The Escapist Presents: World of Warcraft: Before the Cataclysm

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My top three:

1. Continue to never play World of Warcraft
2. Play better games.
3. Use money and time saved to do cooler things, like see live music, drink with friends and get a tan.

All I read in this post was, 'my apples are better than you oranges!'

I'll let you in on a little secret, from a person who has played WoW since launch, come a little closer, I do all those things in #3 too - though I try not to tan too much since it's pretty bad for your skin in the long-run. Shocking as it may seem, but stereotyping is always more fun I suppose.

Silver Scribbler:
No mention of visiting the dancing troll village? No idea whether it's being changed or not, but it's still worth a visit.

it will be accessible through darkshore come cataclysm, as either a contested zone or horde base, not sure.

Dancing troll village b4 flying mounts come in :)

Top things to do before cata:
- make a new char and go on a ganking spree in gankethorn vale when you are the right level to do the quests there.
- get the horde and alliance into and old school world-pvp fight in southshore
- get a group and killed some world bosses, bonus point if you get the other faction in on it too. Nothing better to spice up a pve fight than a massive pvp fight.

I have very fond memories for Stranglethorn vale. One of my best memories from WoW are connected with this zone. I have never experienced any trouble with the quests there. I Started playing within the right level range, I met one of my best Wow friends there and made my first fortune in blinking WoW gold, by fishing along the river and the shores. And fishing out 20-30 crates, and then opening them one by one to find the treasures inside was great. Also, the tropical, pirate atmosphere reeks of adventure.
I think this whole revamping and tearing apart of zones is not very good idea. I think they should've just added the new continent, and content but leave the zones looking the same. After a month, any new players who start playing WoW, will never experience and see some of the zones the way that all players have experienced so far.

explore all the places impossible to reach like the under pitts of ironforge the gnomish air field (my favorite) and all that other stuff.

Au revoir, Barrens Chat, YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED.

All right Deathwing, drop the tactical nuclear strike!

I already did the stuff I wanted to do before le shit hitif le fan, but it would be nice to give my true leader a final send-off.

The only thing I have left to do before Cataclysm is level a Draenei to 20,
As they're the only race I haven't yet,
Their starting lands are undoubtedly not changing much but I don't really wanna take my chances with it,
And if Cairne is dying ima go beat up some elementals with him next time TB gets nuked

Also, hmm, this could mean the death of Barrens chat..
It's seems unfair,
Due to the asshat haven that is Goldshire being unscathed,
Couldn't Deathwing have casually burnt it down on his way to SW? Please? No?

I've paid my respects to Mankrik's wife... maybe people will ask where she was buried.

Mankrik's Wife should return as a boss, some kind of fire-breathing zombie - since her grave will probably be desecrated by the Shattering.

Her first words when adventurers encounter her will be: "LOOKING FOR ME?"

I stopped playing WoW before Wrath of the Lich King came out, so when I first heard that Cataclysm was coming I renewed my subscription, rolled a death knight and specifically went back and did everything that it's possible to do in Azeroth. I visited all the regions did all the quests, farmed the instances, visited the battlegrounds and got the achievements just so that I could see the world one last time.

Of course I then continued to level to end game and found that crafting has become pointless, the skill required has gone out of playing instances as a group and you have to spend over an hour just getting all of your dailies done before you can start doing anything interesting, so I quit again. (and no you can't have my stuff)

Blizzard... Along with shattering your world you've shattered my faith in you. I'll never look at you the same way...

Silver Scribbler:
No mention of visiting the dancing troll village? No idea whether it's being changed or not, but it's still worth a visit.

Yes! As a druid I don't know how many times I've flown over that damn village and wondered what the hell they were so happy about. This will be one of the first things I investigate if I ever restart my sub.

That and there always seemed to be quite a bit going on in the pass through the Redridge Mountains to the Burning Steppes; from what could be seen from the back of a griffon en route to Ironforge.

one thing ppl will have to do is get the explorere achievement.... meaning go absolutely everywhere... u would be suprised at how many places there are to discover

i only did it a few weeks ago because i didnt wnt to miss anything... it defo worth it :)

Awh, Too late to do most of the items on the list.
A majority of changes to the world have already been applied to the game.

I busted my ass and grinded to exalted with the Zandalar Tribe....I'm gonna miss ZG T_T

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i dont think il lbe going back to wow anytime soon but my suggestion to the world: explore Stranglethorn Vale.

Personally, I hope Stranglethorn gets hit by a dragon-shaped meteor. And it should land directly on top of Nesingwary's expedition camp.

I wish that happened 6 years ago, then he would never have been in northrend.

Nooooooooooooooo old blanchy :(

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