Game Dogs: Season 2 Announcement

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Well it been a great series but its apparent that the show has been CANCELLED !!!

So after a horrible first season there's going to be a 2nd? I won't judge until I watch the first episode but I highly doubt it will improve on the shitfest that was the first season.

While it's obvious that this has been cancelled, I personally don't think this was a great premise anyway, I mean dogs? In a work-related enviroment? The jokes were a bit meh, but the animation was good.

if the creator's ever read this, remeber that a great man once said,

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom." -George S. Patton

IMO, i think that gamedogs was a good show, but there are better. I dont want it to be cancelled because people dont like it, or because people criticize it. It just needs improvements i guess, and I admit there are some episodes where I barely laughed or giggled but hey the animation's good so i give credits to the creators for that but when it comes to humor, it does need much improvement.

A good chunk of the people behind it are also on Doraleous and Associates, which is doing very well so I think they just rolled with that instead.

The Opening was too long, the animation was boring, and the joke at the end of the credits wasn't funny the first time so why would they do it every time. The characters where one dimensional and the dialog felt forced. There was also way too much dialog not enough action. Don't say do is storytelling 101.

Ultimately this show should be renamed and reclaimed. Change out the cast and setting (ditch the animals maybe make it live action) but keep the premise of a underfunded game division with qualified but problematic staff.


Dr. Danger:
Interesting concept. Terrible execution.

I'll tune in to see if the series gets more fluid.

Remember --
short, quick jokes = good
long, drawn out jokes = bad

And the opposites are true(or at least can be).

Maybe. I was intrigued to see new posts in this thread after such a long time, so I came back and had to comment on this.

Poor writing can be carried by short, quick jokes (with good delivery). I'm sure you can think of excellent films/standups/shows that have, objectively speaking, terrible writing that's carried by fantastic actors consistently barraging the audience with gags (30 Rock sometimes verges on this, for instance, and the Airplane! movie is almost BUILT on this stuff).

Long, drawn out jokes, conversely, need to be carried by good writing, and generally need the actor to pretend to be oblivious to the joke - certain episodes of Frasier, Seinfeld, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Look Around You.

I don't want to be rude (lol, lies), but I would suggest Game Dogs aims for the former, and aims hard.

On an unrelated note, I see Russ Pitts hisself recommends episodes 9 thru 12. I'll watch them with as open a mind as I can muster some time. It's just too sad to think of Russ as some over-enthusiastic boss, desperately trying to join in with the funny-men, so I really want this show to be at least *watchable* in places. Please, please save it in Season 2!

And don't reinforce negative stereotypes of gamers with the awful, awful track record of representations of women. I mean, it's not like I'm objecting as a knee-jerk because it's sexist, it's more that it *seems* NO-ONE on the staff of Game Dogs has ever SEEN a woman before, which is a little sad. Considering that some of the staff appear to be women (?unconfirmed) this is quite an impressive feat. Impressive in that it has made an impression upon me. Can there be a strong, smart, fairly independent woman? I don't care if they're evil. As long as they're there.

Honestly, people!! Just a few things:

1.) Not EVERYTHING has to be funny!!! Rebecca Mayes Muses isn't funny, but I like it because its interesting and new. Neither is A Good Knight's Quest or I Hit It With My Axe, but people watch those. You can't judge everything by ZP. Adjust your expectations and judge it for what it is-- a character story.

But those shows don't put on the pretense that they are trying to make jokes. This one has the aire of trying to be funny, but not pulling it off. If it is a character story then it would have some development to the characters, and a plot line that isn't random sequences, but would actually move it along. The series had no destination, it was just a series of episodes strung together that had a tentantive thread of continuity.

Not everyone judges everything by ZP, I love D&A, but it took me a few episodes to get used to. ZP was the first thing I watched on the Escapist, but it didn't taint my view toward D&A, the acting is kind of cheesy in AGKQ but it had a decent story and the guy who does Ask A Ninja in it, so I kept watching and it reeled me in.

I like I Hit it With My Axe because I'm a tabletop gamer and I like to see how other people interact with a GM. Not everyone is trying to compare Game Dogs with ZP or D&A, but if it's a character driven story and not comedy series as it seems to want to be, it is failing at both.

Roger is probably the most developed character in the series, if they were to take what they did with Roger and apply it to the rest of the characters, then they'd have something.

2.) If you hate Game Dogs so much, why come back every week just to comment on how much you hate it? Do you have nothing better to do??

I hold out hope that it will get better.

This had everything to build a great series; dogs ( I like them ), great animation, great voice actors. I watched them all but they weren't funny at all, they really try too much and end up having viewers not laughing at all at this. Everything was perfect but the scripts, I liked the idea but I have to admit it's hard to make good puns with dogs and a office environment. I don't think I've laughed once with game dogs. We all see the puns coming or either end up with a bad joke, sarcasm or a stupid comment that doesn't make sense.

I think D&A and AL were way funnier, even tho the animation is lacking everything is perfect ( although they evolved a lot on that side since first AL episode ). Appsro always has good puns at the great moments, characters with funny personalities. ( Game dogs just had boring personalities, nothing new or entertaining ). I always laugh at every lines Neebs says just because of how they built him during the first season.

I'm sorry for this post but I still think this show has potential, just bring something new or this is going to die if it is not already. Keep it up

God this is torture. I want Season 2 now! As long as Bob is still part of the show because Bob is the hidden secret star in my opinion.

ah yes. but star explode and game dogs sucks.

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