The Escapist Awards 2009 - Winners Announcement

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Brutal Legend won some smaller awards,still made me very happy though.Agreed on Arkham Asylum,the Game of the year nominees were all fantastic.

the demo for Arkham Asylum didn't really draw me in, but I may need to give it another chance sometime

Bit miffed that bad company 2 wasnt against mw2, guess it was a bit late, but far superior shooter in my eyes anywho.

i really feel that fallout (3) has been left of of this.. and also bioshock, (i mean come on not even nominated for game of the decade? :P ) also why is halo3:odst even in the nominations for any award? putting up odst for best xbox game is like putting too human for best xbox game -.- it's just insulting, ok spleen vented :P oh wait.. locoroco should have been best psp game :/ ok that's it thx bye xx

Almost the entire first page of awards I was really agreeing with. But the rest, err, not so much. I don't know how Shadow Complex would win best 360 game, but Borderlands win best new IP, over Shadow Complex...that's just wow...

Kind of strange to see Brutal Legend win any award as well.

grr sorry cap lock stuck)

why a best award why not a raspberry award for the worst of the worst games?

I've downloaded Canabalt since these awards were announced, and, while it's fun, I would like to know why neither Doodlejump nor TapTap Revenge made it onto the iPhone nominees list. I consider both to be several times better. Please say you just haven't played them.

Why is Halo 2 one of only three nominees for Game of the Decade? Good call giving it to WoW, can't really argue with that. And GTA III was pretty monumental. But Halo 2? I could understand Halo 1, easily. But what was so special about Halo 2? Most people I know consider it to be the bastard child of the series, and there are countless other games that could be worthy contenders for a nomination: Battlefield 1942, Half-Life 2, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warcraft III, Guitar Hero, Diablo II, Portal...

I'm glad The Escapist gave it to Batman and didn't join the bandwagon of the increasingly-overrated Uncharted 2 as Game of the Year.

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