Escapist News Network: New Dante's Inferno Marketing Tactic

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I like how blatantly this rips off Colbert's The Word. Kudos, it takes huge nuts to just steal a format.
Edit - That's unfair, it kinda rips off The Onion's format too.

I believe that the folks behind ENN would consider this to be a compliment to be compared side-by-side to The Onion and The Colbert Report. :)

Okay Graham, I have to ask: how do you guys know Brian O'Halloran? I wouldn't really be all that surprised if both LoadingReadyRun and the guys from View Askew have crossed paths before, but I still wouldn't mind hearing the story (if any).

Loved the DSi XL bit. ENN is great!

... I'd do Kathleen, without hesitation. I wonder how many times that'll be posted?

I am definatly buying that dirty jobs game

Dude! I would love to play a Dirty Jobs FPS.

These videos keep getting better and better. The off-air moments are great, though I don't think the red skeleton bit will ever be topped.

This is actually improving.

Kudos to you guys!

"does she have a sister?"




I would say great episode, but that statement in itself has become sort of a cliche in reference to your series...

So, keep up the good work?

no, also a cliche...

great episode, especially since ZP was kind of a downer.

oh and since this thread seems to be all about whether we would do Kathlen or not, wouldn't do her, i would jump Graham if he shaved though.

ENN is always funny to watch, I love it.

Also, I'd do kathlene too lol

I always love the off camera dialogue. It just seems random and strange, like when they did that bel-airing a few weeks ago.

I like how blatantly this rips off Colbert's The Word. Kudos, it takes huge nuts to just steal a format.
Edit - That's unfair, it kinda rips off The Onion's format too.

They probably got the idea from The Onion. They aren't ripping the idea, they're simply transferring it to the gaming industry.

even love can bloom on the battle filed


Loved it. Felt shorter this week though, know it wasn't but still. The ending was fantastic too! Addicted to the Wii though? Oh dear.

One of the best ones yet. "Does she have a sister?" I laughed hard.

Took me a while to get the Clerks reference. "Dante's" Inferno. Lulz.

Oh my god Brian O'Halloran, I was so not expecting that. The 37 joke was brilliant too xD

Kathleen <3 (Turbo-hot™)

and I am Canadian...

In other news keep up the good work.

Sweet, Brian O' Halloran on the Escapist! He doesn't look like he's aged at all.

Great video, although it took a while for the jokes to sink in. Maybe I'm just slow :P .

I am the only one who finds the bits at the very beginning and end to be more funny than the main show?

All that for a lame jab at EA? THATS FRESH AND EXCITING!

Christ theres nothing good on here except ZP....

"So people will do david letterman but they wont do me?"
"Well...I'd do you." "I'd do you too!"
"See, we'd all do you."
God, this show is great. I love the featured content around here. Keep up the good work.

"Wow, 37 levels!""In a row!?" - Great Clerks reference

Just for reference, again, the show that inspired this series (in spirit and format) is a Canadian show called "This Hour Has 22 Minutes"
We love The Onion, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but those weren't the really inspiration. Sure there's influence there, I'm not going to lie, but saying we "ripped off" a format is a little harsh, considering it's not new.
If anything, ENN is more like SNL's Weekend Update.
Just saying.

Sadly, I tried looking for some clips of "22 Minutes" on YouTube to show you, but only the skits gets posted, none of the actual newsdesk bits are there. But trust me!

Wow, Brian O'Halloran! It's surprising he would brush cheetos off his chest and get off the coach for someone other than Kevin Smith.

I know it has been said several times before, I'd do you too.

Great episode I enjoy the captions, "WiiLii Nelson, etc."

Kathleen, hope you realize what you unleashed with those words... Just saying.

Nothing to say about the episode besides awesome as always. The last bit was comedy gold.

for sure Kathleen is the Plushy toy full of Win, but the strength of the series is so in the ensamble, and the sense that the folks genuinly like and write to each other's strength.


Don't worry Kathleen, i'll still do you

Am I the only one who thinks that getting it on with coworkers would be amongst the height of awkwardness?

LOL Dante joke!

"I'd do you""Me too""Me as well"
"Dose she have a sister""ah""no""aw"

keep it up guys

I knew I wasn't weird when I thought Kathleen DeVere was hot


"Wow, 37 levels!""In a row!?" - Great Clerks reference



How bizarre, I was just thinking before I watched the video "you know, Kathleen Devere is pretty hot", then BAM. Yeah, I'd totally do her.


"you see this is why no1 makes moves on you"(Grahme
"Do you have a sister!?"(camera guy

that made me piss my pants! keep it up

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