Daily Drop: Durian

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Ephraim J. Witchwood:
Im sorry to confuse you, but if you see a Skeleton in a cloak carrying a scythe knocking at your door I suggest you start eating a Holy citrus fruit....oh and ask him if my deal with him is still valid XD

'Kay... I'm gonna go hide in a closet naow.... >_> *runs*[/quote]

Hehehe nah but seriously how can you eat that?


Ummmmmmmm. Whats a Durian?

it's a fruit that tastes not bad but smells like pot on burnt hair

Oh, that's nice......i guess.

Didn't anyone notice the hidden (I presume) anagram?




These three words flash up in the place of the object name before 'Durian'

I'm terrible these things so be my guest. The 'I's could be 'L's actually - I don't know

Huh, never knew durians were that bouncy.

I love durians and I'm not asian...

I only just noticed from the credits that it took 20 or so people to make a series about someone dropping fruit off of a ladder. How? HOW?

What the heck kind of crazy moon-fruit is that?! I see from others' postings (and your own subtitle) that it smells like rotten butt, so what brilliant plant thought that would be a good seed-transportation-mechanism? It really doesn't look like something I'd want to eat -- in fact, it looks like something I'd want to burn to make sure no creepy alien babies came out of it! Or giant spiders. Or trolls... really, I can't think of anything good that would come out of something that looked like that.

I have no idea what that exotic fruit is.

FURBY!!! I want to see a Furby get smashed with the crowbar

I was hoping it would last for another two drops to unleash the crowbar man but split clean open on the second drop. Sounds like a real nasty fruit.


Gosh. It looks like Durians contain one frog, some offal and are lined with the exterior of the female reproductive system.

Where did you get a Durian from?!

I hope for your sake that you put on nose clips or something.


Were you guys behind splash shields durian This drop? :-p

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