Stolen Pixels #235: Laugh or Die

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I need to live.

Well i laughed a bit so I'm free to not die. *gets hit by stray bullet* MOTHER FUCKER!! *dies*

So getting tortured was to continue watching and not getting tortured was to be killed. Nice one.

Oh haha thanks for that. I didn't catch that the the first time around, and that makes it infinitely funnier!

(Raucus laughter)

Ha ha ha ha...haaaa...please don't kill me.

Or else? Or what else :D?

Uh huh..... "Non-mincraft reasons".
I have a horribly hard time beliving that..... about a "Captive" Audience...


Ill go shoot myself now

...But there were no applause/laughter indicators.

So why were a third of the audience exempted from torture? *Mind breaks as she tries to work out whether Metro was punishing them or not*

... tbh, I think dying was the more merciful option out of the two Metro offered.

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