238: The Game You've Always Wanted

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Was Sparkles and Co. really necessary? I can't read the damned article with those abominations on screen.

This. What could they have possibly added to the article?

I'm sorry I'm not normally this immature but I couldn't read the article... I was too busy laughing at those twilight manboobs... wow... just wow... -_-

Hooray! Robert Pattison has even less personality then usual!

I saw the picture and all I could think was "NO! Oh God no!! A Twilight game? I am Ichabod, for the game gods have forsaken me! Quickly! Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!" but then I read that it was a Sims mod, I felt slightly better. someone please help me light the game designer who makes a full fledged Twilight game on fire if it ever happens.

The twinkly man hate is lulzy (I'm no fan either). But I can understand why such an illustration was chosen: so much of Sims user made content is visible, whereas many other world or fix or gameplay or program mods, for any game, aren't, at least to such a huge degree or widespread extent. That's the long and the short of it for an article illustration about modding, methinks.

User made content is a large part of the simming experience, whether you use ingame utilities or 3rd party tools/creations. Player creativity is a built-in necessity; one reason some folks who don't want anything to do with things Sim may not realize that is what makes it absorbing. There are gameplay parameters (or perimeters?) but there's so much room for individualizing your game. Modders, for TS1 and TS2 especially, are vital in expanding those limits and a vibrant community keeps people playing it long after the bloom is off the rose. Keeps people BUYING it too.

You can find twinkly mens if you want 'em. You can find wings or steampunk or goth or chic or adult or stylish classic or whatever (all ages play and mod this game, mind you). Not to mention all the annoyance fixes or boundary expansion type mods. There are good reasons this decade-old franchise is a continual best-seller for PC, and modders/modding have no small part in it.

TS3, out this past June, however, seems to be taking a rather antagnonistic approach to modding, at least from this observer's standpoint. Made more difficult to code, jammed up with every patch, it appears that EA doesn't want to work with modders, seeks to shut them out or frustrate them so that people will buy piecemeal what EA has in their online store or stick to sharing what is made only from ingame utilities. This is a mistake that makes TS3 not as continually interesting as its predecessor. Part of gameplay shouldn't be figuring out what EA broke now because they won't recognize (or at least be mindful of) what modders have done and continue to do for them.

It's heartening to see other publishers do recognize the goldmine they've got in their comms.

Vive les moddeurs! They kept me hooked on a game with their saving graces long after I'd've been driven mad and away by boredom or worse: things EA wouldn't and won't ever fix.

Really? I created the artwork and I think you guys are being kinda pathetic. Man up already... yesh.

I'm going to complain about the "artwork" as well. I've been seeing it on the site's front page for a few days now. I didn't know it was meant to represent Twilight, until I traced it to this particular article and noticed the credit listed in the image. I've never seen Twilight so I have no opinion on that.

My first impression, which still remains, is: Oh god. The Escapist is getting into blatantly gay JRPGs now? *shudder*

I can't help that. These aren't men; they're twinks. And, as said, it took me several days to say, "Enough is enough. Why the Hell is this crap on The Escapist?" My complaint isn't that it's used for this article, but rather that it is used at all.

Ok, having now read the article, I can confess to modding two games: "Morrowind", and the MMORPG, "Risk Your Life".

Morrowind is self-explanatory. The game shipped with its Editor. Who wouldn't use it?
R.Y.L. was different though. It wasn't meant to be modded by players, nor was it legal to do so. There were many problems in the game, but the original developer went off the grid, taking the source code with them. This means all fixes came from the publisher, rather than developer, and not even they had access to source. With some experimentation I learned that I could change things simply by understanding and hex editing the game files. Granted, what I could do client-side wasn't much: replacing actors, moving or removing world objects, altering spell effects, graphics; that sort of stuff. In the beginning I did this only for my own benefit. Being client-side meant the changes only took effect in "my" game. For example, other players might see me walking through walls and houses that were not there in my game, or climbing a staircase would make it appear to them that I was floating through empty space. This was certainly an exploit. I used these changes in leveling areas to remove objects from my path, making the grind easier. I only did this to make my life easier though, never to make the lives of others Hell (PVP).

Later on however, I offered to help the local distributor fix a few rather annoying problems that despite constant requests for a patch, were never addressed by the publisher. They took those fixes from me and applied them server-side, then patched all the clients.

I used to mod, more for fun than to fix things in games and usually when I was bored with the games stock content. However, since I am now employed as a software engineer the last thing I want to do when I get home is more coding.

Funny how websites cross integrate. I know the guy who made Hoodoo, he even made a thread about this article: http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=11865

I'm scared. I saw those two Twilight...things.

I'm sorry I'm not normally this immature but I couldn't read the article... I was too busy laughing at those twilight manboobs... wow... just wow... -_-

same thing, i like the article since i miss splitscreen as it was, now that online come you cant punch the player next to you

Hmm... Jacob has breasts...

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