Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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I signed up just to reply to this. Friggin awesome review! Thank you for all your vids. I've seen every last one of them with great delight. Thanks man.

Reviewing in the lowest form of poetry available, very classy. But im not sure this even deserved two stars...

Holy hell! this is Genious!

Absolutely hilarious! And I'm still in shock that he actually gave a score...

So the review was a lil gimmicky,
Even worse than the last one you see.
But it still made me laugh
How you threw verbal jabs
So it was enjoyable enough for me.

This must've taken some time,
To come up with e-very rhyme.
I know it's quite hard
To be a modern day bard
But you seemed to do very fine.

Good job Yahtzee. Looking forward to your next review.

As a graduate with an English Literature degree, I just have to say this: that, friends, is poetry.

A numerical review? Oh, the horror!

I kind of want to write a limerick now.

Ok so I didnt laugh as hard as I usually do. But the Limerick was so damn clever and perfect that I wanted to give him a standing ovation.
Cheers, Yahtzee

Best. Episode. Ever.

Wow have to wade through 12 2/3 pages of comments before I can post, well by choice so pain for me. I'm not sure which people are more surprised by, the fact that most of the review is done as limericks, or that the fact there was a numeric form of rating at the end. I can't predict how Croshaw will do his next review.

See, this is why we listen to Yahtzee- because he's ENTERTAINING. When he said he was going to do the entire review in limerick form I groaned aloud because I hate limericks, but I reckoned without Yahtzee's sheer writing talent. That was GENIUS.

This review makes me think of Pattington Bear and his marmalade to no end.
Also, good video.
EDIT: Holy Vermont Cheddar, Yahtzee! 433 comments in the first 9 hours? YouTube's got nothing on you.

for a good two hours after this I couldn't stop rhyming.....yahtzee's got mind powers!

Once he's gone through haiku, reverse read manga stuff and all sorts of other things, do you think he'll just end up skipping the review part entirely and inject pure awesomeoness directly into our brains with monitor radiation?

Does anyone think Yahtzee is looking for some variation? First the Irish accent now limerick form. The games could be besting him and he needs more weapons in his arsenal.

I did think the Irish accent was pretty funny though, so maybe he should try American hillbilly or French next.

awesome! i guess its pretty bad to be reviewing bland games all the time... so now yahtzee must use poetry just for the sake of not repeating himself... i wonder what will he do on the next review for generic fps's...

So are they even trying to come up with new an catchy titles now? Let us all not forget that this all started with eternally hated Sonic the Hedgehog, or as it's more commonly known Sonic06.

I LOVE this review show!!! what next reviews in Iambic Pentametre, Esperanto, Hiku, interperative dance by the sprites?

That was the most innovative review ever. Very clever Yahtzee! Just when I thought you were getting in a rut, you do a review in limerick.

The original Wolfenstein was one of my favorite games growing up. This new one is nothing like it. It's so difficult to capture the success of an old franchise (see Mario games on the Wii). We've already seen and played "WWII kill the Nazi" type games, and this one offers nothing different. It wasn't even a good fan-service game.

A 4 minute ( + or -) long poem about how much it sucked and annoyed him.
Is there anything Yahtzee can't do?

The limericks... the horror...

Smart way of doing the review though, but I have to complain that some weren't quite in the rhythm.

Let's see you do better.

You gotta give it to him for doing an entire consistant review entirely of limmericks.

Excellent review. Highly entertaining and yet still gets the message across in recognisable ZP stlye. Much respect.

that was a very inventive new angle to reviewing it was really catchy one of his best yet

I never realised the poetry would go on for so long, but it was brilliant!

And I'm 105% sure that he only gave it a rating so that he could continue the rhyme, I wouldn't expect any more from next week onwards.

However: it was a good video, not quite as hideo, us as you might expect from his usual idio, m. (If you read that like it sounded in my head, it could pass as a short poem.)

Thank you for making my stressful day all that more awesome.

I loved the limerick-type prose. Twas quite hilarious I care to disclose. I'd do it right now, but I don't really know how, but shit that's how it all goes.

Wait a minute...

Seriously, I shudder to think how much time went in to doing this review like a very long limerick. Hope you catch up on your sleep for that one, Yahtzee.

Don't forget he's also done a review in a South African accent. I think it was Far Cry 2.

Excellent! Funny, witty and different // Its nice to see you tryin something new and strange // It might come back to bite you in the ass but only time will tell


this review was boring... it seriously made me sleepy and thats 2 weeks in a row yahtzees had to rely on some gimmicky thing to backup his lack of new material that isnt sex or poop jokes.

Loved the limerick. Better than...Shakespeare

First he reviewed Tales of Monkey Island with a Scottish accent, then he used limerick rhyming for Wolfenstein... Can't wait for what he's going to do with Batman: Arkham Asylum!

I may be incorrect in this proposal but I believe Yahtzee just performed his second review score in Zero Punctuation history. The former one was the "4 as in 4k you" for SSB. As always, great work from the re-encarnation of William Shakespeare.

It's like they hired Scroobius Pip.

Your method of reviewing is delightful,
And the info I could see as insightful;
The limerick style was superb
And it did not disturb
So I thank you for efforts of rightful.


I made a bet to myself that this week it would be Batman ... I lost beer.

I thought so too... Man!

He's doing that next week. He said it in the end of the video...

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