Game Dogs: Episode Five: KCD

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ive tryed and i cant seem to enjoy this series but if others like it keep it going

Not really funny, but pretty amusing. Sort of like a good newspaper comic strip.

R to the T to the Arded.

This site was once decent, but now it's idiotic.

Lol last chance wasted...atleast it's not the only thing on Thursdays...Doralius and Associates ftw.

Whatever happened to Doomsday Arcade though?? Ep 33 was my favorite it didn't seem to be dieing out like UR was. Oh well ZP and Dora till both of those are back.

Where, in my very humble opinion, Apocalypse lane is at the bottom of the idea-barrel, gamedogs could be the start of something nice.

Srsly, can't wait to see the "Hail Satan in Antarctica" game finished.

"It's not Myyyyy fault you don't understand Machine language!"

Its getting better, though still not as good as the first two unforgotten realms seasons
*hums intro music*

just getting better and better and better. good job, guys.

This one was really good, I lol'd.

Heh, I found this pretty good.

I gave Apocalypse Lane 6 episodes, and it served me well, because that's when I, personally, started to see it pick up and get what I think was hilarious.

You guys get the same treatment, and I think you're doing pretty good. Suggestion, it's a little thing with a big difference; maybe make Gary say something different in each opening after this.

a little better than the previous, but still not there

Not funny....I cant get into this.

it was ok

I like the characters and the voice acting but each episode seems a little light. Out of a five minute video, 20% of it is opening and ending credits. I wouldn't want you to be another rant fest like Zero Punctuation or Escape to the Movies. But those guys, along with Unskippable and Loading Ready Run, really pack the humor into a 5 minute video. Also, avoid clichés like the plague.

That is a mighty fine avatar Russ. I wonder where it's from... something that doesn't seem to exist any more, hmmm?

"man" Shouldn't that be, "dawg?"

I enjoyed this much more than any of the previous episodes, I guess I'll keep watching to see if it picks up some more.

This was just awful. Not funny at all. The big joke was basically just stereotype your females as either: a dog that puts up with the whining and insulting language used by her peers or a temperamental computer that you've designated "female" as irrational and difficult. I suppose any other females you introduce will be either "slutty" or a "bimbo", right? That way you can cover all your bases?


The main characters are lazy, not funny and completely unlikable.

Hey, you were my first friend here I think. Its nice to see your posts again. I agree with everythgin you are saying. I can't trash this show any more than I already have so I'll stop at agreeing with you. Just kidding I can't.

The funniest part of this show is reading the positive comments that it gets here. I laugh at what some people consider comedy.

Best episode yet. There is hope HOPE! GOD HAS BLESSED THIS SERIES TO GO O- im sorry.

I speak to my- What...SYNTAX ERROR! The fuck, wait no...don't log me ou-

Why would anyone customize a computer so far that it argues with you and ruins your work...

Better....but still not that funny.

All I have to say is:


I think that the best episode so far is episode 4.

I missed Bob this episode...
And I can't tell if it gets better. It probably will, with more Bob...
I like Bob.

Nice to see the show starting to pick up some speed

Could we kill off this show already...

Way better than previous episodes. I think im gonna start looking forward to this.

I started laughing at "SHUT UP, WOMAN!" and kept on until well after the credits finished rolling.

Mysoginy is cheap, but very funny.

I did not expect that!

nice job guys that was really funny. not exactly sure what you did but hey keep it up!

Best episode yet, but I'm still not enjoying it that much.

better than previous weeks. It could be better but it was still good.

It's strange, every episode has been complete and utter rubbish without a shred of humour, yet I still feel the compulsion to watch it on the off chance it suddenly starts working...

The jokes are all predictable or just plain odd and the characters are cliched (or just plain unlikable) beyond any form of redemption.


Hamster at Dawn:
I give up on this show. This episode was not bad but honestly I just don't really find it that funny, so I'm wasting my time watching it. Good to see at least some people are enjoying it, I guess.

You are made of stronger stuff than I. I only made it through 3 eps.

Why then do you continue to post comments on these video's if you have stopped watching them?

Wow, this series is starting to get it's stride. The early episodes fell flat, but it was mostly set-up, introductions, and exposition, but now it's getting to the funny.

Sooooo.... we're replacing comedy with misogyny? Bad trade IMO

AHaha, I can't believe you choose that personality for Chet and thats awesome imo! Bob need to get in the team tough! A lot better than every singles episodes so far, for me at least. :)

Gotta do something with that ''live audience'' tough... and the comment of Gary after the generic.

Nice tags also. :P

Wow, this episode was so bad I stopped listening to the main dialogue and tried to pick up what they were saying in the background, which I can't tell if its on purpose or not? Is your live studio audience so bored with the animation and jokes they've degraded into mindless chatter? Or couldn't you get the people out in the hall to be quiet enough to record this. Either way it really detracted from whatever good there was potentially buried in this.

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