Review: Dante's Inferno

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Whoa I'm so getting this.

are you kidding?
lucifer easy?
he was the hardest boss in the game.
i waltsed the other bosses with relative ease.
the only one i died against was antony and cleo because at that point in the game i still didn't really have a firm grasp of the combo's and had basically no skills.
every other boss was a easy.
except lucifer. i must have died about 7 times against him.
his second stage was frustratingly difficult.
did you play it on easy?
because iv been told the leap between easy and normal was bayonetta styled big.

got this for 20 as a part of a deal when I bought my PS3 (250gb free HDMI cable, free GoW3, 20 Dantes Inferno) have yet to play it though waiting for it to arrive. Damn courriers..
Watched the animation movie though and wow, it is amazing

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