Zero Punctuation: DeathSpank & Limbo

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Yet another, funny vid from yathzee .. :D ... i wonder if he will review starcraft 2 .. i want him to trash it D: .. its so not worth 100 million dollars >.<

"I'm very fond of poo"

Deathspank didn't look too good before and sounds worse now. The exact last line of this review had me cracking up

Humor can only take you so far, whereas an invigorating story still has the somewhat redeeming factor of being like a book. Terrible gameplay can lessen the expierience but it can destroy the humor, especially if it isn't funny.

Deathspank was really funny, like laugh out loud funny, and the whole "you need a big TV to get the jokes" angle of the review was lame. If you're going to review a humorous game you better be fucking hilarious in your own right and I'm afraid Yahtzee didn't bring it this time.

i see i expected him to talk about limbo and i got deathspank as a extra.i do wonder how hes gonna keep making more reviews he has to run out of games sooner or latter.

Angry birds!! That game rocks your shoes off. (@0:45 sec.)

I bought DeathSpank and played it on a 22" screen and had no problem with texts, but then again I have perfect vision :D. I enjoyed it a lot an now I find myself often thinking "Hero of the downtrodden. Vanquisher of evil. Dispenser of justice.". Also played it with a friend, but found the supporting character a bit bland. Also lack of explanation on how stuff works on the magician, but those are small complains. The game is totally worth it and I had some huge laughs, although some of the humor is flat. I'll end with a statement of Death Spank himself:
"Be a hero and buy this game!"

03:48 omfg i never though id see the day Yahtzee actually smile!
I can understand tough loved the demo of limbo, never had a chance to buy it yet mind u-.-
As for deatspank, laughed my ass of playing the demo, but haven`t bought it yet i just dont like arcade games i guess:P

everything said about deathspank is spot on. I played through the whole thing and remember thinking, "that was a bigger waste of time than usual".
DAMN that voice acting WAS awful, I could stand that of the main character but the rest drove me to the edge. I think it might have been in part because their writers were trying really hard to make EVERYTHING into a joke which ended up hurting good material and turning bad material into a full on flaming turd.

Limbo was very challenging in the best ways

Its just windows movie maker and photoshop i think Yahtzee uses :) Best of luck with your job as an animator. Yes this is an awesome show, Check out extra credits on this site too, Daniel Floyd does Great constructive videos on how Games can evolve, so check that out. Yahtzee's work is hilarious, definitely keep watching him!

Deathspank is awesome. I got real sick of Torchlight real quick but Deathspank kept you thoroughly entertained with varying combat and humour. Talking to NPCs is usually a pain in the butt but this game actually encouraged u to pursue all the side quests. I can't believe Yahtzee ripped it to shreds...

The spider deal in Limbo isn't much of a spoiler, since even the demo shows it (up until it spins you into its web).
I spent last evening playing through this game and feel strangely satisfied; maybe it's because I figured out all the puzzles on my own, what with them being mostly physics puzzles.
A lame thing about Limbo is a recurring theme (besides spiders) of bullies, but the end doesn't have to do with either of those.

The last one is pure gold. Even watched this thrice.

got limbo for the PC today and already finished it. was something different. enjoyed it actually. but some sort of a story telling would have bin nice. the game just throws in to it with no idea whats going on. i did read it on steam of course but in the game as such would have bin nice.
anyway, nice game. very well made.

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