Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

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"and it's just damn good. Damn damn good good damn good damn damn....good."

That was a lot funnier than it should have been.

You upgrade stamina by shooting things in the overworld? I thought it just went up by itself. Huh.

Anyways, fantastic game and fantastic review. For a game with little plot it really touched me emotionally.

Wow the review came out the day I started to play this game again! Anyway its one of my most favourite game and I really couldnt stop playing it just to see how next collosi will look like :D

SC2 can suck it
"damn good damn damn good damn good" :D

Now I feel kinda bad for selling my copy.

But then I really struggled with the FIRST boss fight, and the final boss was damn near impossible to beat without having to beat him then going to buy a controller that wasn't mating with the wallpaper.

Great review, but I have a gripe. So many of the best-rated games of Yahtzee's reviews are console-only. One of the many reasons I love sandboxy games like "Fallout 3" and "System Shock" is because they make a nice contrast to the 4x4 lift-shaft of a room that I live in. And considering my living quarters, I'll be jiggered if I have to actually go out and 1) buy, and 2) find space for a separate machine for gaming, when I have a perfectly good PC that can do the same thing plus a helluva lot more handy stuff that a console most definitely CANNOT do.

Is this available for PC? Are any of the "Silent Hill" series or the "Prince of Persia" series, since Yahtzee seems to like them so much? Or do I have to start the cable-switching console nightmare that passes for "easy gaming" nowadays in order to play this stuff?

Wasn't expecting this... hope they release this in a PS3 collection as well...

Maybe I should play this or something... I still have a working PS2. :o

Good review, and an unexpected one at that. :)

It's in my top 3, that's for sure. I'll go back to my PS2 often just to replay.

Damn damn good.

I'm tempted to go buy that game now... and wondering how long Yahtzee will keep throwing the SC2 can suck it jokes into reviews...

I meant to play this game for the longest time, but never really gotten around to it. Now I feel as though the effect would largely be lost on me because of everything I've heard about it.

you could expand your grip gauge by shooting lizards? how did you figure that out, read it in a strategy guide? that does seem incredibly arbitrary....

i loved shadow of the colossus, but it didnt have much replay value for me.

Liked the game, nothing like making you kill something and then making you feel crap for doing it afterwards. And the reason you did it was selfish. Bit like shooting 15 innocent strangers just so you can have your girlfriend back. Although for all we know she and you are the only two people left....bit like Adam and Eve. So i guess you would be really biased in getting her back...that is like horses. hee hee.

Great.... Now when I say my favorite games are Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of the Colossus my nerd friends wiil just say "You Poser!! You just like those games cause Yahtzee told you to!"

Didn't see this one coming... mostly since it's 5 years old. Oh well.

I think most people have played it by now.

Next week, I demand Flower (it's not like he's got much else to do, and if I recall, he recommended it to Ebert saying Shadow of the Colossus was like jumping in at the deep end before your first bath but i could just be making that up although i still say its a good point).

Although I admit I was kinda surprised to see it, but not really that surprised that he would retro review it when all said and done... still want to play it but it's still around 30 pounds last i checked :(

I like RTS's, but mainstream RTS's like Starcraft 2 I don't even bother with, because they're the same generic no strategy ironically realtime strategy game. In those there's more concentration on which unit you should spam. Go play Ground Control, most new RTS's are stealing from its idea bin anyway.

Men and women both have X chromosomes. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Thats true, but women have two X chromosomes and men have one.

a little old of a game. but awesome nonetheless.

Thanks for the review. I'll give it a shot.

Evil the White:
Never played a perfect game? Taking back what you've said about Portal now, eh?

The end line was epic XD

Though I wonder if Yahtzee isn't going to do a Civ 5 review since he seems to hate strategy games so much. Though that's real time, not turn based.

Starcraft is real time...

That's actually what I meant, that it is real time strategy he hates, but I am not so sure about turn based strategy, or at least the Civilization franchise in particular.

I really have to try to find this game. It's just not out there any more unless I spend silly money on Ebay for a probably scratched disc in a broken box.

I got mine for $15 at a nearby game stop, I think they still have a few copies at that much too.

Stabby Joe:
Didn't see this one coming... mostly since it's 5 years old. Oh well.

I think most people have played it by now.

most people with a ps2.

I didn't get any adverts...

Also I still need to play this D:

It's on my 'one day I'll possibly get round to it....' list.

Dammit... now I have to buy this game...

I've always been curious... but with that many goods and damns... It's gotta be a keeper.

A Princess of Persia game is Yahtzee's must have?


Woo! I live in a forbidden land! :P I feel spechul

Retro reviews are always nice to listen to.

I can really agree that it is a damn damn damn good game. Only problem is that it has little replay value, unless you're up for scavenger hunts looking for collectibles and stuff. But the boss battles truly shine as some of the best I have seen. And the story is so great in the way that there's so little dialog needed.

RTS is for the thinking man, first person is for the adrenaline junky, I hope you will reconsider.

Can't really say I saw the appeal in SoTC; all it felt like to me was Team Ico's botched attempt at Cormack Mccarthy's The Road with the arty pretentiousness cranked up to 11. A dull gray world with nothing interesting to explore and the only thing to do was kill bosses rinse, repeat with no connection to the hero's supposed plight.

When you say that strategy games aren't your thing, does this include TBS games? More to the point, will you be reviewing Elemental War of Magic?


Though I wonder if Yahtzee isn't going to do a Civ 5 review since he seems to hate strategy games so much. Though that's real time, not turn based.

starcraft turn based...? would it play like fucking risk or something?

fun review on a game i've only really heard good things about but i prefer the ones where he rips the game to shreds.

:O Surprising choice for a review. :P

I hate this game cause it make me fell stupid. I spent 2 hours trying to climb up the first Colossus. I couldn't do it. I gave up. I see why people love SoC, and I wish i could love it as well, but fucking hell I just couldn't do it. Hopefully Team Ico, re releases This and Ico for the PS3 and I can give it a second chance. I sold my PS2, Stupid me. Oh well.


Men and women both have X chromosomes. Just thought I'd clear that up.

He probably meant two X chromosomes.

No, he means that all the characters in the game are so hyper masculine that they only have Y chromosomes :P

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