Unskippable: Magna Carta 2

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My ISP had the hiccups. Sorry for the double post, disregard this one.

Eric the Orange:
While I agree that you don't only do JRPGs(or even mostly), and I don't mind when you do, I think what people more refer to when they make that complaint is a more Japanese/anime style. I italicized those that I think would also count.

Oh I totally agree. Folklore isn't technically an RPG either, but it totally has that weird Japanese feel. So, yes, I completely agree that it looks that way more often than actual RPGs.

But... Dante's Inferno? That is pretty decidedly North American in it's tone. I think so anyway.

Something is very unsettling about the woman in the end of the video...

Eric the Orange:

Onyx Oblivion:
A Korean RPG? Nice change of pace.

That's right. This is a KRPG.

Well there is J-pop and K-pop, so I guess that makes sense. Though I can't really see the difference and I play a lot of JRPGs.

Neither can I, for the most part. :) Just making the distinction. It's the art style that tells you something's up/\.

Oh man, "Kamehamehotpocket." Awesome.

15 is legal here :P

hehe, admiral ahkbar technique for the win XD

Holy shit I don't think I've ever seen so many disproportionately small heads and items of clothing.

that was quite funny, becasue when I played the game my self I kept count of how old she is as well during this cut scene. =P

*giggles* Good episode, guys!!

"...and Alex?" Sounds like they ran out of inspiration, they put it all in the Princess and Prime Minister's name. Oh, and in the calendar name.
"Well, we'd be going a lot faster if we didn't go into dramatic slow motion every two seconds"
And I thought "yes, and if they weren't wearing ridiculously high heels and skimpy outfits"
Sure enough, you made the practical footwear joke at the end!! I love you for it!!!

*cough* Sorry... Hello, I'm Eleima, and ridiculous portrayal of women in games is one of my pet peeves... =*)

Hello Eleima, I'm Snowman and I imagine you spend a lot of time fuming with all the half-assed portrayals of women in video games.

Defy the laws of physics, gears!

another great episode.

Onyx Oblivion:
A Korean RPG? Nice change of pace.

That's right. This is a KRPG.

this is a Karpegger!
lol 'My job is kicking you!' XD

for future reference:

don't sleep in a boat if your boss try's to kill you

can the story be about the cute middle-management girl? everything else seems so hackneyed that I think that would make a better game

ka ma ha ma hot pocket!
A nice laugh all the way through, another great episode guys, nicly done =)

As funny as this video was, I can't get over how horrible the character models look.

"...and for all of you keeping track of her age - shame on you."

Good episode.

And how low cut are the shorts that girl is wearing who lets the boat down... o_O

Yes. "Juto (or whatnot) fell" I bet there was tons of people down there having some market day and suddenly that boat falls from the sky... not a pretty sight. With that crazy design marked square would obviously be placed under the rope things that lift stuff.

Something is very unsettling about the woman in the end of the video...

That was actually bothering me too. Very small head and looks so... doll-like? And she has to shave more than legs to use that skirt. That must be the "unsettling" you were thinking. :P

Rzephillda? Lahnzeim? Schuenzeit? Ibrin?

You could replace all their names with the names of OTC drugs, and it'll be the same.

"Prilosec, the eternal watcher of the five and ruler of Aspirin, has declared war upon the nation of Nyquill."

Looks just as needlessly melodramatic as Magna Carta 1. The technical prowess of that team is wasted on Magna Carta.

There's 60 hours of pain I'll never get back.

Also, those models pretty accurately reflect Hyung-Tae Kim's art. His characters' outfits are anything but practical.

Now what really confused me was the name of the game. Magna Carta 2. I know it says Magna Carta, but what the hell does it have to do with the actual Magna Carta? Nothing, I tell you! NOTHING!

That girl that dropped the boat looks a lot like the girl from 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Pernassus'... which is hot.

For the record, I would have tapped it when she was 16..... don't judge me.

My mother use to work in a graphics department in a company called Magna, COINCIDENCE?! ...actually, yes, I suppose so.

Ah, see it's very clever: cut him some slack. You know, like... slack. Get it? It's pretty clever.

On a side note, the events of the first half of this cutscene seem like they'd be fun to play through. Oh well.

Now this is a game I can get behind!

And you making total fun of it just makes it even more awesome!

I know I keep saying this but most of these cutscenes SUCK! So much so that not even the witty commentary can save most of them. It's just torture!

Here's the thing, I saw a few episodes of Unskippable and decided to be a fan. When I decided that I felt the need to watch all the episodes to see if there are any good ones. And from what I've seen, the only ones I like are the ones of games I've seen/played or ones that are so hilariously bad that I enjoy watching people rip them apparent. But unlike movies where there's a vast majority of good and "so bad it's good" movies to tip on, video games seem to 20 "so bad it's HORRIBLE" cutscenes for every good or "so bad it's good" cutscene.

Also, I'm noticing a trend with some of these games. Most of these cutscenes either talk place in the future or in the past and they keep saying "# years/months later" or "# years/months earlier". What's up with that?

she's 16?
(come on two more years!)

**two years later**


Trying to ignore the fact this is fake England with one side wearing a bit too much red and white to be a accident

Hot damn, I wish I had arms like that blindfolded chick.

anyone else notice the mass relay??

Hot damn, I wish I had arms like that blindfolded chick.

I don't think the masked person is a chick but a guy instead.

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