Escape to the Movies: Wolfman

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Bob does like to go off on "Gore" doesnt he :P

Sadly I find gore detracts alot and cheapens the scares :(

Critical reception

Reviews for the film have been negative to mixed. It currently holds a 30% 'Rotten' rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 128 reviews, as well as a weighted average score of 45 out of 100 on Metacritic indicating it mixed or average reviews. Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film two and a half stars out of four. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone assigned the film one and a half stars out of four, concluding that "The Wolfman bites, but not - I think - in the way the filmmakers intended."

Yup. This is just in case people want a more VARIED review on if the film is any good and not based on the studio backstory which in the end no one gives a fuck about :) So based on 128 reviews it has 30%. Maybe you could be in that 30% :)

NO! Bad movie Bob!

Schizophrenic does not mean split personality, I am disappointed.

Good review though.

Awesome review although I found the movie to be pretty bad.

I was once on a haunted hayride as a child when a Wolfman jumped onto the wagon... I litterly screamed "Kick him in the nards,." much to the amusement of every adult present.

As such I reserve the right to quote Monster Squad at any time.

Truth be told The Wolfman was okay, it could have been much better, but then again I've had Brotherhood of the Wolf on DVD for like six years so all such movies pale in comparison.

I felt like it wanted to be one of those high profile 90s monster movie remakes, Dracula with Gary Oldman (featuring a much better turn by Anthony Hopkins as VanHelsing and Keanu Reeves on his career Russian Roulette tour that lasted from Speed to the Matrix as Harker), and Frankenstein with Robert De Niro, but it fell short.

What one-liner?.... Oh you mean the "Wolfman nards" line. Ohohoho, Bob trust me, people don't need to be your age to have atleast heard this one, even if(like me) they haven't seen it.

Are you reffering to the "Kick him in the nards" Line or the "Woah, the wolfman has nards!" If i went and saw this movie i think i might shout the shit out of both of them only in certain situations tho.. Like if some chick is being attacked id say KICK HIM IN THE NARDS! Or if the wolfman did something ballsy id say WOAH, the wolfman has nards!

NO! Bad movie Bob!

Schizophrenic does not mean split personality, I am disappointed.

Good review though.

Split personality syndrome has not even been proven yet.. It is not classified as a real disorder as of yet at least.. Then again there are plenty of ones that are classified that i think to be complete bull.. Oh well..

My rebuttal:

I agree with the weaknesses of the movie that you point out except I am less forgiving about the end result. I also thought the CGI was not very good whereas you liked it, for some reason.

Reviews like this make it hard to take his other reviews serious.

This movie had me excited because of it's cast...

It's a shame none of them really got to... you know... act.

I hope that this movie was a victim of horrific (no pun intended) editing and not really four Oscar-Caliber actors signing up for some quick cash with very little acting work involved.

P.S. The movie was just plain bad.

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