Stolen Pixels #168: Venn Diagrams

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Hilarious. Who dosen't like a Venn diagram or two?

some1 got lazy this week! XD

I laughed at the second panel. I have a feeling I might set that to my spray tag in TF2, and use it while playing Spy (which I suck at. Hooray, lagtop laptop!)...

...That is, if Shamus let's me.

Hahahahahah, I loved the one about people who make laws about games.

Biggest jerks in TF2 are easily the Pyro's. Then again, i'm a conniving, infiltrating, backstabbing good-for-nothing spy.

It's more like Indexed than xkcd really...

Your second diagram has just gave me a new TF2 avatar.... =)

Shamus Young:
Oops. Sorry. Didn't mean to go all XKCD on you.

You, sir, need to update your webcomic references.

Awesome! Loved this one - especially "Law makers" vs "Game players" XD

Great one, stolen pxels is ranked high among my favorite web comics :)

I did particularly enjoy the third frame. Good job.

It's all good. xkcd is the most amazing site ever. Aside from the Escapist of course.

*saps Shamus's Venn diagrams*

Wait... FIRE HAZARD?! O.o

Seriously! Is it that dangerous? I should probably move some shit around O.o

this is lulz. therefore you win. its called internet math.

I've always found it funny that they're called venn diagrams. Venn means "friend" in Norwegian.

*saps Shamus's Venn diagrams*


Heh, made me smile a little at the part about laws and the one about spies. Still, I don't like black and white charts that much.

XKCD is the only webcomic I read, other than this one, so props to you!

Weird, I visit the "XKCD sucks" blog constantly. I used to like it though.

xkcd is awesome, though you really should have linked in your mention :X
and i've never heard of that other site people are claiming it is, but it doesn't look like any of the comics on it are more then one panel looking. (judgement formed from front page only. it's almost as if extrapolation was my hobby)

My whole room is a gigantic fire hazard. Thanks for reminding me, Shamus...

I laughed, though. These are pretty much all true.

I expect your next comic to be something poignant involving science and girls.

xkcd really should be lower case...

No big deal though

I've noticed a full in quality in recent web comics, I suppose your busy with the LOTR thing and your experience points column which are both very good it's a shame that the comic appears to suffer

Yeah!!! Fire Hazard!

I also have a deep love of Venn diagrams. Infact, I have a friend with some big hoop earrings and, to make a long story short, she tells me to stop playing with them on a regular basis.

It isn't XKCD without mouse-over text.

you forgot, the jerks circle should actually be "people who enjoy playing any Call of Duty game", because playing that instantly makes you a duchebag to the rest of the gamer population

Yay, I don't have a fire hazard! And I'm not a jerk! And I too love Venn Diagrams!

Aww... I don't make laws about video games. That would be fun...

If there isn't a problem that cannot be understood with the proper application of the circle, and any shape can be modeled with an infinite number of triangles, then it stands to reason that triangles offer universal understanding as well.

That, or I shouldn't read web comics right after reading Flatlands.

Yes, I agree with the Spy thing. The better you are as a spy, the more of a jerk you are. When you can run around facestabbing people you're a superjerk and I hate you.

I've yet to meet someone who hates useless Venn Diagrams.

It's more like Indexed than xkcd really...

Huh, smells of ninja in here...
But yes, Jessica Hagy does venn diagrams better than that Mr. Munroe any day!

cute :P
but my firehazards are on different televisions

Hehe for some reason I read this in the voice of Demetre Martin. I love venn diagrams!

Whoa. I went back and read it like that.

My mind is blown

Don't apologize for going XKCD on us. I thought it was delightful.

I chuckled at this. I love Stolen Pixels =) Venn diagrams ftw!

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