That Almost Happened!

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If they had actually made that Superman movie, I would have died. I'm serious. My brain would have exploded in the theater. It would have been oozing out of my ears and eye sockets. I mean...what, the fuck was Abrams thinking? Jesus, just thinking about it is giving me a headache. I...gah...arrrrrgh.

...The Spider-Man and Terminator: Salvation things would have been cool, though. Actually, now I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't do the Spidey suit thing. That would've been brilliant.

Good god, that Superman movie sounds terrible. That sort of thing might work for a one shot mini-series, but not a movie.

By the way, I read through that Ain't It Cool article on the Superman script, and I found some of these 2002-isms quite funny. "Daredevil looks like another homerun! Ang Lee's Hulk sounds awesome!" But the real kicker is among the fan reactions to the script:


That whole part about Skynet secretly keeping the human race alive actually makes sense. He saw the world as it was and said No. So he kills off most of the population in order to guide the carefully selected survivors down a path where there would be no hostility, racial hatreds or wars. Skynet is the hero and humans are just dicks.

Thought provoking stuff.

Also JJ's Superman? No, atleast he has his hands full with Star Trek 90210 now. You know, the plot for His Trek makes about as much sense as His Superman.

For those of you only poo pooing J.J. Abrams for that Superman shlock, don't forget that Warner Brothers read the script and LIKED it. And also

This particular script was supposedly written with major input from the studio, producers and then-signed director McG (later replaced by Brett Ratner before the project collapsed completely and Bryan Singer's Superman Returns was set up instead) though no one has ever really said what exactly came from who.

He had help with that madness. I don't know if I should be unsurprised or scared. @_@

They're making another Superman?

How many times are people going to remake that thing, sheesh.

CIA Special Agent DR. LEX LUTHOR.

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Should have mentioned George A. Romero was going to make Resident Evil, and keep it in the mansion

I'm actually quite disappointed the changes to Spider-man and X-men didn't go through. Those would have made the movies at least a bit better.

The other two though were just terrible. They're completely ridiculous, and I am quite glad I never had to see it.

I think the one for X3 could've worked: have Mystique, disguised as a random shlub, play a quick game of chess with Magneto. The game ends, or Mystique is called away, and she leaves. The camera focuses on the disguised Mystique's face, and she twists her eyes back to that creepy yellow similar to how the X-Men realized that she had replaced Senator Kelly. The movie ends.

Sounds like something, yes?

Am I the only one who thinks that every one of these except the last one would have made these movies better?

I think even the last one would have worked, just as a different (new) character....Superman is too iconic; they could have made an entirely new hero by simply changing all the names to protect the guilty...

I also think that Terminator script would have been seriously cool....! Would have been what the series needed, some genuinely strange but "in canon" twists that shook things up, moved it forward instead of still pandering to the previous films.

I liked the Spiderman one and the Terminator one.

I probably would have liked Spiderman a lot more if this seen was in it because, unlike some people, I like it when things are explained. Double points for having a funny one like this one.

Terminator would have been the most awesome movie I would have ever seen if it included a plot twist like that. It gets rid of the idea that rebels are always the good guys and has us face the fact that maybe Skynet wasn't so bad at all.(but they still are bad for killing people).

The alternate Terminator plotline sounds extremely contrived and silly. While "Rise of the Machines"'s ending may have thrown certain elements from the previous movies out on their ear, the plot they were discussing for T:S would have put so many things "up in the air" that were taken as canon by the previous movies that there would have been no taking the thing seriously in any way any longer.

Still, it might have been more interesting to watch (in the same way that a traffic accident is "interesting to watch") than what we were given, where I spent the last third of the film seriously wondering why Skynet hadn't wiped the floor with these idiots long ago.

Spider-Man's would have worked. X-Men's wasn't overly important. Superman's made me die a little inside.

I guess I'm one of the few that can't get behind the Terminator one. I know just about every filmaker dreams of pulling off another "I am your father" moment, but it still has to be done right, and this kind of reeks of a bad cliche. At the very least, given Hollywood's general writing level in "blockbuster" films, I see this not being a surprise and sudden moral quandrey, but rather a mildly unsettling twist that devolves into a one dimensional scenario preaching the writer's "right answer" the the idea of chaotic freedom vs structured order.

Moviebob makes history fun

...Y'know, every single one of those hypothetical movies (except the Superman one...ugh) would have been better than the movies that ended up being made. Oh well.

I kinda wish those Terminator plots hadn't been leaked. Not because I think they'd be good, but because I'd want to see how the world handled such a stupid fucking twist on such a relevent series. I mean, the whole colony-of-humans-protected-by-Skynet might have worked, but some dude cutting off John Connor's skin and pretending to be him? WTF? Not only is it dumb as hell, but it makes all the three previous movements completely irrelevent.

That whole part about Skynet secretly keeping the human race alive actually makes sense. He saw the world as it was and said No. So he kills off most of the population in order to guide the carefully selected survivors down a path where there would be no hostility, racial hatreds or wars. Skynet is the hero and humans are just dicks.

No, Skynet is a computer following incomplete logic, and no is ever a dick for trying to not die.

Wow, I am SO glad that Abrams' Superman movie never got made. If it had, I probably would have torched the theater after watching it.

As for Terminator, I think that the unused script was better. As such, I will cleanse all memories of Salvation from my mind and believe that the other version is how it REALLY happened.

I think that a "Skynet is the good guy" twist for terminator would have been awesome, it's just that the ideas they wanted to implement were stupid.

A lot of these sounded like, and probably were, first drafts. In stuff I write the first draft is always a bit crazy, its only later you start to prune out the crazy and make a more coherent story. I'd be interested in how some of these stories would have turned out in a fifth or sixth draft with a whole team of writers. Might still have turned into crap, but I can see potential in some of the ideas.

You missed Twilight:

Mark Morgan:

"Even if you haven't seen the Twilight flicks or read the series, you probably still know that the plot revolves around the love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. But before Summit bought the rights to the books, the original script swapped the brooding romance for non-stop action. At the time, studios didn't think Bella's endless lovesickness would interest anyone. Instead, the studio wanted to turn Bella into a vampire in the first movie and kill off her father.

"We went shopping to every studio around, but everyone passed. Finally Summit said 'let's do it.' It was a total blessing.

"Before long, Twilight became an international bestseller and Summit realized they had a blockbuster on their hands. A new script was written to appeal to the rabid fan base.

"I mean, one of their drafts literally had a Korean FBI agent who was hunting and tracking vampires across the coast. There was SWAT in the trees and literally it was like, 'Red leader, read leader one,' and the vampires were picking them out of the woods.

"Just imagine if the original script had gone into production! The world might never have seen Taylor Lautner's abs, and Robert Pattinson would just be that guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter."


See, I would've probably gone to see that movie.


In 2002, long before Lost when Abrams was best known as the creator of Alias and Felicity, he turned in a revamp script titled Superman: Flyby that got Warner Bros. super excited. In this script, Abrams proposed nothing less than a complete reworking of the entire Superman mythology. New origin. New backstory. New powers. New relationships. How new? Well, Krypton doesn't explode, for starters.

Instead, Krypton is engulfed in a Civil War between King Jor-El and his evil brother. The evil brother seizes power, but fails to stop Jor-El from shooting his infant son (you-know-who) to safety in a spaceship. Apparently, it's important for the bad guys to kill Baby Superman because he's (get ready to roll your eyes) "The Chosen One" of an Ancient Kryptonian Prophecy; so they dispatch thousands of their own spaceships to track him down.

In this new continuity, the Kents have been covertly pre-selected by Jor-El to foster parent Superman a la Mary and Joseph, but instead of being innately heroic, the new Clark Kent grows up an introverted emo kid afraid of his own powers - which now mostly include being super-strong. He needs to be wearing the Superman suit, which is now a Venom-like living-costume with a mind of its own, to fly.
Lex Luthor is a CIA agent in charge of UFO hunting, who's walking around pissed at his superiors about a Dark Secret. When the evil Kryptonian army invades Earth to take down The Chosen One, Luthor teams up with them to kill Superman. No, really. Superman dies!

... and goes to Heaven, where he gets a pep talk from his dead father about The Prophecy that helps him come back to life, rise from the grave and lead humanity in a rebellion against the Kryptonian invaders. Oh, and in a final setup-for-the-sequel stinger: After all the Kryptonians are defeated, Lex Luthor shows up to challenge Superman to a fight (it'll make sense in a moment) and reveal that Dark Secret of his ... he's from Krypton, too!

That sounds like a shitty piece of fanfiction.

EDIT: Though I like the "teenager afraid of his/her own powers" thing. Dunno why, but I do.

Twilight IS a shitty piece of fanfiction, even worse then the alternate Superman idea, but they still made that film! There's my WTF moment pertaining to films! (Lol, agents on the beach)

Seriously though, I hated the Superman idea while some of the others live in the 'sounds okay' category.

One movie I really WISH went a different way, was Repomen. (I know, I was stupid for seeing it, but I just needed something to do on a Friday with a bunch of friends and that got voted in.) I mean, I loved the whole claustrophobic hallway fight scene. Its the crappy writing mechanic that came after that, that made me want to email the director and ask for my 7.50 and 2 hours of my life back.

No, Skynet is a computer following incomplete logic, and no is ever a dick for trying to not die.

As for not dying, my comment was in reference to why Skynet attacked in the first place. What incomplete logic do you mean?

I think we should make a movie-script here on the escapist. In a thread...

Am I the only one who thinks that every one of these except the last one would have made these movies better?

Your NEVER the only one my dear, not on the internet =3.

Am I the only one who thinks that every one of these except the last one would have made these movies better?

I concur!

Am I the only one who thinks that every one of these except the last one would have made these movies better?

Nope, you're not. (Enjoying the load of PM's? :) )

Especially the Terminator one. I was dead sure Connor'd get saved by Marcus and hoped for something more interesting. But no, boring obvious, oblivious bull%^#@ appeared on screen. Yay... Movie had a few interesting things going on, but I'll never feel the need to watch it again. (Same goes for Scryed, if anyone here's seen that anime btw)

The Spider-Man one in particular seems like it would've been awesome to me.

That Terminator one would have been awesome!... Damned internet leaks.

A Skynet Beach resort would explain why Terminators look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kristanna Loken. So they can wear tight swimsuits and serve drinks. Robert Patrick can be the head waiter, and Summer Glau can be a Yoga Instructor. Hang on. I have an idea for a Sitcom...

Oh and that Superman story is too awful for even an "Elseworlds" mini-series. Not that I'm saying Elseworlds series are awful (I'd love a Red Son movie, or animated DVD), but to bastardise the canon at that level is blasphemy.

Is it just me or does that synopsis for the Superman movie sound like the worst thing ever conceived of by man? I don't even like Superman as a hero and I think it sounds crap beyond words.

I don't particularly like the 'twist' for Terminator either. Terminator 1+2 were very good movies that should not have been cheapened by the events of 3, the TV series (whcih I still liked) and such a crappy 'twist'. (I haven't seen the fourth movie, my heart was too broken by the third.) We do not need another deconstruction of the classic hero just because writers are too bad to write the old stories well. John Connor was a hero, and Terminator 1 and 2 established that very well thank you very much.

I like the Spider Man idea though, that would have brilliant for the final confrontation to finally see him arrive and just go 'yeah, it's Spider-Man!'

I'm a modest fan of Terminator and Superman but had those been the movies delivered, I would have become a fanboy troll and would never have admitted the movies existed. Wow. Maybe it is a good thing some scripts get leaked occasionally.


That would be incredible. Sure the complaining about the sparkly vampire thing would still be around but at least their bonding could happen in the best circumstance (IE: We can't take too long to love each other because the FBI are right behind us). By having the constant action, the movie wouldn't just be about the romance. They could have even had them team up to destroy a helicopter or something.

See that would have saved Twilight from being one of the most hated series on the internet. Action minimizing romance with Vampires against the world. It could almost be turned into a superpowered version of the Borne trilogy...

Heck, if they did it right, I would see those movies.

To be honest the twist for the latest terminator seems more interesting that what the ended up making, which frankly felt unsatisfying and overall unimpressive compared to the first 2

I think I would have loved the Terminator one, it unexpected and might have helped a series that hasn't been great since number 2.

Also that Superman one isn't half bad in my opinion but why have it be a Superman movie it seems like it would be easier to just start a new franchise up with that concept, All they would have to do is rework the Superman elements which by the summary seem very limited to begin with.

thats also what they should have done with the upcoming "adaptation" of the manga Priest, which I'm told has nothing to do with the source manga.

I'll probably take some flak for this but that revised Terminator script you mentioned didn't sound too bad actually. I think also, that the Marcus character in the last movie was really the only likeable character too.

I smelled touches of the Matrix influence in both the Terminator and Superman alternative directions. The whole 4400 thing for Terminator wouldn't have made much sense to me... why would they need to keep people around for? A sequel? Any robot will tell you that a planet run entirely by robots with no people would be a better place. I could understand if they were using the people for the purpose of creating more believable terminators. However, at some point, innovation would take a back seat to efficiency and it would make more sense to overrun the enemy with sheer numbers than by implanting spies.
As for Superman... holy fucking asscrackers did that sound terribly confusing. An emo kid afraid of his powers, being chased by an interplanetary group of killers, and also being pursued by an alien FBI agent? Were they going to make him green too? How about we throw some ninjas into that shitstorm to help clear up some confusion? I am not against the idea of a reboot of something that is in dire need of it. Superman didn't really fall into that category. The old movies were fine, and we didn't really need them brought up to date, especially with the turd they delivered in the final cut. Maybe we'll luck out with the new reboot of Spiderman and it'll have some crazy unbelievable twist in it that will have Peter Parker die from the spider bite before the end of the movie.

That Superman plot sounded fucking awesome, As long as it had a director who realized exactly how ridiculous the entire the entire setup is. But of course, I actually like All-Stars Batman and Robin. Desecrating a long, storied character beloved by millions for the sake of a cheap laugh doesn't bother me at all.

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