Zero Punctuation: God of War III

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I now understand why some people get upset by yahtzee's reviews *holds back tears*

oh. I thought the ending to god of war III was going to be better.
I had assumed he would kill all of the Gods, only for Athena to make him realise that his petty pursuit of vengeance has trashed the planet. Racked with a new found guilt Kratos would travel back in time and kill himself before he can summon Ares and start this whole chain of events...but no.

That's even worse. By coparison, he did the next best thing in terms if taking the moral high ground for once.

hahahaha...I have to say, that ending analogy was really, really good

lol @ the taxi being driven by a balloon with a face drawn on it.

Poor Yahtzees throat.

it is not yahtzee again... wtf...

i come here only for him and you sub him with this pathetic voice...

I love God of War. All three of them.
Games like GoW, Gears of War, and movies like 300 make me get an erection which is hard to do because I don't have the right genetalia for it, being a girl.
But that's what game like GoW3 are about, I think. Sure it's repetative (which seems to be the biggest complaint), but in the end it seems like it still holds the same gooey center of all Gow games. It makes me want to go out and conquer shit, get stuff done.
And while Kratos if such a jerk I can't help but feel SORRY for the guy. What the hell is that? How do they DO that?!

Could someone please explain to me why it seems that the first three people who make comments on Yahtzee videos get suspended?

Could someone please explain to me why it seems that the first three people who make comments on Yahtzee videos get suspended?

Really low content usually, didn't add anything to the discussion or elaborate on their thoughts. Sure there isn't much discussion one post into the thread, but it has to start somewhere, and a post with only one word will generally never hold much water. At least, I think that's the issue with this one. Sometimes there's a "First!" in there.

While I do think the GoW series is still a fun little romp, I can understand Ben's issues, along with some issues of my own. My own was minor as it was simply adapting to QTEs, something I am still not fond of, but was able to get the hang of fairly quickly. I do think the main flaw in the series is the story, where things get dragged on a bit too long. It's tons of fun to tear people and mythical creatures to ribbons but Kratos can't exactly be called relatable. This is why I enjoy the Extra Credits episode, describing the first game as a Greek Tragedy. Maybe explains issues with story.

...I have been hearing Yahtzee repeat the phrase

Nostril-fuck the PS3

in my head for the past three years.

Somebody help me.

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