Daily Drop: Cottage Cheese

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The Random One:
Cheese... The final frontier.


You deserve a metal for that picture.....

That was ... uh... eww.

Normally I would be saddened by the waste of perfectly good and delicious cottage cheese, but this was definitely not a waste. Good drop!

On another note, why does something that looks so much like vomit taste so good?

cheesy...cheesy indeed...

I love watching these videos, they're relaxing and fun. This one easily rates among my favourites, both because of the way it hit the floor and how long it took for all of it to reach the ground.
Also, may I make a suggestion? A lava lamp. Just make sure to leave it on for a while first, so the wax is melted. (And make sure you've unplugged it before dropping it...)

I thought there might have been a weather gag in here somewhere, but I realised there was snow joke.

Enough of a solid to shatter... Enough of a liquid to splat... Mid-air collisions... This one must be the best one ever. :-)

That sure was Cheesey

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