Zero Punctuation: Washington DC

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I didn't really like this, it was way too forced and not spontaneous at all. And of course it's not a Zero Punctuation. I'd rather have they skipped this week since he obviously didn't have time to play a game and create an animated review.

I'd prefer if Yahtzee just call in sick or whatever instead of seeing this unsophisticated video. That could have easily been part of the contract, or is it?

P.S: I still thinks Yahtzee swears way too much, especially to his viewers; I mean Christ, what did I ever do to you, Ben Yahtzee, to deserve this kind of crap? Until proven otherwise, I'm certainly not a crap and don't like to be treated as such.

[4:46] That "Big-Guy-Sitting-Down-Thing" is Abraham Fucking Lincoln! He abolished slavery in America and won the Civil War. Legend has it he stood in the back of the infantry and used his hat as a long-range cannon.

[6:20] "Washington Monument", not "Washington Memorial". It is often confused by foreigners with the more well-known "Clinton Monument".

And as long as you're in the States, buy a toothbrush you filthy foreigner!


B...British? Did I miss something?


What's with the bleeping out the profane language. My whole week is going to be off now. Thanks. ya, but...GIGANTIC waste of time...easily the least clever thing you've ever commited to the internet...a "best of" clip would have been more entertaining...if you commit to a travelouge, make it WAY less about your thoughts on cake, cock and balls, or anything else "rapping tom-tom" related and more about the place, whatever place, you may be...goddamnit...

EDIT: ZP is my Wednesday get out of bed thing...don't fuck it up...

Welcome to america you strange inappropriate man.

Also to everyone who complained, "GET OVER IT" maybe he felt like taking a random vacation you can all find something to do till next week

It's unusual to here Yahtzee speaking slowly for a change... it's downright weird



Seriously give the man a break. He's in a country with a different time scheme, he dosen't sound so chipper, and he hasn't got acess to a bloody computer. You want a new ZP, either make one yourself, or make a time machine.

OT: Very good, a bit dull in terms of humor, but still made me chuckle, so it's all good.

Look granted it was a little tiresome still its new content wich i still cant get enough of seriously. Also they only bleeped out swearing in the first 2 minutes the rest was fine and uncensored but honestly grow a nut sack its one week and for all its worth i as an Australian enjoy watching buildings visualised as giant sex organs as long as there not ours its like saying "look were American we can build a giant pointy things..... oh crap it looks like a penis".Look he will be back were he belongs next week so you can finaly get that uncharted review.

Sorry but i found this particular video a bit boring, funny yes, but rather slow. Everything he said, i used to think... I prefer him talking 2 fast on Zero Puntuation then the slow way he was saying things.

Don't get me wrong (before the flaming begins), i do like the other things he has done and of course the Zero Punctuation vids and the other real life vids he has done.

Okey, not very funny. But nice to see Yahtzee.

Soooo DC = boring
DC + Nuclear bombs and/or alien attacks = Awesome games and movies!!
I love mathematics.

Bah! Yahtzee is going soft! He didn't even criticise the annoying level design, ridiculous spoken map interface or jumpy camera and Oh-so-stylised series of short scenes cutting to more short cut scenes!

I'm just loling that Yahtzee actualy drove all over Washington to see each of these monuments and make rather lame penis jokes...the time investment for that joke is funny to me.

Wow, I just read through the first 3 pages and I have to say that there are a lot of idiots with a sense of entitlement in here.

Like yourself, who apparently has the power to decide what people may or may not think about the video?

Honestly, just fuck off, Yahtzee deserves a break and you are lucky he uploaded anything at all.

Yes, Yahtzee may need a vacation; hell knows he deserves one. That's why I think he could simply have said so. "Sorry, folks, I'll be taking a break for a while now. Check back later." As it is, he posted a video, and people expressed their opinions about it (which is, you know, the whole point of having a forum).

So honestly, just fuck off yourself. I didn't like it. I have as much right to say so as you have to say you did.

It was OK. But I'd rather seen a review. Oh well, better this then nothing I guess...

well done, most people would sit on their arse and eat cake on their time off, but you still managed to post something not only that it wasn't half bad good on yah

Meh .. 6 mins of my life wasted there ( actually more like 2 as I cheated and flicked through it)

ADDED: Next time maybe bring back the terrible OIRISH accent or summat similar so we can larf lots.

A British guy that lives in Australia that's visiting America.

Not a combination that someone should try very often.

As someone who's been in DC for several years, must say "LOL". Thanks.

The deep question was genious. And if anyone says the cake is a lie, they will die.

Are you sure the music in this video is not by Frank Klepacki, the guy behind the Command & Conquer tracks?

Yeah, the 3 BGM tracks ('Vigilante', 'Rage and Fury' and 'Krung Kick') after the White House scene are from Frank Klepacki's album "Awakening of Aggression". Probably should've credited him?

I live right outside a Washington and the next time I'm on the mall I'll point out all the stuff the big....egg that is the white house the big.....cake that is the capital and of course the phallic Washington Monument but I knew that one beforehand.

Well I'm sure he wanted to point out how the white house looks like a...female...breast...

...though I don't see how that's less appropriate than calling the Washington Monument a penis.

I cried a little after the grand cock n' balls finale..


bloody brilliant.

I've grown so used to the fast talking and a slightly higher voice, he sounds absolutely drunk in that video. Then again he probably was.

I made this for lols.


Unexpected. Yahtzee looks quite nervous in front of that camera I think.


Stick to what you do good and review games in animation, your live video shit blows.

My illogical trolling friend, you are reported. Feel free to GTFO.

reported for what? expressing an opinion?



Stick to what you do good and review games in animation, your live video shit blows.

My illogical trolling friend, you are reported. Feel free to GTFO.

reported for what? expressing an opinion?

Please, do look at his screen name.

For those of you too stupid to catch on, it would appear the man took a vacation. Get over it and realize you're lucky to have a video at all. Dumb, pretentious bastards pretending that they're owed something. For fuck's sake ,people...

least funny ZP so far

Yeah I think Yahtzee was still drunk when he uploaded this vid. I would be happy just to see Ben talk normally, but the only thing he was talking about was COCK. Maybe that was because he really was nervous in front of camera?))

Why the hell is it censored? ... Just rhetorical question, since I have no intention in reading 13 pages of internet discussion, neither I want answer to that. I just don't want fcking BLEEP-ing Yahtzee.

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