Critical Miss: #4

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Vice Versa? I don't get it.

Yeah I didn't see where the vice-versa was applicable either?


I caught the references.
Nothing to even mildly LOL at, but amusing.
I just can't find this funny.
Not even worth a smirk.
And what the heck is the main character's name?


best to not have continuations from previous strip <.<

Plenty of comics have an on-going story to them, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the story is very obvious, and other times it's a more subtle story. On top of that, EVERY comic (save for single-panel comics) has times when it continues from the last comic for a brief while before going back to just random events. One comic I read seems to have one on-going story per week, then it starts over with something else on Monday and keeps to that theme for the week, with the Sunday comic just being some random event.

But I digress. It's too early in the cycle to say if this comic will have a continuous story or not, but I doubt it will. I mean, the first two comics were fairly separate from 3 and 4.

well aware a continuing story is dandy, but each strip needs a good punchline to warrant another one. So far i havent seen it from this. :(

Hamsters, puns, and gratuitous violence. Love this comic.

So she survived by hiding in a Fridge and the Gerbil parachuted himself from the ceiling O.o?

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