Review: Michael Jackson The Experience

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I know that the avarage Escapister is young, male and heterosexual, but I can't help but feel this review dismisses a significant part of its audience.

I thought that too at first, until I realized that the young male heterosexual demographic needs extra convincing to get over their silly hangups.* The rest of us who don't have them, just need to know: can we dance just like MJ?

*I'm talking generally. Obviously I'm not talking about you.

Thank you for being one brilliant person among a sea of knee-jerk labeling morons.

If i brought a girl round and asked her to play a dance game i'd expect her to ask me to braid her hair next. As for a career much as i think it's a funny concept, i don't think thrill killing your own face, touching up children and losing all your money before killing yourself just as your face falls apart from all the surgeory is much of a career for a game.

Thanks but no thanks, if i wanted a dance game i'd go the whole hog and slice my own bits off and use them to fashion a labia for myself.

How much were the Escapist paid for this review?

"Get off your high horse, sir, and learn to love." Get off your low horse, sir, and learn to understand that words have a meaning, whether it's in what you say or what you don't. Was it supposed to be funny to treat all your audience, men and women, that they are hopeless males who can't get women? You've limited your audience and thereby limiting yourself. No one who watches your video is going to buy this game in hopes of attracting women. They don't do it for any other game, why should they start now?

I agree with a lot of what you say, docbox. You should buy this game to dance and have fun, not to attract women. I didn't mean that part of the video review to be taken literally. But I did want to point out that it's not somehow less masculine to enjoy dance and music, that shooters and hardcore sports games are the only pursuits that a male can feel comfortable playing.

With the video review, I was trying to make a point to the demographic who would have a kneejerk response to this review. My intention was for the review to get people talking about this game's place in the industry. I'm glad that I accomplished that much, but I do wish that I had made some of the points that you mentioned without alienating the people (like yourself) who took umbrage with my combative attitude.

Thanks for describing your point of view in a measured and somewhat constructive way.


I don't like girls and I liked this review. Seriously people, grow the hell up. The last week or so has had this weird theme of "Girls are icky! Waah!" and it's been starting to creep me out. Talk about taking the nerd ball and running with it. It's refreshing to be reminded on this site that females can be given positive attention as well, such as asking one to dance with you.
And for the lesbians out there, just assume the "you" he was talking to is a girl.
For the rest of you... find a real cause to champion.

I'm getting this game when it comes out for the Kinect. My family and friends will have a blast with it!

It looked like a lot of fun at the NYAF.

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