Days of High Adventure: Satanic Panic

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People are always going to lash out at things they don't understand, which to me defies all common sense and logic.

What if some yahoo finds a new type of animal never seen before? He wouldn't attack it, it might have diamond skin and be more venomous then a black widow. (Take that metaphorically)

Crazy. Just insane. Everyone knows the satanic cultists play GURPS.

And people who like making their own worlds.

People need something to blame for the ills of the world. And if videogame players think it's bad now, they have no conception of what some of us went through.

Having walked through picket lines to go to a gaming convention as a young teen in the early 80s, this article stirs up some sickening memories. Seriously, for a few years there, you needed to hide your game-playing or you'd be taken down to the counselor for a mental evaluation... which I always found horribly ironic considering that I learned the game from my mother's fellow teachers.

Even later on when I wrote and published my own role-playing games, I needed to be careful about who I mentioned it to... mostly because of the Live-Action Scare in the 90s.

I started playing D&D in late 89 and my dad freaked the fuck out afraid of the panic. So my mother and father made me and my cousin (the DM) go to talk to our church's priest, Father Paul, about godliness. When we had our meeting with him and told him what it was about he said "Oh that, well there's nothing linking those two things together." Father Paul was actually a highly educated man (he went to an Ivy league Seminary or some such thing) He called my parents, aunt and uncle in and we had a long discussion about creative outlets and he showed them some copies of the game he had (apparently this came up a lot) the parts people deem demonic and explained that typically you FIGHT demons and so on. I don't remember all of it.
So thanks Father Paul, may he rest in peace. If it weren't for him I would've never gotten to start my lifelong love of pen and paper roleplaying, and by extension probably wouldn't have been able to woo my wife.

Good thing they never found any real evidence.

Hail Satan!

As a professional in the aviation industry I know this trend all too well. Crowd psychology has almost completely proven that people tend to overreact to things that they know nothing about and under-react to things that are actually well known. Fear of the unknown is far more scary than bad things that are well within their grasp.

People are superstitious, irrational and downright fear-mongering. I think people have grown up a bit. ... people kicked up a stink about rap music and goth bands during the aftermath of the Columbine massacre .... but I think most people knew better by this point.

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