Doomsday Arcade: Episode 24

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It shows really how much better this show is that the other shows released today have half as many comments despite this video not being directly advertised. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT ESCAPIST.

2 episodes left now... woah...

Nice one guys!







That is exactly why I don't own a PS3, the excusives on it are EVIL.

poor lazer cat

Rather unfortunate that it wasn't one of the main advertised shows, I know I stopped watching Game Dogs after episode 2.

Great ending, I wondered why Shanks wasn't openly showing sadness for having Lund leaving like I was, looks like he just kept it inside. "I couldn't lose another friend" :_(

I hope you guys continue making videos after DA is over, I'd watch anything you guys put out.

*petition signed* for DVD :)

It really took me surprise what shanks said...youve devolped great charecters in and internet spoof series...


and who was lund dancing with ><

I'm sorry, I am ignorant of games. What's up with Lund's dance with the red and yellow robot thing?

Fabled my ass...

I'm sure theirs a gap missing from the last episode

There must be a dvd!

And i weep lazer tears for my lazer friend, Lazer Cat.

Was I the only one hoping Oddjob would either crotch-slap somebody or step on a proximity mine trying to?

And in other news, RIP Lazer Cat, may Shanks beat the crap outta Kratos and avenge your death.

It's a shame it's all going to end soon.

I finally have a reason to use this website.

Lazer Cat, you shall be avenged.

It was well worth the wait, and let me just say... Shanks, even though the puns are atrocious at times, your subtle mind snap was amazing. That is all.

They missed the most important general of all: General Guy

It's a shame it's all going to end soon.

Never ever ever gonna end...

i agree with alot of people in this thread...escapist, doomsday needs more love!
(sell me a dvd take my moneys!)

Here's my farewell to Laser Cat...




But oh my god, there was so many fucking cameos and references in this episode it's mind boggling. The Downfall part was especially hilarious, although I wish you'd done the whole 3 minutes or so. Would have been epic.

Twas an excellent episode! I almost didn't watch it because that would be forcing me to accept that the series is ending... It's my favorite part of the Escapist and I don't want it to end! Extra footage of the assasination montage would be a great way to kinda-ishy "extend" the series...

I shed a single tear for Laser Cat upon his Laser Death. Kick Kratos's ass, Shanks!

Really enjoyed the series so far, keep it up guys. Looking forward to the epic conclusion! Though, I'm sad we're already at endgame. More love for Doomsday!

And rest in lazer peace, lazer cat. Bring down a just revenge upon Kratos' convincingly bald head!

Assuming all posters have seen the show, but still:

I can't lose another friend...

God dammit guys. I never thought a freaking internet comedy show could be that emotional. Especially the puntastic Doomsday Arcade.

Looks like Lasercat's roll was cut short.

Thats the way he would have wanted to be remembered, by a pun, a horrible horrible pun

Awsome episode but what was those guys with the long heads?



Awesome show, as usual. I wasn't even expecting it this week. Excellent work, guys.

That was one hell of an ending. Cinematographically speaking, you are geniouses.

Beatles joke!!!!! :D


Seriously, mad props on the "The Neverhood" character.

Lazer cat will be back.....I just know it.

Desert Tiger:
I have had an extremely depressing, shit day today where I've had bad news after bad news.

Thank you for cheering me up.

did LaserCat's death cheer you, you foul fiend!!! D:

That was pretty much the most epic thing that I've ever seen.
I think this episode was kind of filler to fit in all of those epic video game references (speak of which, who was the yellow guy dancing with Lund?) but it was amazing nonetheless.
Can't wait to see how this concludes. One or two episodes to go, I reckon.

NEVERHOOD. I recognised the music style instantly. My childhood thanks you so much. :D

I loved the "Der Untergang" reference!

I can't lose another friend...

God dammit guys. I never thought a freaking internet comedy show could be that emotional. Especially the puntastic Doomsday Arcade.

yeah, that line broke me down too.

Very funny as usual, loved the montage

also: I feel sad about lazercat :(

NOOO! Curse you Kratos! Laser Cat must be avenged!

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