Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Not G. Ivingname:

Star Wars is still a good franchise.

All you have to do is remove EVERYTHING that Lucas had directorial control over.

Leaving you with Star Wars, Empire, bits of Return and a few other good bits from the novels. Maybe the original RPG.
Oh, but remember it's the original, not the Enhanced versions.

Oh, and Tie Fighter.

The rest is ejaculate.

Actually, just get Joseph Campbell and Jim Henson and give them light sabres. That's the good part of Star Wars.

The game? I deleted it after a minute playing the demo. What a waste of time.

And where would the Holiday Special lie on your list?

I'm sorry, the what now? No, can't recall ever hearing about some sort of Holiday special.

La La La La not listening La La La

...and this one, too. Both of Yahtzee's Force Unleashed reviews have the same episode of Space Janitors at the end of them, now.

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