nothing
awesome commentary for the whole rest of the episode
cant wait for next week


Watching this video i feel bad for the other team. If i was one of them i might have slowly developed counter strike syndrome. (screaming like a little girl while spewing out some choice words you made up on the spot.)

what the eff
that was unexpected

This episode gives me a new found respect for you.

Worst episode yet. It started great and then divolved into watching TF2 with a not very funny commentary. Of course saying that this is the worst unforgotten realms isn't saying much, since it's still better than just about everything else on the web.

Happy birthday.

THIS WAS FREAKING AWESOME. I was truly getting tired of the harry potter BS. Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Happy Birth Day!!!

Did you get your kills?

Definately the best episode of this season, the TF2 montage was pretty funny. The in the house thing kind of god a bit annoying but it was still overall a great scene.

That was so random it was hilarious.
Back in the house!

I am amused by the hacker Pyro who ran through the walls of the house.

Then got pwned by Rob's chaingun. =D

Also that was surprisingly funny for having nothing to do with anything...

I can't help it. I love this episode.


back in the house, back in the house, back in the house, back in the house, now die die die die die. That was the funniest and now my favourite episode to date.

punching the wall punching the wall punching the wall

Good ep. Love the TF2 Scouts FTW

Mom's b-day to

and happy b-day

Happy Birthday! Never get tired of the unicorn intro. I loved your reference to "Mojache the gnome princess."

interesting escape from the usual

was that like 10 acheivments you got there?

wow Team Fortress 2... how stereotypical for the Escapist community. no offence to anyone, but it seems like a lot of people here play this and swear by it or their Valve fanboys.

If you listened to the podcast he used to make before he made these for the escapist, he discussed how he played TF2

You sir are the best heavy I have ever seen


great episode I watched it twice!

Hmm... Interesting. There is only one question left: did you beat last year's number of kills?

lol "I don't think you were supposed to get kills on that game."

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