Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Ridiculous In-Game Vehicles

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I like this series, hope it sticks around =]

I like the videos.

Yeah, said it.

Went there.

I second this. Just because she looks attractive it means that people think they have a license to either

A: Not take her seriously.

B: Judge her in a way proportional to the amount of clothes that she isn't wearing.


This new show with Lisa Foiles is great and funny. Second best, in my opinion ,after Yahtzee

I think I realized I was bisexual when I started making comments like the one I am about to make.

GURL! What is UP wit' yo hair and outfit?


I liked the list, but expected to see more screwed up and broken down impractical vehicles. Like the rusty skeletons from HL2, or the karts from Mario Kart.

Jesus Phish:
Never knew about the gyro-daddy and never got the ufo in saints row 2. I spent too much of that game customizing every vehicle I could, like my solid gold fire truck.

Amen to that. Nothing beats cruising around in a metallic-blue-camo Bear with massive spinning gold rims.

Whoa, lets not go off the handle here.

I don't have that plastic fantastic Ducati, but I do however own a Harley Davidson XL883L ;)

Sorry, I can't do the bike. I don't trust the other drivers out there enough to drive anything with out 4 walls and airbags.

The humor's a bit hit-and-miss, but it's getting steadily, if slowly, better. I'll keep my eye on this.

Sorry, I can't do the bike. I don't trust the other drivers out there enough to drive anything with out 4 walls and airbags.

It's not so bad. As long as you make sure you're not driving like an idiot yourself and you keep your head on a swivel to look for people with *ahem* less that favorable driving skill it's fine. Oh and be selective about what weather you drive in, I hate winter because it means as soon as there's the slightest hint of snow or ice I have to get the bus :/

Jesus Phish:
Solid gold fire truck.

For when there's a classy fire you're not in a hurry to get to.


Yeah, no joke. She makes me want to trade in my Harley and get a Ducati.

I don't think I could ever drive a plastic rocket, despite the offer of 'breaking laws' with Lisa Foiles. What are you driving? Got the XL883 Low myself.

Reading the comments for her past 3 videos have completely made me lose faith in the Escapist.
I have not seen such a collection of negative sombre people in my life.
I mean even a bloody new forum constitution was passed due to the immense negativity and attacks from the first... ( that probably and a culmination of other similar cases)
A new show that's different comes on and you guys are no better then a bunch of stupid medieval peasants with pitchforks screaming in unison " ITS A WITCH BURN HER"
I enjoyed the first two videos they felt less forced and natural then this one and I cant help to think that's a result of this pathetic slandering.
Didn't your mothers teach you that if you havn't got nothing nice to say dont say anything at all? Positive criticism is what fuels art and what makes things flower. But your PERSONAL OPINIONS generated from some pathetic notion of whats right and wrong, how someone should act or shouldn't act or what someone should WEAR is truly just wow.

To be fair, the Escapist community isn't afraid to vocalize their opinion. We've always been a place where people can come to for good coverage and comedy on the latest topics, games, and movies and quite a few of them just kinda see Foiles as eye candy unfortunately. I'm not gonna lie when I say that I don't find jokes about sex or fan service enjoyable or funny. Its what turned me off of I hit it with my axe to begin with and I was a little disappointed when Lisa aired her premiere using her breasts as an extra carrying case. I understand it was just a way so she could keep the item hidden while still being able to pull it out quickly, but we have a such a things called pockets. Heck, if she really needs to keep a lot of props, it may help to invest in a Micheal Jackson jacket, the damn thing has around 10 pockets. I come here to laugh and maybe learn a little something more about games that I didn't realize before, I don't need to see a hot girl wearing tight clothing and I don't really want to see them in spotlight here. We're not pathetic because we wish for our video producers to be more then eye-candy. And now, there was no new forum guidelines. It was a revision of the first that was caused by a large amount of flaming in the general forum area, not featured content.

I just want a quality show with good comedy and good writing and while Foiles delivers the former pretty well, the idea of a top 5 list is a little....lacking to say the least.

Heh, my dad owns a 1098. Let's see if I can persuade him to let me hand it over to Lisa.

I haven't played Saint's Row 2, but judging by its looks (and its name) the Gyro-Daddy is an autogyro, not a helicopter. The main difference between the two is that while on a helicopter the engine spins the rotors, in an autogyro the engine drives a rear-facing propeller and the rotors are unpowered, relying on oncoming air to turn the rotors.

What this means is that, while an autogyro looks a bit like a helicopter, it behaves more like an airplane, using forward airspeed to generate lift instead of doing so directly. You need to have a fair bit of forward velocity to get a decent climb rate in an autogyro; it can't just go straight up like a helicopter.

Of course, as I said I haven't played Saint's Row 2 so I can't vouch for the realism of its autogyro-vehicle, but it should not be compared to a helicopter as it's really a completely different kind of aircraft.


Professor Idle:

This girl's delivery is annoying in the extreme. She's not funny and whoever writes her lines is brain-dead. Cute though, and I can only hope she's more clever in person.

I agree that if she wasn't pretty this series would suddenly become a complete flop for everyone. But it's nice to be reminded of Grim Fandango again. I must finish that game....

Wouldn't really classify her as pretty. More like anything with a vagina will get infinite views. She should get a man to write her comedy.

And funny how many white knights come out to defend her, if it was a man no one would bother.

And funny still how the black rooks still outnumber them on every Lisa Foiles thread always, thinking they're being unique.


If she likes motorcycles so much, she should have gone with the Lightcycle. I only know it from some flash games on the internet, and the TRON Legacy game probably came out after she made this video, but it would've been nice.

Dunno about that Ducati, but this is the bike I want to own.

Are you Hugh Laurie?

Heh. Nah, I just like the bike his character rides.

Also Hugh Laurie himself prefers cruisers/touring bikes I think.

Hooray for the "sad moment" music from Scrubs! That just gives this series bonus points.



Yeah, no joke. She makes me want to trade in my Harley and get a Ducati.

I don't think I could ever drive a plastic rocket, despite the offer of 'breaking laws' with Lisa Foiles. What are you driving? Got the XL883 Low myself.

'07 FXST

Getting better, hopefully find a groove. Idk if its biases cause she's an attractive woman, but a lot of her stuff just doesn't seem genuine. It might just be that she is reading off a script (even if she wrote it herself) and some cues might be a little off.

Either way keep it up, keep having fun with it

I'm a little confused by the Concept. Ridiculous how? Impractical, awesome, unbelievable? What makes these ridiculous. We can't even have a good debate in the comments over the list because we don't know what the list means. Maybe if it was 5 worst or 5 most awesome 5 most OMG I WANT THIS. Anyway show has potential but it better get it together soon. If all I wanted was to look at an attractive girl I would type "hot Chick" on google.


I can't believe people watch "I Hit It With My Axe" or "Jersey Shore" but, really, if you're resigned to not like this, find something you do like, instead.

I'm curious. What about "I Hit It With My Axe" did you feel made it unwatchable, if you don't mind me asking?

It's not that it's a horrible, degrading show or anything like that, it's that it's boring. Watching people have a discussion about gaming, or present something, that's something that is designed to engage me, to be receptive. Watching people play DnD is just boring. I mean, what gamer can't say they've become disengaged while playing a game of DnD. But watching it? It's not really a visually intensive game. And the whole watching porn stars and strippers thing? The thing about the adult entertainment industry is the sex, nudity and suggestion of sex. Removing that makes them a table full of hot girls, and I've ignored plenty tables-o-hot-girls in my day.

I'm not against the show. If people watch it and love it that's fine, but, much like "the rap music" and football, I can't really enjoy it myself.

Scrubs reference win!

Also how could you overlook Axle from the same game as Sweet Tooth? I mean a flaming ice cream truck is all well and good, but Axel was, well... A GIANT AXLE!

Shows starting to improve, though. I'll stay tuned for further developments.

any vehicle from Big Rig

Aww, no mention of the Deuce from Brutal Legend? Lisa, I am disappoint.

In other news...


I like the videos.

Yeah, said it.

Went there.

Same here =]

I'm sad you missed out 'The Deuce' from Brutal Legend...

Come on, that damn thing was made from the body of a metal god... and it ran on his blood!

Whenever I read the comments under Lisa's videos, there is always one question I ask myself: How do people come up with so much stupid crap?

Otherwise nice videos, keep it up!

No Deuce or Shiva? Aww

Good episode this week.
Hearing Offspring in the Twisted Metal, brought back memories of pizza pop fueled marathons.

I've enjoyed the videos preceding this one, but I have to say, out of all the vehicles to choose from, there was no mention of anything from the Carmageddon series, nor the car from Brutal Legend! Surely the Ped-Crusher should have rated a mention here?

Lisa Foiles. Sexy and educational.

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