Review: N3II Ninety-Nine Nights

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busty elf maidens-the only reason this game got any stars

OT: I never liked dynasty warriors that much so I'll pass

DW are super repetitive, have the same characters, and always have you killing around the same amount of mindless Chinese people from 100 CE. I surprisingly still buy every one of them. Maybe I just love the story or something. I dunno.

I remember my first New Years in college playing N^3 and drinking ... a lot. That made it fun.

it'd be hilarious if yahtzee got his hands on this game! seeing as the actual reviewn as really nothing good to say about it, yahtzee would tear this game a new cloaca

So how did a "Do [b]Not[/] buy this game, do [b]Not[/i] rent this game" and the option of "if someone tosses you this game, swat it to the ground" come out to be a two star review? Regardless, I suppose.

Nice review, by the way. I find myself wanting to hear you review a game you like, just to make certain that you have a voice that is great for reviewing. It's almost a passion seeping out of the coldness of the internet...

I love dynasty warriors too. It's a guilty pleasure. But yea, this game doesn't look very good to me just from this video. It looks like a bad DW ripoff. Nice review.

I only played the Demo and i absolutely 100% agree as that is exactly what i felt as a player of games similair to it. Dynasty Warriors gets alot of flak (not entirely undeserving) but it's Koei (or Tecmo-Koei) still does it better than just about anyone else.

unfortunately i cant heed steve's warning of the game. it sounds like he's trying debase the game like yahtzee without the wit or humor. i watched the blur review which got me down since i had just got blur in the mail from gamefly but i decided to play it anyways. lucky i did cuz it was great! of course there are some games that some people wont like but with two dismal reviews in a row i really cant expect any good reviews coming from this reviewer.

I'd agree with Fubar over here, a review should be as objective as possible. Recommending not to buy or ever rent it reeks of the inability to correctly evaluate a game. Other then that, I'd say the message was pretty clear.

Don't mean to bash ya Steven.

I'd agree with Fubar over here, a review should be as objective as possible. Recommending not to buy or ever rent it reeks of the inability to correctly evaluate a game. Other then that, I'd say the message was pretty clear.

Don't mean to bash ya Steven.

Thanks. I don't feel bashed.

You raise an interesting question. At what point and to what extent do you think a reviewer should transition from a mere accounting of a game's features to a subjective view of whether or not the overall experience is fun? I respectfully disagree that an outright recommendation to buy (or not buy) suggests that reviewers aren't doing their job correctly. Whether or not a game is worth your time or money is an important part of any review.

Your own subjective interpretation of the reviewer's opinion is just as important. If you feel I was too extreme in my suggestion that you not even rent the game, I can live with that. I once wrote of a certain game that playing it was less fun than "walking around with a can of paint hanging from your testicles." Was it objectively true? No, but it expresses an honesty that transcends factual accuracy. Like you said, "the message was pretty clear."

I'm genuinely not trying to be snarky here and I don't want to dismiss your disagreement. I just want to understand your point of view better.

That must be the harshest review I've seen on the Escapist so far.

Darrkon Fearlock:

Not G. Ivingname:

Steve Butts:

Why are you giving a "Do not buy this game ever" two stars?

Better yet why are they using a 5 star system? That always skews the data for sites like Metacritic, and when publishers are looking at how well a game did so they decide what kind of budget they'll give to a dev team for their next game.

I just want to point out that as someone in the software industry, no one operates this way. Technically a game designer might take heat for bad game design, or a product manager might take heat for a bug ridden piece of software, but when it comes to allocating budget for projects - that's all driven by marketing and investors. Sometimes a high metacritic score for a previous game can help you attract funding (if you actually need it), but most things are handled on a case per case basis.

Basically having a really good previous title under your belt will probably help you get a bigger budget for a project (especially if you have to borrow or get investors), but having a poor one doesn't really detract that much.

This is a gross simplification here, but I just wanted to point out that the effect of game reviews and sites like metacritic on the business side of game making are pretty moot (except, of course, as in how they influence consumers to purchase units).


My brother got the first game as a gift. He never touched it again after he found actual good hack and slash games. I tried playing it only to find out just how awful it was. Looks like this is going to be the same (minus us actually getting it).

My big question here is this: Why did they not rename this? Most people have forgotten about N3 as well as who developed it, so this was an opportunity to actually sell more before the reviews came in. People looking for a new IP would buy it, as would people who liked the cover, or other strange reasons some people buy games. You didn't have to name it as a sequel. Look, the people who buy sequels are more often than not the people who played the original. If the original was bad, most of those people won't buy the sequel, even if you improve it a lot (who here is going to give Two Worlds 2 a chance?). Even though a lot of games these days are sequels, that doesn't mean all of them have to be.

Ugh...thanks for reminding me about Two Worlds (shudders) lol

I will, because I fucking loved the first game, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Also, I'll be getting this, because I LOVED N3. Aspharr just hauled ass.

Well this was your opinion and I can understand that. But I bought the game as soon as I could and I like it. Many things that are repetitive to many people don't really bother me and I like the massively long range melee attacks. While I do like this game it does get hard at certain areas. But difficulty was something the first game had a massive problem with. Enemies were far too weak and only some of the bosses were a challenge but those that were had way too much power. But I liked the first game and I like this one as well.

Uf! What a great timing! Thank you for the review. I just saw this game today and considered it. I'm happy I did not yield to my capitalist impulse to just get it since I had money.

my favorite Xbox 360 game was the first Ninety-nine-Nights

i loved to kill armys in secs and i love the characters

so this Review is false in my book...i played the demo and i fell inlove with it

so now im gonna get it to prove you guys wrong

and yes im a fantasy got a problem with that?

busty elf maidens-the only reason this game got any stars

My thought exactly.

OT: During you vid you can actually hear your disappointment in the game. The choice of words from 1:40 to 1:50, you little *sigh* at 1:55 and the "Haha"-comment just give away everything you wanted to say about this game.

Good review, I hope for you that there are some better games in your line-up.

Two thumbs down for N3 2.

I got all the achievements in the first game but this sounds like it has every problem the first one did and nothing added to it.

Damn. That's strange... I actually enjoyed playing N3, but from the looks of it, this sequel really isn't even worth trying.

If im honest, ive never seen you review a game on this site before, but i liked that review alot, you were brutally honest and i like that in a reviewer

Anyway, enough brown-nosing. OT: I never really liked NNN 1 so i had no interest in even looking at the 2nd one, but my mate loved the first game and he only ever buys like one game a year and i was kinda hoping he would buy the new halo so i could check it out, maybe ill show him this review.. *Fingures crossed*

That must be the harshest review I've seen on the Escapist so far.

wait what?

Have i strumbled into some strange universe where yahtzee doesent review games for the Escapist?!

This is my second favorite hack & slash game of all time! My first favorite is the Devil May Cry Series, but anyway this game is awsome. I hate reviewers that totally insults a game while they're reviewing it. I'm not saying you should complement it. I'm saying you should be more neutral with it. I mean only telling the details about it instead of adding your own nasty opinions to it!

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