Escape to the Movies: Toy Story 3

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Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

.....Damnit. I was gonna make a sex joke about blasting Megan Fox, but it's not coming together.

I am ashamed.

It's okay, it takes years of practice, an intimate connection with your partner and the music of Sting.

I remember the first time I saw the trailer, I had to clear out some tears from my eyes :(

I was 1 when I saw the first one and 5 when I saw the second one seeing this will cut apart the last shread of childhood I have left

Flying Dagger:
I'm the age where I grew up with toy story, even as a kid my toys were comparable - with a longtime toy of a handmade sailor doll and a newerly made alien.
But someone on facebook ruined the ending to it for me. Pissed.
I've been nearly crying at episodes of Sarah Jane adventures recently, so it's likely that I'll die at this, even knowing what's coming.


I can't be the only one who gets pissed off if someone says "This movie is so sad"
IT'S STILL A FUCKING SPOILER, I couldn't stop crying at the end of The bridge to terabithia, and it was all the more poignent because I didn't know it was coming. (My mum, sister and I all sat on the sofa with a blanket on us crying)

Knowing something sad is going to happen ruins that a bit.


not to be an arse but bridge of terabitha was terible I poited out the ending as a joke at the start and thats what actually happened and the last bit wasn't sad I mean mabye a little sad but not enough to make you cry

God damn, I was almost tearing up just hearing about all this. If I see the movie there's a 100% chance I will cry.

Toy Story was the first movie I've ever seen. And even though I was so damn young then, I still remember it. Its actually one of my first memories... hell I better stop, I'm starting to tear up right now.

And yeah, now I feel old, and I'm only 18. God dammit

Toy Story 1 came out when I was 1... I feel old too. And like if I see the movie I'll cry. Woody was my favorite character as a kid, and I don't wanna see him "die" (what Bob was alluding to)...

It was like you just reached out and slapped my childhood into a review. I knew exactly what you were talking about. It's university time for me too, and well, I'm more scared about going to see Toy Story 3...but just like uni there's no way around it.

I watched and and fought hard not to cry, it was a punch in the gut emotionally.

Don't you dare bring up the never ending story like that ever again

Wow, that was... bleak.

I'm planning on going to see this with longest standing friends back in my home town so yeah, this should be some experience.

Cant wait, remember having the vhs of number one but being too scared to watch the spider doll creature

This settles it i was going to see it tomorrow but i'm grabbing my little sister and making and excuse to go see it now.

The first movie actually came out the year I was born and was likely one of the first films I ever watched, so...yeah. It's safe to say that I grew up on this. And while I can't wait to see this...I know I'm gonna see a lot of kids who were as young as I was when I first saw Toy Story 1 & 2, and I can't shake the feeling of being old, y'know? Plus, with the issues that you mention MovieBob, it almost feels like this movie is going to signal the end of my childhood as I know it.

The time when I'm gonna be forced to start really growing up. God, that's depressing...

Not seen this movie yet but it's at the top of my list. I was 5 when the first movie came out and I loved it.

Great review, I was really looking forward to this and having a good cry just like I did in 2. I'm man enough to admit it! Hell, chick eat it up when a man can cry :D

I have to admit, I was one of the people very excited when I first heard they were doing a Jonah Hex movie. That quickly changed when I heard that Megan "porn stars act better than her" Fox was in it. I will probably go see this too, and cry.. not cause it's good, but because like all comic geeks i have that ONE character who is my fav or favs. For me that was and still in Jonah Hex.

I was unsure how ever if Toy Story 3 was going to be good. I know its Pixar, but it's also a 3rd movie 15 years after the original. I'm glad Movie Bob did a review of something I wasn't sure about instead of a movie I think we can all agree is gonna be a poop flavor Popsicle.

Im 22 and later today I am going to see Toy Story 3 and I don't care who knows.

I'm actually in the age group as Andy (21). I moved out about 6 months ago and had to do the same thing to most of my stuff, I planned to see it anyway for nostalgia sake but now i know to bring a couple hundred tissues.

The Pink Pansy:
And here I thought this was going to be a cheap, knock-off sequel. Might have to see this.

thats dreamworks or anyone else. Pixar doesnt fuk around.

Looks amazing plaining on seeing it. Now I may not like most of pixars films but I loved toy story.

yeah thanks bob for making me feel old
and i believe i am one of those kids who is the same age as Andy

I feel a little teary already after watching Bob's review because I grew up with these movies. I was six years old when Toy Story came out and it was the biggest thing my friends and I had ever seen. Now that the series is set to end, I can't help but feel sad but also happy that such a great series is being given its just deserved and well palnned out ending.

To infinity, and beyond! Oh man now I tissue. Just to put this in perspective, I'm 20 years old and I'm tearing up.

Just saw this, Bob was absolutely right. This movie was an amazingly emotional experience, it managed to make an 18 year old me swell up with tears. I can't even think about that one scene near the end without tearing up, holy crap! That was one of the most goddamn beautiful sequences I have seen in any movie ever. Anybody who's seen it can probably guess which one I mean. Damn, This is the end of a legacy. The end of probably one of the most perfect animated movie trilogies ever, if not the most perfect animated movie trilogy ever.

Bravo Pixar, you have really outdone yourselves there.

OH MY GOD I was going to see this last night and fell asleep instead! I'M SO JEALOUS

I remember when the first came out, and was certaintly old enough to understand it to its full potential (I'm 23 now). I've grown to LOVE cartoon and animated movies, so I'm very excited about this.

How often do you see a successful completion of a trilogy, with all movies being high end?

even through the entire review bob had this sad low tone. o god this must be sad

I remember seeing Toy Story in theaters: I was Six Years old, my little sister was Five. That movie was like when you hear most people talk about seeing Star Wars for the first time, it was the first movie I had ever seen.

I never saw Toy Story 2 (I was about nine or ten then, I thought I was "Too Old" for it, and when I watched it at home, I never was more angry at not seeing it in theaters than at that moment).

Needless to say, I didn't cry at Up, but I did cry at Wall-E, so chances are I'll cry anyway.

wow, moviebob just made me realise that I was 3 when the first toy story came out. that means I grew up in tandem with Andy. and it was one of my first and favorite movies.


By the way, Epic Win to you moviebob mentioning The Neverending Story. The death of Artax was freakin heartbreaking, especially for the age when I saw it.

I saw it today.

It's awesome. And its really sad.

...Damn, Bob, I don't think I've ever heard you so somber and serious about a movie before. Just that change of tone made me sit up and take notice. I loved TS1 but never got around to seeing 2, so maybe I'll get my hands on the second one and then hit up the theatres for #3. I'm secure enough in my manliness to see a movie like that alone, but maybe I'll bring a friend anyway just to share it with.

Dirty Apple:
As a side note:


WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING UP THAT SCENE FROM THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER?!?!?!? Do you know how LONG it took me to forget that!? DO YOU?!

I'm not sure what The Brave Little Toaster is, but I sure as hell remember Artax and the Swamp of Despair. Man, was that rough.

...I remember both.

Dammit. Excuse me a minute or five, I think... dust got in my eye or something....

Funny. I didn't like the original Toy Story. I found it to be just a rip-off of Christmas Toy, so I never bothered with the sequel. I caught a couple scene here and there, but nothing appealed to me. If anything, it looked to me like Toy Story 2 would have been exactly what I never would have wanted to see even if I had liked the original.

It is rather disquieting for people to give these films such high praise when I feel absolutely nothing for them but contempt.

So now there's a third movie and the way Moviebob describes it, it sounds interesting. However, since I do not care for the previous movies nor care about the characters, it would likely be a disappointment greater than when it turned out that Happy Feet did not end with the main character in a zoo and crazy throwing fish at the wall because he thinks it's his family.

Oh, well. I hope those who enjoyed those movies enjoy this one. I'll just find something else to do.

Will Pixar EVER drop the ball on a movie? It seems less and less likely! Not that I'm hoping for it!

I'm about 1 or 2 years younger than Andy is suppossed to be in this one I think. I grew up with these films and they'll never leave me

Oh god I still remember the scene with the big wolf thing in Neverending Story.
I watched Aliens at age six no problem,but the wolf?Still haunts me.Not cool Bob,not cool.

Will definitely see it. if not in theatres, then definitely on DVD :O

I'm almost 16 and I grew up on this Disney/Pixar stuff.

I'm sure as hell gonna try make a hard steel face, but fail at it, I know this is going to kill me.

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