Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Must....resist...portal joke....

One of the best I've seen yet, as for who is who (id, ego, superego) the question is actually a bit difficult.

Obviously Bowser is the id.
Mario seems to be the ego (he's always yelled at by everyone "go save her you dumb shit!")
but that leaves Peach as the.....superego?

That doesn't make sense to me, she's not performing any selfless deeds guided by her internal "moral compass" she's just screaming her head off "save me, bitch!"

I think Bowser is the id.
Mario is the ego.
and Peach is some dumb bitch who is sick of being kidnapped.

What? Super Mario Galaxy 2 didn't add anything?! How surprising! (obvious sarcasm).

It was still a pretty good/funny review over all. it just made me very hungry for cake. (and not the metaphorical kind..; )

Looks like Yahtzee needs better source material than, "this is the same game I played before, plus one." Not that he wasn't up to the challenge of producing a whole lot of content over nothing, but the quality suffered nonetheless.

Nintendo whores its IPs. The innuendo behind Princess Peach's, "cake." We've heard these ones before, you know?

Time for another retro review of something different. I nominate Odin's Sphere. It's got just enough right and wrong with it to be fertile ground.

Thank you for referencing that. I was just about to do that. but I wanted to see if anyone else did.

M Silverthorn:
Constitutional Monarchy?
I suppose only the Aussies and Canucks might get that one.

And the Danes, and the Dutch, and the Norwegians, and the Spanish, and the Swedes, and the Japanese...

Grouchy Imp:
I should explain to non-Brits, the W.I is a British organisation that's been around for donkey's years. W.I stands for Women's Institute, a group of elderly middle class women who spend their time baking 'cakes', holding 'cake' fairs, swapping 'cake' recipes, and other things that all involve 'cake'.

I beg your pardon sir, the WI was born here in Canada, in my hometown. I've been to the founders' house, and seen where they first shared their 'cake'.

The slapping bit was a nice touch. As well as the Bowie references.

Also, I learned something new. You over in Britain use the term "Overtake" instead of "Passing?" I'm guessing that since Yahtzee is British born his terms probably come from there and not the Outback, but I could be wrong.


Status Quo - Piledriver, BRILLIANT!!!!

I can't agree more, i used to love games like Call of Duty but now it's become so common i might as well hold out for like seven games and only then will it have improved slightly. Mario is one the reasons i didn't get the wii, why buy a console with only one or two games its madness i tell you.

Funnily enough, I was drinking wine while watching this...
Also i love the text adventure (Am I the only who read it? No I ca';t be arsed to look at old comments yet).

And yes.

As a longstanding Nintendo fan I am BORED BORED BORED of having Metroid and mario shoved down my throat every six months. Oh god if nintendo could find it within themselves to do something interesting and different.

NO. Guitar hero is not interesting and different. Wii sports is not interesting and different. Mario party ...16? Is not interesting and different. Some stupid lame attempt at a donkey kong themed music game is not interesting and different. As well as they make these games, as fun as they are, I'm getting so fucking bored.

I would hope against hope that nintendo do something original again. But I doubt that will happen.

Mario, do you want some "cake"? HA! I love that.

the cake is a lie!

I have to say 2 things:
#1 - So... The "cake" is a lie. hmmmm
#2 - I really want some "cake" on my next birthday!

Now I just need to learn how to make "cake" and I'm all set. Wink wink.

Now that was a review where I was not surprised. I called Yahtzee would label Mario Galaxy 2 as an stagnation of the franchise, but what surprised me is that he ended up admitting it was fun. So I will follow his request/advice. I am going out to the beach this weekend. I haven't done that in years.

Must....resist...portal joke....


beat ya to the punch

Although I can agree to the assertion that SMG 2 definitely had the feel of "bring in the new people" from the packaging, I must say that most casual players will not be getting the first 120 stars. Some of those levels are incredibly frustrating, though nothing beats the first "Luigi on Mario" level from SMG 1 for sheer frustration.

That was the funniest review yet. It's all so true though. So you can't even complain that he's over exaggerating it.

I don't get how people could have watched a 5 minute video in 2 minutes 0_o

Either way loved it as usual, more Rebecca Mayes references plz, she wants to give you.. cake.

I can imagine their date now, she'd make him wear and take him to his Mana bar for some MW2... I wonder how that vest would feel after a nuke :P

Hmmmm "cake".

Anyway, I personally enjoyed Mario Galaxy 2, but I have to agree with Yahtzee that it did seem rather odd that no one in the game seemed react to the fact that Bowser seemed to be pulling the exact same stunt he pulled in the first Mario Galaxy. It makes me wonder, as in the first Mario Galaxy, why Bowser even kidnapped Peach this time. If he was out to create some big galactic empire, there would be nothing to gain from kidnapping a princess from one small insignificant planet. The only explanation I can think of is because he wants Mario to try and stop him. In both Mario Galaxy games, Mario wouldn't have even been aware of Bowser's plans for galactic conquest if he hadn't bothered to stop by and pick up Peach, but because he did Mario was like "Uh oh, looks like I gotta rescue the princess. ...again." So yeah, I'm guessing it's all part of the old hero/villain rivalry thing.
Anyway, I did enjoy the game even if some of the comet challenges are console stompingly frustrating. And I HATE that chimp.

I think it was around the time I started playing Mario and Luigi Partners in Time when I realized that this is all some sort of sick and twisted game for Mario, Bowser, and Peach. I mean they've been playing this same exact game since they were babies. I'm pretty sure all three of them are in on it and it's just some way for them to avoid doing actual work. Bowser puts on a facade of being big and evil, finds some way to terrorize Mushroom Kingdom and then just waits it out. Mario pretends to be the hero when really he just wants to cause some chaos, and Peach just wants to do nothing all day.

EDIT- Oh and also, the best part of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is at the start when Bowser becomes giant and suddenly he can fly. Being Giant = Flight in the Mario Universe, remember that kiddies.

really? Complaining about the plot in a Mario game, where the story is the least important aspect of the experience? Complaining about a slight flick of the wrist, as if the Wii were asking you for a full-on, arm waving pseudo workout? Complaining that a sequel has the same basic formula as its predecessor? This is new, exciting, and refreshing for Yahtzee!

PS. The cake joke was was the slapping

That was amusing, but it bugs me that everyone here seems to comment on how much they hate Mario just because he does.

yay labrynth reference!!! i love that movie. great review yahtzee.

Im posting for the thrill takes comes after getting high on energy drinks, getting laid and having a damned fine time of myself.

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD - my girlfriends earlier remark.

Your girlfriend sounds as cool as my wife. I salute your good fortune and may the love never die, good sir. *salutes*

Maybe it wasn't clear in the game but I heard it said in some sort of Nintendo press conference, this mario galaxy was meant to be a sort of alternate timeline to the first mario galaxy

Nice Simpsons reference, but I think alot of people will disagree with when The Simpsons started to go bad. I, personally, say the 10th season was their last good season.
I still need to pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's been a while since it came out.

Yeah I never got why they had to add a how-to DVD for the game. Why the hell Nintendo?!

The slapping part was the stand out for this episode, because sometimes its the mental image that gets really you. Overall this is one of the funniest ones he's done in a while.

Speaking of stagnation: I guess people don't care that he's basically used the same joke for the 25th time or something. This is why I facepalm when people take Yahtzee as a serious critic rather than a comedian...

Wait, so if variety is the spice of [games], and repetition is the starch, then that means, as per a previous metaphor, it's not good to have an excessive amount of variety, as that's like eating spoonfuls of the spice straight from the jar.

So the best balance is clearly a little variety to spice up what would otherwise be repetitive additions to a franchise. Like the switching settings in the Mario games, or, in the case of NSMBW or Galaxy 2, new worlds and powerups.

So... this IS a good game? I am confused!

Must... not... try to defend game...

Argh what's the use. Fanboy mode engage.

Nintendo's Mario franchise, excluding the RPGs, have never been story intensive outside Mario rescues princess and/or Yoshis. I understand this irks people because of the nature of games as a storytelling medium. The thing is though this should not ruin a game wholesale, because even if the story's consistant at least it's good, or not bad at least. Keeping the story simple, Hero rescues Princess from Dragon in _________ setting with the help of __________, is fine by me so long as the controls are good, visuals charming, and experience gratifying. The Paper Mario and Mario RPG series have done a great job in the storytelling department, but I don't see that transitioning well to a Platforming Mario very easily without making a mistake or two, something I think they're playing safe with since this is their biggest IP.

Does this mean they shouldn't? No, because I would love to see a Mario Platformer written by "Intelligent Systems," the company behind Paper Mario.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm kind of in the mood for cake now.

wow,this review was much funnier than those of the last weeks.And the face slapping was hilarious!Good job Yahtzee

I would love to see a Mario Platformer written by "Intelligent Systems," the company behind Paper Mario.

What about Super Paper Mario? IS wrote that one, and the gameplay is mainly platformer, with a few RPG elements.

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