Review: Red Dead Redemption

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Oh my... I am suffering from the wait of RDR being released for the PC. HURRY UP! Just from the reviews and opinions from my friends that play it (PS-Threetards and XBOX-Threeshitters), I can confirm its a game not to miss out on.

Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game. The only problem was choosing between it and Alan Wake... RD:R won the day in that battle. There's so much to do it's not even funny. It's just an overly fun game that one could play for hours on end.

Also, when the review said 'Mount A Horse,' my mind went to a bad place. XD

oh...then, I guess I should say 'brace yourself' for the 'strangers' missions XD
I have it, and yes, it is AWESOME.
Hell, I once shot the conductor of one train and that train ended up stopping exactly in the other train's way 8D
P.S. There is a treasure to search for :D
P.P.S. I have found a gambling hobby in Liar's dice :)

sweet, can't wait to rent this game today

I'm already on my second playthrough, which I IMMEDIATELY started after finishing almost all of the side quests from my first playthrough.

And this is not just because I'm an open-world fan. Note that I returned GTAIV, unfinished, to buy RDR, and it truly is a FAR SUPERIOR game. Hopefully Rockstar will make their next GTA with the improvements they've made in this game.

Good review over all, Russ, except that you implied that the story is rather superfluous. I mean, it can be, depending on how you play the game. But seriously - RDR has a GREAT story, probably the best one Rockstar has ever presented, and this is coming from a hardcore, obnoxious "I want better video game writing!" jerk. John Marston is the first Rockstar character I can think of (and one of the few in gaming in general), who actually emotes and reacts to his world like a HUMAN BEING. And on top of that, he's one of the rare genuine family men gaming has for so long seemed to avoid like the plague.

Of course, if someone plays RDR by shooting everything that moves just because they can, I guess John is just Old West Niko Bellic. Which is alright, I suppose. If anyone liked Niko Bellic. ....Did anyone actually like Niko Bellic?

Now, a question: so is RDR set in the past of the GTA world? Because it would be great if in RDR 2 we saw Las Venturas as a filthy cow town and the bridges under construction in Liberty City.

Of course, maybe I just want a steampunk GTA: 1911. And why not, because it would be cool.

God that would be sick. Old school Mafia/Gangs, Old awesome cars. The great Suits. That would be a pretty awesome game indeed. Especially if you got to START the Mafia/Gang. Idk, these are just thoughts.

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