Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls

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I recall the lead developer on the game saying something like "yeah I know its not a fun game, its just supposed to be hard" and that is one of several reasons I did not get it.

Before it came out a lot of people seemed to be losing their shit over it and I couldn't really figure out why. The combat looked boring as all hell and its just brutal to the point of being not fun. I don't get it.

I refuse to buy this game on the grounds that I used to have a lisp and now sound utterly retarded pronouncing too many 'S' sounds. Which gets kind of awkward when saying my last name.

Yahtzee it terrible at gaming and has no determination. He got his ass kicked and couldn't handle the pressure.

Wow, that does sound insane. Remind me not to play that game. Your description of this game makes me think of games like Dragon's Lair and Brain Dead 13.

When ever an MMORPG costs way to much, and I mean not FREE! There is no point in it. There is no point to this game after that, it just just like GTA in that instead of holding your hand it just keeps you killed. Bad name, bad plot, bad game mechanic = bad game.

Im a fan of ATLUS games, so if i had a ps3, i would get this

Definitely a true overview, but you should probably have said it was a first impressions rather than a full review since you haven't exactly finished it you know?

but i digress that's pretty much as far as i got and as far as i'll probably get as much as i like it having a game you can't finish isn't something i like ...

So, a game that was supposed to be hard... turned out to be too hard.

Yeeeaaahh nice try.

Sorry Yahtzee but you can't nitpick on a game that was designed to be difficult and unforgiving for being too difficult and unforgiving. Play further than the first dungeon and then create a new game. You'll wonder what you thought was so hard about those parts.

I'd absolutely adore this game. I love American RPGs, and one of my favourite games on the PS2 is Shinobi. I'd buy it if I owned a PS3.

Funny review. The way he kept going on about how hard it was is what sold it to me.

I loved DA, played it through four times, but nightmare was incredibly non-nightmarish, and I never lost the final battle once. I've been contemplating buying this game even though I don't own a PS3 just to encourage developers to skew the OTHER way, as I'm just so sick of easy to beat games.. but I know that would just encourage more JRPGs for the PS3 rather than moar harder games, so I'll save my money.

I do have to wonder, being made from Software a Japanese developer, that Demon's Souls is an attempt to give the player such a wretched experience in the western style RPG's that any continuation into the genre will only serve to remind the player of the harsh time, like a victim of spousal abuse or something, all in the guise to make the appeal of Final Fantasy 13, and other such JRPG's, all the sweeter as a loving caring experience. Then again that sounds like paranoid garbage.

Sounds like a lot of people here are afraid of a difficult game. (Most of them have probably never played the original NES or Atari as a child). I used to beat games like Contra and Megaman without dying at all (and they are hard by today's player coddling, self-esteem raising standards - note: by old school standards, only Contra was hard).

An extreme challenge can be quite fun. Besides, instead of chest high walls or run and gun, you might have to actually use TACTICS to play/ beat this game. Strange that...

Demon's Souls? As in one demon with many souls? Or did they mean many demons with one soul? Methinks they placed the apostrophe in the wrong place.

To quote Linkara... "Because poor literacy is cool."

"Methanks"... -.-+++ its "I think". (sorry pet peeve) -.-;

did they switch video formats or players or something? half of the time the video refuses to load or get past a black screen.

You have to update your browser. It's the flash plug-in that needs updating. Same issue when I try to watch something here that isn't ZP on my PS3.

Good video for laughs, but I guess i'm one of the few people who enjoyed this game? Also, your dodging capabilities are largely based on your class =P (and magic helps a lot).

Every single video makes me laugh out loud, this is no exception :D

God I wish I was there in person to watch Yahtzee play this. His suffering would no doubt amuse me with the way he's describing it here.

Yatzhee hits the nail on the head yet again. Good work.

I think I'll pick this up next year after the holiday spending sprees. I've been waiting for your point of view on the game. Good to know that it's balls hard for no good reason.

Well that game clearly beat him, though to be honest other than the dodgy dodging system he didn't find anything else wrong with the core gameplay. Maby, just maby I will try this out.

Woot, inb4 the first 100 responses!

Kinda surprised he hated on this game so much... I haven't played it, but I see the kids on /v/ talking about it all the time. It sounds fun from what I've heard...

The game is extremely hard, but fair. Nothing that happens in the game is really bullshit, as much as it is just VERY fair. You get stabbed in the back by two or three guys, you die. You get hit by dragons breath, you die. Crushed by a tower sized monster, you guessed it, death.

Whats the matter Yahtzee? Too hard for you?

Yurt the silent chieftain laughs at your pain.

Ha-ha! I'm not a nerd, but I've finished this game during my vacation this year, and - Yantzee, admit, you just suck at it.
You can actually kill this very first Boss (three-eyed fatso with giant cleaver), although it's hard to find the right strategy. In this case you'll see the alternative opening in Dragon God's lair.
Also there is a way of crossing that bridge with the dragon without getting hit. Also, you can simply kill this dragon with arrows or bolts.
For me it's GOTY. But...
I've got to admit - if you're going to play it, play it on vacation. This game requires tons of time and dedication.
Oh, and please, please review Serious Sam HD. I suck at Serious Sam games)))

lol that was great. after all these easy games came out, people seem to have gotten too used to "their hands being held as if the game was a creepy uncle."

games are supposed to be challenging.

If it ever comes out in Europe i think i might still give it a look. I am somewhat a gaming sadist purely for the final sense of epic achievement. I wonder what the trophies are like? Congratulations you took 5 steps without dying!

Yahtzee, thanks for reviewing this. It's one of my favorite all time games. If you aren't really good at video games then you'll probably hate it though.

So, how does this game compare in difficulty to, say, I Wanna Be The Guy?

Additionally, any word on a UK release?

Seems to me a lot of people here - and Y included - did not bother to actually check out the game's various mechanics:
-no save points? the game saves constantly, every kill, every swing, every herb you eat. Have you ever played a little game called "Diablo 2"? Yeah, same thing, if you abort mid-mission, you have to start over, but keep everything you earned so far. And there are save points midlevel, too, they're just not called that way. Like when you open up a shortcut to - exactly - NOT have to go through the whole level again...
-frustrating? maybe. but what Y here describes, that pure deceitfulness of something spawning and insta-killing you? well, simply not there. at least not for someone with eyes to see: like the pile of burned bodies, still smoking, and the sound of giant wings... Who could have guessed that some danger lingers here?
-trial and error? quite the opposite. DS has no room for it, because error gets punished quite severely. So you don't try, you watch and learn. Let that guy swing through the air a couple of times, see, what he can do. Be careful, all the time. And wow, no trial and error there, and even though I died a lot, I also finished a lot of the levels and bosses on my first ever encounter with them. Still took a lot of time, because it won't happen if you rush into it...
-boring combat? Like no QTEs? no special surroundings that make that ginormous boss feel and play like one of those mindless zombies a couple of minutes earlier? I call that quite an amazing mechanic, that lets me - the tiny guy with the steel thing in his hand - fight enormous dragons and stuff, with just the same tools I had all along. Now, those are boss fights, instead of just interactive and cool-looking cut scenes...

Sorry for the long lovepost, but it had to be said, i think... ;)

Jesus christ does Yahtzee get up early! Its 3:00am in Australia!

i think he would send the video to the states and it's uploaded there.

Another Top Video to give me my weekly full of happiness.

Also that game looks really bloody weird.

I hear this game is alot like severence: blade of darkness. (which I absolutly love)

Is this true?

A dodge move that can't dodge shit, wow what a truly awrsome game Demon Ssssoul is.

That's just a backstep move. The actual dodge maneuver (roll) is easier to perform and dodges quite handily. There's also a block action that works really well.

Yeah....this review is really funny, but it is evident that Yahtzee barely scratched the surface of this game. He didn't seem to even level up his character. Oh well; dude must be too busy to give this game proper time. Or maybe he just had a little too much sugar and spice in his diet growing up....

The review does communicate the all important disclaimer : This game is hard. It might frustrate you. If you are weak of heart, or lacking of balls (tits for you girl gamers) then it might not be for you.

I bought the game purely on word of mouth. Demon's Soul's is designed to be hard from the get go, so I do not care about the difficulty at all. I reminded me of all those games from the old NES where the only way you can beat the monsters is to grind your way through the game. This game is just as hard as the old school games like Battletoads, Bayou Billy, Adamantium Rage, Metal Slug, and many other games.

Do not give me the canard that this game is difficult and frustrating, whereas the older stuff is just challenging. I do not buy that line. A difficult game is difficult no matter what era the game is made. The only reason why older games get the challenging moniker is because of Nostalgia.

Now if you excuse me, I have a dragon to kill.

It actually sounds fun. I want to be challenged, i like the way they do that ''online'' thing, but why the fuck did they have to release it ONLY on PS3?

Oh man, that was good, had me laughing through-out, I still want this game though. Bring it out in the UK pleasssssssssse

you can order the korean versian off of ebay for around £35
the box and instructions were in korean, but the the in game language and tutorial are english

its an evil game, ive only managed to beat two bosses n given up

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