Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

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Susan Arendt:


...Not surprised that a sequel turns out to be bad, but extremely disappointed that this one turned out to be. I mean, Golden Sun 2 was aces, so why couldn't this one be?

I am being rhetorical, yes.

If you've played the others in the series and enjoyed them, you'll like this one as well - you'll like it quite a lot, I'd wager. Susan's review is from the perspective of a new-comer who does not appear to be very fond of JRPGs anyway. Don't take her review too seriously. Everything we loved about the first two games is in here as well :)

I played both of the two previous games and happen to love JRPGs. Even if I were new to the series, however, my review would stand. It's simply too easy, and the writing isn't good enough to stand up to the enormous amount of text you have to get through.

Yeah, thats not exactly fair to Susan. She has reviewed many other games in positive ways and her remarks on this game have nothing to do really with being a fan of JRPGs or not. In fact a newcomer might enjoy it more since the lack of difficult would not be such a huge deal. Playing Arc Rise Fantasia and then playing this is kinda a huge letdown. I think her review was fairly positive over all (mentioning the better points of the game). I think she is right about it being a decent JRPG but that it could be far far better. I just recently played Arc Rise Fantasia for instance and the comparison between the two is pretty harsh.

If I was going to write a review I would compare this game to ARF because it is similar in many ways. The djin system is very close to the orb system and the combat system is similar as well (but slightly better in ARF in my opinion).

The main difference to me was difficulty. ARF requires you to actually use strategy, the magic system etc to play through it without dying alot...this is especially nice for those of us who have played JRPGs for years. GS:DD is similar in many ways (different system of course but still Nintendo) but lacks greatly in difficulty...meaning that long term JRPG fans may be let down a bit. Susan communicated this in a positive way (more so probably then I would). Most of the reviews for the game have been positive but I think most of the reviewers didn't just play ARF right before this game.

Still worth getting I think, but I wouldn't suggest playing it right after a game with alot of difficulty. Might be good to play at the same time if you get frustrated with dying though lol. I know a friend of mine died like 30+ times to a boss in ARF before I helped him hehe.

I thought Susan would rate this game a little more positively to be honest, but I can see the bad points. It's FFXIII all over again because there's no one to act as Mr Exposition.

Nevertheless, because I played and thoroughly enjoyed the first two games I think I'll play this one anyway. I'll just hang on to the reciept.

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