Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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Great idea guys, I loved watching it. Hope you do it again soon!

You mentioned earlier about how you have very specific criteria for choosing games. What are those criteria because I tend to not always recognize the games you choose.

What are your thoughts on Heavy Rain?

Do L4D2, and get two others to do it with you. It'd be awesome. Do a straw poll and get some community involvement, or just do another crossover or use your mates. It'd be good :D

(Secret of Mana is awesome!!!! Though admittedly Seiken Densetsu 3 (SoM2) is better... DO IT!!!)

Yay for Let's Play! Great time.


Do you guys ever plan on doing another Unskippable - Zero Punctuation crossover?

they already did that. see Unskippable's Star Ocean and ZP's X-blades/Halo Wars.

If you do more LP's in the future, could I ask that you at least glance at the chat thread, seeing as how it's a bit more instant?

That's why I said ANOTHER.

i can't believe i just missed it T-T



Great job, guys! And thanks for answering my question. I REALLY hope you do another one of these, 'cause I want to know more about the story of a tool.

Oh, and the time is good, but I would suggest on either Saturday or Sunday, because most people have school on Mondays.

Now to watch the veow count fall....

That was pretty dang cool. I hope you do decide to do it again sometime.

awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for a great way to spend my evening.

Well done. Lets hope its a regular thing.

Hey yo, give everyone a few days notice. I just talked to a few guys and they were bummed they missed this.

If you do it again do Tales of Symphonia

Awesome show guys! Loved it! I didn't even know it was going to happen so maybe advertise it next time? Maybe you guys did but I missed it..

Anyways more shows please!

That was a lot of fun to watch, thanks guys!! I really hope you guys start doing this regularly.

Would be interesting to see you guys play some sort of horror game or something. xD

That was a lot of fun! Hope you do another one sometime!

Watched from start to finish - bloody brilliant! Hope to see more like it! Love the idea of co-op ones!

That was actually really fun to watch. I was kinda upset you didn't beat the 'sexual monkey' though. XD

I hope you guys get to do more of these soon.

This was Damn good! Really liked it and looking forward for the next one. great job guys!

good show, of course my firefox plug in container had to be force-quit at 610mb...

Totally awesome! Can't wait for the next one :)

That was awesome. Here's to another live Let's Play soon.

This is me, obeying my order from the overlord that is graham to post saying i want more. Soooo... gimme gimme gimme! Pleeeeaaaaase

If this becomes a weekly thing, I'll actually look forward to it.
Like the only thing I would look forward too on this site.

Fantastic. ^^ Loved it. Do another. Now. Command, not a request.

SUPER ART!!!! yea you guys need to do more

This was a great was to spend an afternoon.

Barse is also Irish slang for the perineum.

Wow beat by a horny monky how sad.I would like to see more Let's play's though.

I highly enjoyed this!




I'm still in the chat. I do not plan to leave. It is my Halo 2. I shall not let go.

Calumon: Monkey was scary.

This made a game I probably wouldn't glance twice at an enjoyable experience.
Still not gonna play it, though ( Loved the show! Make moar ! )

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