Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

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Zachary Amaranth:
I have nothing against SC, but it was funny watching Yahtzee rip into it.

It's so cute how you don't watch videos before commenting on them.

talky talky

This whole review and the comments regarding both games hit you pretty close to home, huh? That's a good essay you've got going on there.

I'm surprised he didn't mention the terrible ending to the game.

This is still the most entertaining video from yahtzee in a long time. Most of the humour actually felt very natural, unlike many of his videos most recently which appear to feel forced.

Ill take your word for it that it is damn damn good good damn good damn damn damn good.

However it doesn't really appeal to me, but whatever, I can see if I can borrow it and get into it.

I know I did something along these lines last week but I'll do it again in a slightly more aggressive tone. Note that this is NOT to convince Yahtzee to review something that he doesn't enjoy, it's just calling him out.

Saying your opinion as a game reviewer doesn't matter on a certain genre is like saying you can't criticize dramas as a film critic. If you love games, you'll be able to criticize any game. My only gripe is that he never actually reviewed a Blizzard game (i.e. a very good PC game) and only wallows in beating the dead horse that is the current platform gaming era. I can't wait for the excuse he'll come up with to not review Diablo 3.

It's okay, I don't really care for SCII either. I dislike RTS's in general-- all I ever got out of them was the feature, the gimmick of being able to select people and tell them to kill stuff. I call it a gimmick because, while the other things that RTS's have to offer might be otherwise deep and fun, it isn't my cupp-a tea so I never cared to do things more than once in them. I prefer a game where you're in the action, and while your strategy matters too, the majority of whether you'll succeed or not goes into the very moment of confrontation. I hate plotting where my army will go, but I like thinking about where I, and maybe a few friends will go.

And I know SCII has a third person mode. That's why I originally would have bought it. I mean, if anything would get me into RTS's, SCII would be it. In the mean time, I don't really have the money to get every game I could want and have to make my purchases wisely. Like Symphony of the Night.

Wolf Devastator:

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Shadow of the Colossus

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Shadow of the Colossus.

Watch Video

You'll never get away with this, Ben Yahtzee Man!

You are bad! You are bad and we are good! Your badness will be the end of you, and our goodness will be our triumph!

Bad is bad - good is good!

Bad, bad, good, bad.

Good-good, bad, good.....bad!


Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle Quotes

Damnit I was hoping I would be the first to point that out. :(

I found this review pleasantly surprising. I may pick up SoTC again.

<3 this review.

As for all the RTS folks out there crying that "SC2 didn't get a good review" get over it, a lot of gamers hate RTS.

For example, I happen to dislike RTS because it takes thy strategy out of strategy games. Basically I happen to think the design of a RTS starts with taking the idea for a good strategy game, then they take out the turns and lower the complexity so low a four year old can learn to play and win at the game and violla you have a RTS. Now there is still room for strategy in there, its just that your average gamer doesn't actually utilize it or even realize its there. Yes there is more to it than spamming your best unit and throwing them at the zergs, but you can actually win at many RTSs by doing just that.

I compare it to the difference between Chess and 10-second lightning chess. Yes all the same moves are possible there but the game looses a lot when you restrict each side to only 10 seconds and becomes almost exclusively about what can you can speed past your opponents defense. There is more finesse in regular chess.

Once again, the so-called writer likes a storyless game with the most lazy developing studio ever. Bravo, Yahtzee.

(Yeah, I've played and finished psychonauts, half-life, SotC, painkiller...)

this reminds me of old ZP, not because its an old game, but it actually sounds like a review rather than a bashing, pointing out obvious flaws and great moments with humour and funny comments, rather than snarky remarks and loathing.

I don't understand why anyone would pressure him to review Starcraft 2. There are plenty of reviews out there (including on this site), there are videos from Totalbiscuit (who covers the British Accent niche), and, most importantly of all, he has repeatedly stated that RTS games are not his forte (which begs the question, 'what is his forte?').

It's like trying to get a famous neuro-surgeon to perform a heart transplant; wrong area of expertise. It's nice that you're trying to force someone to do something they don't want to do, but all of polite society is laughing at you, as they tend to do.

It's like trying to get a famous neuro-surgeon to perform a heart transplant; wrong area of expertise.

This is stupid. People are not asking Bioware to make an RTS, they are asking a critic to criticize.

There's a HUGE difference between MAKING something (where the term 'area of expertise' applies) and CRITICIZING something.

Good review my only system is a ps2 =( and i shall buy this game and could u do a review of God Of War 1 please and thank you

God, I've yet to find an intelligent critique of SC among all this game snobbery. It's either 'RTS=bad' or 'in myyyy RTS we do all sorts of other things that SC doesn't do (aka,' mommy, why don't people like my game as much as SC?')'. None of it has any interest in understanding the game. They're just trying to write it off to justify their status as a gamer.
It doesn't really matter that Yahtzee doesn't like SC or RTSs because it's his job not to like most games. But the validation this gives to his peons is a bit annoying.
If only they had the maturity to accept that you don't have to 'get' something in order for it to be good.

Thanks Yahtzee, This is my favorite game of all time. Its proof that games are art. I cant remember the last time I had so many OMG moments in a game. It has been my unspoken wish since I started watching your reviews to hear you review SOTC. Everything in the game is fantastic from the music to the motion\animation of characters (compare Agros animation to Epona from Zelda or any other horse in a game and the all seem stiff and lifeless). Its a world filled with substance and mystery not mindless droves of baddies and cookie cutter locations. There is less to do than other games but its done so well you realize that other games just needed filler before anything really interesting happens. Focused substance rather than pointless filler. If you havent played this game please do. I am sure you can pick up a used ps2 and the game for less than $75. But be warned, this game has skewed my perception of video games, its so good that even the best today do not seem to live up to what Team Ico has accomplished.

mmm... kinder surprise...wouldn't mind having one right now, actually.

Lol, I lol'd at the little thing at the end: "Colossus of Roads"

Everyone go buy Shadow of the Colossus on Amazon or somewhere, right now. (linked for your convenience: )

And/or send a deluge of letters to the Ico Team in fluent Japanese about why they need to release a PS3 SotC HD port post haste.

I've already done the first option, so my work here is done.

Wow I didn't see this review coming. People are still asking you to review starcraft two? Whoever those people are they got to wise up. Just look at the super smash bros review and they will know it's a bad idea to force him into reviewing something he won't like for simple bias.

Hmm, I wonder if Yahtzee is going to review any more older PS2 games, while waiting for something good to come along?

I would ask for the Sly Cooper trilogy, but between having anthropromorpic animals as characters and just being too easy, I don't think Yahtzee would enjoy it much.

That review was pure win. Im gonna go jerk off my nostalgia right now.

so much win.

This was unexpected I'll give you that.

But could for once say a game sucks after playing it? Yes we get it you don't like RTS, but how about trying to explain why a little bit better instead of posting insane conspiracy theories about combining all existing genres on Extra Punctuation, hmm?

I don't believe he specifically called out Starcraft 2 for being suck, merely said that he didn't give a toss because it was a part of a genre that he didn't give a toss about, and then proceeded to throw out a bunch of theories why. I don't believe he once mentioned a single conspiracy.

I personally believe that Starcraft was a superior game, and that Starcraft 2 failed to deliver an experience that matches (let alone exceed) the original in any area apart from the 3D graphics, automatching system, and advanced replay system complete with statistics and rewinding. Achievements, and impressive visuals are a nice touch though little else. Most of which either already existed in 3rd party/community support, or in other games, and should be expected or even taken for granted of any modern RTS. I'd love to discuss this further, but I doubt this is the place.

EDIT (this time on topic): Its a pity I don't own or plan on owning a PS2, thanks Mr Yahtzee for shedding some light on SOTC, it looks like a genuinely interesting experience, when its not arbitrary and/or grindy.

Hating on SC2


looks like someone got raped by Koreans

Wow you really have no idea what Starcraft is all about do you? stop knocking something you don't play

Personally I don't like driving/sports games but I don't walk around judging them all the time. I never expected him to like Starcraft, he doesn't like RTS games so fair do's and honestly if he could find a flaw with the game i'd be amazed

His portal review for example was boring as anything because Portal..... is flawless. It really is

This one looked like it was just gonna fly under the radar, and it's gratifying to see it finally get its just desserts.

I think I'm right in saying this game knocked San Andreas off the top of the charts... Ico was underappreciated, SOTC is old and well respected.

I have a strong dislike of RTS games as well , but aparently starcraft 2 has a story/ rpg elements which is supposed to set it apart from the rest . im still not gonna play it just because i dont like the genre, its kinda of like if someone says halloweens the best horror movie of all time , if someone doesnt like horror movies there still not gonna like it.

No mentioning of the shadow of the colossus soundtrack being the best in history?

Yahtzee, I am disappoint.

don't knock silent hill 4 its the greatest story of any game in existence, the only game i've played that makes me want to keep playing to find out what happens next.
yes silent hill 2 is good coz its scary but the story is wank.

What about Mass Effect? Silent Hill 4's story was crap in the eyes of all the people I know so how can it be the best?

This is sad. Purely sad. I won't even watch the video because if Yahtzee is so pious not to review a game that he doesn't like, even though its the most anticipated game of the decade, then he is failing as a critic to deliver.

Shadow of the Colossus everyone has played. So please, make something new, or lost fanbase fast.


Excellent responses. This is the first refreshing post I've read on this site since SC2 came out. If you want to practice a bit vs Zerg, message me and I'll give you my ID. I'm low-mid diamond, though I haven't worked back up to that yet in retail.

does anybody know info of team icos new game last gurdian ?

A good show Mr. Croshaw. A good show indeed. *goes back into fortified underwater mansion*

WAIT A SECOND! When did you get an underwater mansion!?!

Ah well, I suppose it makes sense, seeing as mine is in the centre of a volcano.

OT: Excellent review. I've been meaning to pick this game up for a good while now, and this has convinced me to do it.

No, I haven't played Shadow of the Colossus yet. You may throw rotten fruit at any time. *Braces self*

Great Review!

Now do SC2! No, that wasn't a request. You hate this game so much, i would expect a firework of swears and hate speeches towards RTS fans like me.

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