Review: Brutal Legend

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awesome as always ! can't wait to buy your book Yahtzee!

You used too many quotes.

I hate RTS games, and Brutal Legend is the first Console RTS that I really like. Why can I figure out the controls and Yathzee can't?

I play the multiplayer more than Call of's THAT good. And I hope more RTS games take on this direction. Halo Wars would be so much more awesome if I could build a Scorpion, drive it myself, let the AI take over when I'm done, and build another if it gets destroyed.

This game deserves a lot more love than it's getting, and I'm very dissapointed in people going "THIS HAS RTS ELEMENTS AND THEREFORE IS A BAD GAME RAGE RAGE RAGE!" This is the first Console RTS that doesn't suck. The multiplayer is the best part of this game.

Would the game honestly have been better if it were just a slasher like Nintey Nine Nights? Because I'm pretty sure people would have been complaining "Oh, Brutal Legend is just a boring slasher!"

This game keeps the strategy stuff so simple I don't even need a HUD, it's amazing simple, but the game becomes as deep and complex as the RTS games I once found overwhelming. It makes me want to try Starcraft 2 when it comes out, but I do hope more RTS games take on the Action direction that Brutal Legend does.

okay guys here i am wishing to cheat my way to the six degrees of shafer achievement if anyone has it can they please friend me so i can get it :D nikk sixx6 is my gamertag :D

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